Getting Rid of the Baby Weight!

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I actually wrote this two weeks ago (at the beginning of February) and then I got sick with an upper respiratory cold.  I was starting to recover and then my son got a stomach bug that he then passed along to me (probably because he vomited ALL over me-ugh!).  So it’s been hard to sit down at my desk get the blog post published.  But thanks to the stomach bug, I got a jump start to my weight loss.  I know it’s only water weight so won’t help long term but it’s a start.  So here is what I wrote before all the fun started:

Every January I make detailed New Year’s Resolutions but then I never check back in until the end of the year.  This year, I decided that my “goal” would be to just take care of myself.  However, I’m a person that needs goals in order to function.  In January, I didn’t really do a lot to be healthy.  My birthday was in January, so I did get a weekend to sleep in which was nice, but on the whole,  I wasn’t active or eating healthy.

So I’m going to change things up a little bit.  Every month I am going to set a new list of goals and then at the end of the month review how I’m doing.  Right now, I’m about 30 pounds heavier than my pre-baby body.  I’d like to lose this baby weight.

Before I got pregnant with my first, I had just completed two half-marathons.  A month later, I was pregnant and stopped working out.  I gained a lot of weight that pregnancy, but I was able to lose almost all of it.  When I got pregnant with my second, I still had about 10 pounds to lose.  I then gained weight with my second pregnancy and lost all of that weight but another 10.  At this point I was 20 pounds heavier and then over the last few months, I’ve gained another 10.  It creeps up fast when you aren’t paying attention!

This time last year, I did the Whole 30.  It was pretty difficult so I don’t want to stress myself out with that but I do want to take away the better points of it-like cutting out sugar and alcohol and eating more fruits and veggies.  I had so much energy when I did the Whole 30 last year, that I would like to get it back.

So, for February (I realize we are already two weeks into it darn sicknesses!), I am going to set realistic goals.  I would like to lose 2-3 pounds.  I am going to weigh myself every Monday morning to keep tabs.  Here’s how I’m hoping to do it:

  • Walk 2 miles a day, maybe start Couch 2 5K again?
  • Cut out alcohol (except for social outings)
  • Cut out chips (I eat a lot of chips…eek!)
  • Drink 100 ounces of water per day! I downloaded an app called Waterlogged so hopefully that helps.

I have some optimistic goals like cooking more and eating more fruits and veggies but I’m going to start with those four, hopefully attainable goals and see what that gets me.  Ideally, I’d lose 3 pounds per month so by the end of the year, I will be 30 pounds lighter.  Without exercising, I’m not sure how that will happen so I really want to focus on getting outside and walking everyday so that will get me in the groove. Hopefully, we are immune to everything now so we can focus on being healthy and active!

One of my favorite memes because it’s so true.

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