Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy

I stumbled upon my first diabetes blog when I was researching Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy, back in 2012.  After reading various blogs, I decided to start my own blog to share my experiences with diabetes, my frustrations and my successes, as well as use it as motivation to get my A1C below seven so I could get pregnant.  In 2014, I got pregnant! And in November 2014, I had my son.  Here are some of the posts I shared from my pregnancy:

  • First Trimester

    February 16, 2016

    To say that this pregnancy has been tough would be an understatement. I was pretty blessed to have an easy pregnancy with my first. This pregnancy has been completely different. I mentioned last week about the first signs I had that I was pregnant. The tiredness, frequency to pee and chapped ...

  • First Signs

    February 4, 2016

    “They” say that no pregnancy is the same.  Between my first son and this baby, I would definitely have to agree.  Before I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I had a lot of stomach issues.  I was really constipated.  This was the only real symptom I had before I got the ...

  • Here We Go Again!

    February 1, 2016 Here We Go Again!
  • Diabetes and a Newborn

    December 22, 2014

    It’s been about 6 weeks since I gave birth to my little one. It’s been an amazing time but also one of the most difficult times. It’s been amazing because I get cuddles around the clock every day and I get to see my little man growing. There is no better feeling ...

  • C-Section, Hospital Stay and Diabetes

    December 9, 2014

    Baby C is going to be 5 weeks tomorrow.  Life has been so overwhelming the last 5 weeks but I am finally getting a little time to try and catch my breath.  I wanted to do a post on my hospital stay, mainly for me to have so I can remember for the next time around ...

  • Baby C’s Birth

    December 4, 2014

    On Wednesday, November 5th, my husband and I went to our scheduled OB appointment. The days leading up to the appointment were pretty dramatic (as described in a previous post) as we had failed the Biophysical Profile the previous Friday and almost delivered that day (Halloween) but didn’t, and then had decreased activity and ...

  • Baby Boy Has Arrived!

    November 20, 2014

    It’s been a few weeks since I wrote last and that’s mainly because my life has been turned upside-down, but in the best way possible.  Two weeks ago, I welcomed my son into the world!

    Baby C was born Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 at 3:57PM, weighing 10 pounds, 14 ounces.  He was 21 inches long and ...

  • Pregnancy and Diabetes-Pack Your Hospital Bag!

    November 3, 2014

    When your high risk OB tells you to start coming to the appointments with your hospital bag, it’s usually a good idea to listen to him. My high risk OB told me to start bringing my hospital bag starting at week 32. Of course my husband and I didn’t listen and showed up ...

3 thoughts on “Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy

  1. Your blog inspires me! My husband and I are going to try to get pregnant starting in July 2016 and it makes me feel good that you could do it and have a happy, healthy and adorable baby boy! Right now I am in the constant, meticulous, and grueling struggle of trying to lower my A1C. I have hung out in the 7s for my whole diabetes career ( diagnosed at 10, going on 18 years with T1) but my endo wants me at 6.5 or lower for pregnancy. I am also a runner (first 5k at age 5) and have a difficult time not going low if I don’t start out in the 190s. C’est La Vie right?

    Anyways, keep writing- because I read them all! You are great! Good luck on pregnancy #2 🙂

    • Hi Grace! Thanks for the kind words…you sound very similar to me! It was so hard for me to get my blood sugars below 7 prior to pregnancy. I will say that being pregnant is a great motivator because once I got the positive, I was able to keep my blood sugars below 6.5-its doable! I also had issues with running and dropping low. Maybe eating a snack before a run could help or doing a temp basal ahead of time, that way you don’t need to start as high? I did a TON of experimenting back when I was starting to run! A run/blood sugar journal helped. Good luck!

  2. do you have any tips for insulin pump and sensor. My type 1 diabetic daughter,,, her 6 month old baby kicks the site and sensor.

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