2017 Year in Review

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2017 was a tough year for me.  Saying goodbye to my love bug, sweet dog Scarlett, was really hard emotionally but also financially as we spent a lot of money trying to save her.  I dipped into my stockpile of diabetes supplies as I didn’t have the best health insurance.  And my husband and I struggled to find a good work/life balance, one drawback to having your own business.  I was also sick a lot, especially towards the end of the year.  We constantly felt like we were drowning but at the same time we did a LOT of fun things.

In October, we took an amazing trip to Walt Disney World.  Everyone had a great time there and it wasn’t too difficult, even with my one year old.  In June, we celebrated my father’s birthday at the beach and in May, we took a quick trip to the Outer Banks with friends, both of which were a lot of fun.

We picked apples in the mountains, picked pumpkins at a pumpkin patch.  We did art class at the local art museum, discovered a lot of fun things at the Children’s museum.  We saw Disney on Ice, which was a lot of fun at having gone to Disney World. Busch Gardens became one of our favorite places to go.  We played in the snow, we saw Santa and the Easter bunny.  We went to the pool and visited several playgrounds.  We went to the botanical gardens many times.  My youngest started walking and my oldest won’t stop talking.  We were exhausted a lot of the time but had so much fun.  We ate a lot of donuts and my husband and I drank a lot of wine…I mean Diet Cokes!  My oldest is also potty trained for the most part-WOOHOO!

2017 was very kid focused. When I went to the Diabetes Sisters’ conference in October, one of the sessions asked us to use an adjective to describe ourselves and I just said Mom.  I sometimes felt like I was losing my identity as I focused on raising two sweet little boys but at the same time, I was able to take a little time for myself.  I somehow managed to read 33 books.  I also was able to attend the Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women conference.  And I fit in a few Mom’s Night Outs throughout the year, which were a lot of fun (like going to the Mom prom!).  My blog also celebrated 5 years, I had my 24th diaversary and I got a new insulin pump!  My blood sugars weren’t too great but at least I got the new pump, which should hopefully get me on a good page for the new year.

Here were my goals and how they went…


  • Write once per week (good for diabetes management also) Some months went well, others didn’t
  • Participate in Diabetes Blog Week (May) Success! I  participated!
  • Participate in Diabetes Awareness Month (November) Failed…didn’t really partipcate this year
  • Participate in DSMA Twitter chat at least once a month (Wednesday nights) 9PM for DSMA chat turned out to be too late for me
  • Look into diabetes conferences (probably not in the forecast this year) Success!  I went to the Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women/Unconference
  • Start reading other diabetes blogs more regularly (really slacked this past year) Fail…only really read during D-blog week…need to get better about this!


  • Change lancet once per week Fail
  • Upload CGM data and review once per week Fail
  • Change infusion set every three days Fail
  • Get new insulin pump – April Success!! Received new pump in November! Officially in auto mode since December!
  • Endocrinologist every three months Success
  • Try to maintain an A1C below 7 ? TBD….


  • Log food in My Fitness Pal Fail 
  • Wear FitBit and try to walk more Success sort of…got an Apple Watch in May so logging steps that way
  • Drink more water, limit Diet Coke I’ve limited myself to 2 per day but haven’t really been good about water intake
  • Eat more fruits and veggies and less snacky food Fail, especially lately I’ve been eating so bad
  • Start running again Fail
  • Start Couch To 5K program again? Fail 
  • Sign up for a 5K? Fail
  • Eye doctor appointment -June Success!  Retinopathy staying the same, not getting worse
  • Dentist appt – April and November Success…no cavities! Woohoo!
  • Annual PCP appointment?? Fail…never got around to this


  • Potty train DS1 (online mommy group lingo for Dear Son 1) – by June? Success!  He is officially peeing on the potty!  Poop is another story though.
  • Start solids for DS2 – January Success! 
  • DS2 walking (!!) Success!  Been walking since July!
  • Breastfeed DS2 to 1 year (and hopefully longer) Success…17 months and still going! Trying to wean now though
  • Swim lessons and tennis lessons for DS1 Fail…didn’t do this
  • SNUGGLE! Success…as much as they let me haha


  • Date night once per week, doesn’t have to be dinner out but set aside time for each other. Fail…we got bad at making time for ourselves
  • Put our phones down at dinner table. Fail…phones are so bad 🙁 
  • Cook together at least once a week Eh…success I guess but we often would just make quick things or things that will feed us for several days like chili


  • Read 25 books by end of the year Success! I read 33!
  • MNO once per month Success! Between book club and Moms group, I think I managed to get out at least once per month
  • Have friends over more/get together more Fail…we were good for a few months but overall we need to be better at getting together with friends
  • Don’t sign up for too much stuff/too many plans FAIL-I sign up for way too much..eek
  • REST!!! Eh…I’ve been resting recently as I’ve been sick but I don’t really think I’ve rested when I’m healthy


  • Find time to work! FAIL…it’s been so hard to find time to work with two toddlers/crazy boys
  • Aim for 3 hours per day?? But try to get 20 hours per week Fail..I think I’m lucky if I get 3 hours per week 🙁 
  • Update website by April? Fail…didn’t do that
  • Year end taxes – January Success
  • Stay on top of support tickets – ongoing Eh..sometimes success sometimes fail
  • Market products-increase sales! – ongoing Fail


  • Declutter house! Go room by room, finish April? Fail
  • Donate/sell old clothes (yard sale in Spring and Fall?) Success…sold some and donated some
  • Tackle house projects Fail…weren’t too good about this
  • Finish a load of laundry in one day! (I realize this is probably a stretch goal) FAIL.  Laundry is the devil. 


  • Most likely zero trips while babies are young but some potential trips could pan out
  • Beach Week? – May Success-went for one night!
  • Annual trip with Dad? – June Success-went to Virginia Beach for two nights!
  • Trip to NoVA? See friends, go to zoo Fail…need to make that happen soon
  • Trip to Blacksburg? Spring game? go to Roanoke transportation museum-choo choo! Fail
  • ?? Success-We went to Disney!!


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  1. i see many more important successes than any failures in your list. If I were summing it up I would say much accomplished all of it was positive. Congrats on a successful year. Your family is beautiful and your little pup was a doll. Much peace ahead. .

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