Running Log

Monday, November 11th:
Before run: 4:35PM, BG: 134, not sure how much active insulin
After run: 5:23PM, BG: 60
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 32:22, pace: 10’47″/mile
Notes: Cold, evening run, ankle hurt a little at first but then tried to really push myself speed wise

Saturday, November 9th:
Before run: 10:28AM, BG: 172
After run: 11:28AM, BG: 294
Ran: 1.8 miles, time: 21:12, pace: 11’45″/mile
Notes: Was shocked by how high my blood sugar was after run-think I had a best infusion set, hill run, was supposed to do a 6 mile run but got discouraged and probably a good thing since I was so high.

Thursday, November 7th:
Before run: 8:55AM, BG: 125
After run: 9:37AM, BG: 193
Ran: 1.0 mile, time: 11:39, pace: 11’32″/mile
Notes: Wasn’t feeling too good so did a 1 mile run/1 mile walk

Wednesday, November 6th:
Before run: 2:56PM, BG: 112
After run: 3:19PM, BG: 127
Ran: 4.0 miles, time: 45:21, pace: 11’20″/mile
Notes: Forgot to record this run on time so don’t remember this run

Tuesday, November 5th:
Before run: 10:55AM, BG: 78, ate spoonful of frosting ~10 carbs
11:19AM, BG: 80, ate 4 tootsie roll fruit flavor pieces ~20 carbs
After run: 11:51AM, BG: 147 
Ran: 2.0 miles, time: 21:25, pace: 10’41″/mile
Notes: Felt great during this run but was really worried about my blood sugar so ran 2 miles instead of 3.  CGM said I was below 40 mg/dL by the time I finished the run but was actually a lot higher and ended up getting even higher as the day wore on.

Saturday, November 2nd:
Woke up: 6:02AM, BG: 148, ate grapes~25 carbs, bolused 2.5 instead of 3.6 for carbs and didn’t bolus for high
Before run: 7:18AM, BG: 124, ate fruit snacks
7:56AM, BG: 84
8:31AM, BG: 98
9:02AM, BG: 97 
After run: 10:07AM, BG: 120 
Ran: 11.5 miles, time: 2:19:27, pace: 12’08″/mile
Notes: Tummy got upset around mile 2 and couldn’t get to a bathroom until mile 5 so I ended up walking a little bit. After bathroom break, I felt great until heavy legs took over around mile 10.  Ate 3 packs of fruit snacks throughout run.  Did a temp basal of 50% at 6:45AM and at mile 7 suspended pump until mile 10.

Thursday, October 31st:
Before run: 8:32AM, BG: 70, ate fruit snacks ~15 carbs
8:51AM, BG: 67, ate a spoon of frosting ~8 carbs
9:06AM, BG: 120 
After run: 9:55AM, BG: 133 
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 35:49, pace: 11’55″/mile
Notes: Legs felt about 1,000 pounds heavy-was a tough run but got through it OK

Wednesday, October 30th:
Before run: 9:58AM, BG: 165
During run: 10:22AM, BG: 133
10:41AM, BG: 106, ate fruit snacks ~9 carbs
After run: 11:26AM, BG: 99
Ran: 6.0 miles, time: 1:14:35, pace: 12’26″/mile
Notes: Again, this was a tough run.  Not feeling as motivated as previous 6 mile run.  Also, I ate a PowerBar for the first time ever before this run.  I ate it about 30 minutes before the run, which was the reason my BG was higher when starting the run and likely why I dropped-insulin still working.  I only bolused for half of the Power Bar.

Tuesday, October 29th:
Before run: 9:46AM, BG: 131
After run: 10:39AM, BG: 149
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 38:41, pace: 12’52″/mile
Notes: Haven’t ran since last Tuesday because was dealing with depression/diabetes burnout and ended up taking more time off than I realized.  The run wasn’t very good and it was tougher than others, I guess from taking time off last week and doing a small taper the week before.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013:
Before run: 11:22AM, BG: 147
After run: 12:15PM, BG: 98
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 35:52, pace: 11’57″/mile
Notes: Felt pretty good after ATM, but still took it easy

Sunday, October 20th, 2013 (Army Ten Miler):
Woke up: 6:05AM, BG: 117, ate grapes ~25 carbs, bolused 2.6 units instead of 3.5 (bolus wizard #) and did a 50% temp basal for one hour around 6:45AM
Before run: 8:09AM, BG: 103, ate fruit snacks 17 carbs
During run: 8:57AM, mile 2.5, BG: 129
9:21AM, mile 4.5, BG: 115, ate half pack of fruit snacks ~9 carbs
9:54AM, mile 6, BG: 112, didn’t eat anything but around mile 7, finished off the rest of the fruit snacks ~9 carbs
After run: 10:35AM, BG: 99
Ran: 10.1 miles, time: 1:57:27, pace: 11’36″/mile
Notes: Was so happy with how my blood sugars did throughout the race!

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013:
Before run: 4:45PM, BG: 101
After run: 5:43PM, BG: 67
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 35:41, pace: 11’53″/mile
Notes: Trying to take it easy before ATM, didn’t record this run until 1.5 weeks later so I can’t remember why I went low or how I felt

Monday, October 14th, 2013:
Before run: 4:10PM, BG: 98, ate fruit snacks 30 minutes prior when BG was 81, didn’t bolus for carbs ~18
During run: 4:51PM, BG: 80, ate 1 pack of Skittles ~14 carbs
After run: 5:31PM, BG: 101
Ran: 5.9 miles, time: 1:07:45, pace: 11’29″/mile
Notes: First mile-big hill, cooler, sunny day, ran in afternoon versus morning, felt good but blood sugar was low throughout

Thursday, October 10th, 2013:
Before run: 12:39PM, BG: 129
During run: 1:36PM, BG: 92, ate fruit snacks ~10 carbs
After run: 2:17PM, BG: 87
Ran: 4.0 miles, time: 44:19, pace: 11’04″/mile
Notes: Rainy day, fastest 5k 🙂

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013:
Before run: 11:01AM, BG: 171, ate grapes an hour half before and bolused, had active insulin
After run: 11:54AM, BG: 87
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 32:44, pace: 10’54″/mile
Notes: Rainy day, felt good but had a cramp throughout run, eating breakfast before run affected BG during run?

Sunday, October 6th, 2013:
Woke up: 6:11AM, BG: 145, ate grapes~25 carbs, 2.7 units, bolus wizard wanted 3.5 for food and 1.1 for high
Before run: 6:46AM, BG: 202
During run: 7:31AM, BG: 104, ate fruit snacks ~15 carbs
After run: 8:11AM, BG: 99
Ran: 5.0 miles, time: 58:13, pace: 11’38″/mile
Notes: Ate breakfast later than normal for a Sunday run, was nervous about BG and hurting the first mile or so but after SAG stop felt good

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013:
Before run: 8:31AM, BG: 141, 0.4 units of insulin for high (bolus wizard wanted me to do 1.0 units)
After run: 9:35AM, BG: 143
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 37:54, pace: 12’38″/mile
Notes: This was not my week.  My body was pretty tired after the 8+ run on Sunday and it took a while to recover.  Today’s run wasn’t great.  I got a bad cramp about halfway through and ended up walking some of the way.  Looking forward to resting Friday and Saturday before Sunday’s 5 mile run

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013:
Before run: 8:15AM, BG: 149
After run: 9:25AM, BG: 103
Ran: 2.1 miles, time: 26:19, pace: 12’15″/mile
Notes:  Didn’t run Tuesday because we not feeling too great-from flu shot or long run on Sunday? Today’s run wasn’t feeling good either, ankle hurt and knee hurt 🙁  Weather was cool but humid

Sunday, September 29th, 2013:
Woke up: 5:48AM, BG: 139, ate 25 carbs of grapes, 2.7 units of insulin (didn’t correct for high; bolus wizard wanted me to do 3.5 for carbs but lowered it slightly)
Before run: 6:47AM, BG: 191, temp basal 50% for 1 hour
During run: 7:26AM, BG: 129 (~3 mile mark) ate gummy bears-not sure how many so unsure how many carbs-maybe ~10?
8:07AM, BG: 101 (~6 mile mark) ate fruit snacks ~10 carbs
After run: 8:36AM, BG: 119
Ran: 8.2 miles, time: 1:32:42, pace: 11’14″/mile
Notes: Was only supposed to run 8 miles but missed a turn so ran longer; weather was perfect, BG did great!

Thursday, September 26th, 2013:
Before run: 8:35AM, BG: 121, no active insulin, no carbs
After run: 9:31AM, BG: 80
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 36:37, pace: 12’11″/mile
Notes: Body was really tired this morning, this was a hard run-I think all the miles over the last week are taking their toll.  This was also the first 3 mile run recently where my BG has dropped.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013:
Before run: 8:41AM, BG: 85, ate 9 carbs of fruit snacks for “low”, no insulin
After run: 9:51AM, BG: 77
Ran: 4.0 miles, time: 47:55, pace: 11’59″/mile
Notes: Weather was good, BG actually went down this run but ran similar time like normal, but went 4 miles not 3 like normal on weekdays, legs felt heavy and tired this run

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013:
Before run: 8:12AM, BG: 97, 0.2 units of active insulin (from correcting high at 5AM)
After run: 9:08AM, BG: 116
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 33:38, pace: 11’13″/mile
Notes: Weather was perfect, BG still increased from run

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013:
Woke up: 5:40AM, BG: 154, ate 25 carbs of grapes, bolused for grapes, didn’t bolus for high
Before run: 6:45AM, BG: 191
During run: 7:33AM, BG: 136 (around mile 3)
7:57AM, BG: 77, ate half a pack of fruit snacks ~ 9 carbs (around mile 5)
8:12AM, BG: 71, ate the rest of the pack of fruit snacks ~ 9 carbs (around mile 6)
After run: 8:26AM, BG: 99
Ran: 6.94 miles, time: 1:22:14, pace: 11’54″/mile
Notes: Blood sugar dropped a lot during run, not sure if should have bolused less for breakfast, used a temp basal or what.  Was cool but humid for run

Thursday, September 19th, 2013:
Before run: 9:42AM, BG: 113
After run: 10:42AM, BG: 148
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 34:37, pace: 11’31″/mile
Notes: Big hill in the beginning! BG still increased :-/

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013:
Before run: 8:46AM, BG: 95, did not eat anything, no active insulin
After run: 9:37AM, BG: 139
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 35:41, pace: 11’53″/mile
Notes: Ran through trails, uneven path so couldn’t go as fast, also CGM told me I was low so was nervous about making it home (wasn’t low though)

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013:
Before run: 9:40AM, BG: 99, ate 2 fruit snacks ~ 6 carbs
After run: 10:37AM, BG: 154
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 34:09, pace: 11’23″/mile
Notes: Great weather, run felt good-didn’t feel too fast though but best time so far

Sunday, September 15th, 2013:
Woke up: 5:44AM, BG: 104, ate Greek yogurt, 9 carbs, bolus wizard wanted 1.2 units, but put in 0.6 units
Before run: 6:26AM, BG: 136
After run: 7:36AM, BG: 153
Ran: 3.96 miles, time: 46:45, pace: 11’49″/mile
Notes: First cold morning in a while-felt good! BG went up slightly from run but happy with results because I ate before the run, unlike normal, maybe could have put in more for yogurt

Thursday, September 12th, 2013:
Before run: 7:28AM, BG: 151, 0.5 units of insulin (bolus wizard wanted me to do 1.2 units for high)
After run: 8:44AM, BG: 139
Ran: 3 miles, time: 35:22, pace: 11’47″/mile 
Notes: Hot and humid! Bolused half correction before run and BG didn’t increase from run

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013:
Before run: 7:17AM, BG: 149
After run: 8:17AM, BG: 200
Ran: 3 miles, time: 34:15, pace: 11’25″/mile
Notes: Hot and humid, BG increased again from run

Saturday, September 7th, 2013:
Before run: 6:45AM, BG: 159
After run: 8:30AM, BG: 110
Ran: 5.93 miles, time: 1:12:18, pace: 12’11″/mile
Notes: Felt low during run-tested around 4 mile marker and was 113 (7:57AM), only dropped 3 points from mile 4 to mile 6, weather was perfect, ate string cheese before run (no carbs)

Thursday, September 5th, 2013:
Before run: 7:49AM, BG: 88, ate fruit snacks-9 carbs
After run: 8:44AM, BG: 126
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 35:17 ,pace: 11’44”/mile
Notes: Not too humid, foot hurt a little for first half mile

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013:
Before run: 7:23AM, BG: 114, didn’t eat anything, no active insulin
After run: 8:26AM, BG: 157
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 35:28, pace: 11’47″/mile
Notes: Not humid, nice weather, got cramp around mile 2, had to stop for 2 stoplights, not sure why BG went up by 40 points

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013:
Before run: 8:58AM, BG: 94, ate fruit snacks, 9 carbs, 0 insulin
After run: 9:46AM, BG: 142
Ran: 1.4 miles, time: 22:19, pace: 15’17″/mile
Notes: Humid, foot was hurting, ended up walking half the time

Sunday, September 1st 2013:
Before run: 6:26AM, BG: 183, ate cantaloupe at 5:30AM, 1 unit of insulin
After run: 8:13AM, BG: 93
Ran: 5 miles, time: 1:03:21, pace: 12’46″/mile
Notes: Group run, humid, BG dropped 90 points-bc of breakfast or from run?

Thursday, August 29th:
Before run: 9:25AM, BG: 97, ate fruit snacks-9 carbs, no insulin
After run: 10:13AM, BG: 137
Ran: 2.1 miles, time: 27:22, pace: 13’01″/mile
Note: HILLS!! and very humid out

Tuesday, August 27th:
Before run: 7:28AM, BG: 125, didn’t eat anything, no active insulin
After run: 9:02AM, BG: 170
Ran: 3.0 miles, time: 39:02, pace: 13’01″/mile
Note: I have no idea why my blood sugar went up from this run, wasn’t feeling all that great mentally during this run

Sunday, August 25th:
Before run: 6:16AM, BG: 168, no active insulin/food
After run: 7:42AM, BG: 156
Ran: 4.13 miles, time: 50:49, pace: 12’17″/mile
Note: Training team, felt GREAT during this run

I’ve been running since July, just haven’t been good about posting my results here.

Monday, July 8th, 2013 (Cul de Sak 5k):
Before run: 6:35PM, BG: 168, 1.2 units IOB
After run: 7:41PM, BG: 122
Ran: 3.12 miles, time: 36:21, pace: 11’36″/mile
Note: Suspended pump for half of race.  PR since this was my first running 5k race 🙂

Friday, July 5th, 2013:
Before run: 8:13AM, BG: 132
After run: 9:23AM, BG: 141
Ran: 2 miles, time: 25:20, pace: 12’39″/mile

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013:
Before run: 8:16AM, BG: 146
After run: 9:17AM, BG: 225
Ran: 2 miles, time: 25:11 , pace: 12’34″/mile
Note: I have no idea why my blood sugar went up so high during this run-very unusual

Monday, July 1st, 2013:
Before run: 7:12AM, BG: 104, ate fruit snacks-19 carbs, bolus wizard said 2.3 but only put in 0.7 (was planning to run 3 miles)
After run: 7:59AM, BG: 145
Ran: 1.0 miles, time: 15:17, pace: 15’14”/mile
Notes: CGM location was bothering me so walked majority of this run, was planning to run 3 not 1 miles

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013:
Before run: 8:41AM, BG: 188, put in 1 unit of insulin
After run: 9:21AM, BG: 189
Ran: 1.2 miles, time: 14:33, pace: 11’14”/mile

Thursday, June 6th, 2013 (Endorphin Fitness workout):
Before run: 5:54PM, BG: 189, forgot to check active insulin
After run: 7:07PM, BG: 173
Ran: 2.5 miles, time: 25:55, pace: 10’21”/mile
Note: sprint workout where ran 1/4 mile then rested for 1 minute and repeated, each time reducing rest time

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 (Stratford 8k):
Before run: 7:56AM, BG: 221, bolused 0.6 units
During run: 8:31AM, BG: 158
During run: 8:50AM, BG: 136
After run: 9:18AM, BG: 100
Hour after run: 10:08AM, BG: 73
Ran: 4.96 miles, time: 1:00:13, pace: 12’09”/mile

Friday, May 31st, 2013:
Before run: 7:50AM, BG: 102, 0 units of active insulin, ate 1 cookie-9 carbs
After run: 8:38AM, BG: 130, no correction bolus
Breakfast: 9:08AM, BG: 123, came down slightly 30 minutes after run
Ran: 1.5 miles, time: 17:26, pace: 11’32”/mile

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013:
Woke up: 8:22AM, blood sugar: 277, 2.0 units of insulin for high
Before run: 9:46AM, blood sugar: 163, 1.4 units of active insulin
After run: 10:40AM, blood sugar: 89
Ran: 2 miles, time: 22:57, pace: 11’26”/mile

Monday, April 8th, 2013:
Before run: 4:46PM, blood sugar: 227, unsure of active insulin
After run: 5:50PM, blood sugar: 120
Ran: 3 miles, time: 38:18, pace: 12’44”/mile

Saturday, April 6th, 2013:
Woke up: 7:14AM, blood sugar: 179, ate one waffle, 15 carbs, 0.5 units of insulin
Before run: 8:01AM, blood sugar: 248
After run: 9:06AM, blood sugar: 189
Ran: 4 miles, time: 47:08, pace: 11’53”/mile

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013:
Before run: 4:21PM, blood sugar: 140, ate 1 small bag of Skittles, 14 carbs, did not put insulin in
After run: 6:03PM, blood sugar: 110
Ran: 4.01 miles, time: 51:35, pace: 12’51”/mile
Note: Tested blood sugar before run but didn’t run until 5PM also first two miles were a 12’/mile pace but slowed down due to shin splint pain during the third mile

Monday, April 1st, 2013:
Before run: 4:48PM, blood sugar: 159
After run: 5:45PM, blood sugar: 89
Ran: 3 miles, time: 38:25, pace: 12’47”/mile

Saturday, March 30th, 2013:
Woke up: 6:30AM, Blood sugar: 110, ate 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal, 15 carbs, 0.5 units of insulin
Before run: 8:02AM, Blood sugar: 203
During run: 8:44AM, Blood sugar: 199
After run: 9:37AM, Blood sugar: 158
Ran: 6.2 miles, time: 1:19:23, pace: 12’47”/mile

Thursday, March 28th, 2013:
Before run: 3:19PM, Blood sugar: 157, forgot to check how much active insulin, did not suspend pump
After run: 3:57PM, Blood sugar: 142
Ran: 2.38 miles, time: 29:30, pace: 12’21”

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013:
Before run: 5:03PM , Blood sugar: 171, 0.5 units of active insulin, pump not suspended during run
After run: 6:26PM, Blood sugar: 153
Ran: 4.09 miles, time: 51:02, pace: 12’27”
*Note: Also walked 0.5 miles after run

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013:
Before run: 11:43AM, Blood sugar: 204, pump not suspended during run
After run: 12:45PM, Blood sugar: 158
Ran: 3.19 miles, time: 41:07, pace: 12’53”
*Note: Didn’t record this run until days later so not sure about breakfast or any active insulin before race.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013:
Before run/Breakfast: 10:06AM, Blood Sugar: 116
Ate: 1 Eggo Blueberry waffle, 15 carbs, did not bolus, ran right after eating waffle
After run: 11:23AM, Blood sugar: 225
Ran: 3.01 miles, time: 41:39, pace: 13’49”/mile
Note: Skipped Saturday’s run and have had a hard time getting back in the groove after traveling.  Wasn’t feeling so hot during the run either so ended up walking a majority of the way, possibly explaining the high after the run (because I didn’t bolus for my waffle, thinking I was going to run the whole 3 miles).

Thursday, March 14th, 2013:
Lunch: 2:49 PM Blood sugar: 136
Ate Weight Watchers Baked Ziti, 44 carbs, 4.5 units of insulin (bolus wizard wanted me to use 5.4 units but I don’t think my ratios are correct-need to test)
Before run: 5:18PM Blood sugar: 94  Had active insulin from lunch but forgot to check how much, Ate 2 Snackwell Creme cookie sandwiches-19 carbs, no insulin
After run: 6:05PM Blood sugar: 90 (checked about 25 minutes after run)
Ran: 2.04 miles, time: 25:55, pace: 12’42”/mile

Monday, March 4, 2013:
Lunch: 12:13PM Blood sugar: 151 (did not bolus for high)
Ate ham, 2 Snackwell Creme Cookie sandwiches, string cheese and Dannon Light N Fit Peach yogurt, 36 carbs, 3.7 units
Before run: 3:32PM  Blood sugar: 221 Had active insulin from lunch but forgot to check how much
After run: 4:46PM  Blood sugar: 66
Ran: 2.75 miles, time: 32:09, pace: 11’40”/mile

Saturday, March 2, 2013:
Woke up: 6:53AM   Blood sugar: 179
Did not eat any breakfast
Pump suspended during run-no insulin/basal and no active insulin
Before race: 7:58AM   Blood sugar: 158
During race: 8:33AM  Blood sugar: 179
After race: 9:06 AM  Blood sugar: 219
1 hour after race (no food but pump suspended for shower): 9:58AM Blood sugar: 195, bolused for high: 0.5 units (bolus wizard wanted me to bolus 2.4 but was worried about after run getting low)
Ate breakfast: 2 waffles, 28 carbs, 3.5 units
3 hours after race (and 2 hours after eating): 11:30 AM Blood sugar: 287 (wtf?? breakfast and not bolusing enough for high earlier?)
Ran: 3.94 miles, time: 46:41, pace: 11:50/mile (with stop to test b.s.)
Note: was nervous about running so far so possible adrenaline kicked in a little to make my blood sugar high? But was also nervous I had a false high do to adrenaline so didn’t bolus enough to bring my b.s. down

Wednesday, February 27, 2013:
Lunch: 12:13PM  Blood sugar: 97
Ate  Turkey, apples, 2 cookies: 25 carbs, 2.9 units of insulin
Snack: 2:11 PM  Blood sugar: 106
Ate 2 cookies: 20 carbs, 1 unit of insulin (knew I was going to run so wanted b.s. a little higher)
Before run: 3:59 PM  Blood sugar: 99
Ate 5 Girl Scout cookies, 24 carbs, 0.8 units of active insulin
Suspended pump during run
After run: 4:52 PM  Blood sugar: 111
Ran: 2.7 miles, time: ?? Around 30 minutes-paused clock and forgot to un-pause, pace: ?? 11:54″ at fastest

Saturday, February 23, 2013:
Woke up: 6:40AM   Blood sugar: 111
Ate 2 waffles: 29 carbs, 0 units of humalog
Pump suspended during run-no insulin/basal and no active insulin
Before race: 7:58AM   Blood sugar: 227
During race: 8:33AM  Blood sugar: 192
After race: 9:04 AM  Blood sugar: 170
Ran: 3.17 miles, time: 37:50, pace: 11:56/mile (with stop to test b.s.)

One of the reasons I decided to start a blog was to connect with other T1D and it’s already paying off.  Scott Johnson from referred me to Jeff Mather’s blog:  Scott was referring me to his website in response to my article on my CGM because Jeff has some good CGM tips.  However, I explored his website a little bit and found that he has an exercise data page.  I have decided to also include an exercise log and since I am new to running, I am hoping this will help me to learn how to control my blood sugars during longer runs.  Thanks Scott and Jeff!

First run on my exercise log starting tomorrow-3 miles!

3 thoughts on “Running Log

  1. That’s interesting as a result because exercising with no background insulin CAN push your bs up very high. I have had that experience. My doctor just acknowledged it and said not to stop exercising because of it! Presumably on this occasion you still had enough in your body to cope with the breakfast and the run.

  2. Hi Ruth! Yes, I have found that working out causes my blood sugar to drop fairly low, that’s why on this day, I didn’t put insulin in for my breakfast because it wasn’t enough carbs to offset my long run. I have only seen my blood sugar go high during a run if I have a lot of adrenaline, like on the first day of my 10k training program. I was so nervous about running with others and nervous about the training that my adrenaline was pumping into overdrive and as a result, my bs went up a lot. However, I have always heard you shouldn’t exercise when your blood sugar is high. Over 250 mg/dL I have heard runs a risk of ketoacidosis, so be careful if your blood sugar is too high before a run!

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