Dipping my Toe in the Advocacy Pool

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So when Shelby from Diabetic Foodie approached me to join her to talk to our Congressman on behalf of the American Diabetes Association, I jumped at the chance.  I met Shelby through our local DiabetesSisters’ group.  She had previously attended ADA’s Call to Congress last March and the ADA has asked her to continue her advocating throughout the year which included meeting with our representatives during the August recess.

We met with a staffer for Congressman Brat, who represents the 7th District of Virginia.  She was very welcoming and engaged.  Shelby and I shared our stories about life with diabetes, representing both type 1 (myself) and type 2 (Shelby).  We then proceeded to ask for certain things for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year:

Stop Diabetes

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Some Type 1 Diabetics might disagree with me and I might ruffle some feathers but I have to admit that I have beef with the ADA (American Diabetes Association).  Having said that, I do think the ADA is great.  They are doing a lot of great advocating for diabetes and provide a lot of great […]