September DSMA Blog Carnival

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This month’s DSMA Blog Carnival Prompt:

Most medical appointments involve notes of some kind. Notes the patient brings with questions and concerns. Notes a patient makes about the doctor’s instructions. And, of course, notes our doctors make in our medical charts. It had never occurred to me to keep track of the notes being made in my chart until our August 20th chat about “Notes”. So this month, let’s explore that topic and answer the question . . . .

Do you request a copy of your medical notes? If so, how often? If not, why?

May DSMA Blog Carnival

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This month’s DSMA Blog Carnival topic is device interoperability: You may have heard of the #WeAreNotWaiting campaign, a D-Community push for diabetes innovation now. This is a grassroots initiative calling for diabetes data and device interoperability — so that we PWDs have full access to our own data, can share it as we like, and can […]

April DSMA Blog Carnival-Social Media Burnout

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I’ve taken a little break from the DSMA Blog Carnivals so I’m happy to be back this month writing on April’s DSMA Blog Carnival topic: Being engaged with the Diabetes Online Community through social media is what #DSMA is all about.  But sometimes, the engagement we love so much can start to get a bit […]

December DSMA Blog Carnival

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I missed last month’s blog carnival mainly because I had already written on the topic here and also because I was a little burnout from diabetes.  Well I’m back at it this month for December’s DSMA Blog Carnival. This month’s topic: Happy December.  As we get ready to say good-bye to 2013 and welcome in […]

July DSMA Blog Carnival-test strip accuracy

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I am participating in July’s DSMA Blog Carnival.  The prompt for this month is: Blood glucose.  It’s front and center when it comes to diabetes.  It is how we get diagnosed and it is what we are trying to manage.  An important tool we use to manage our blood glucose is our meter and its […]