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My family and I just got back from a trip to Disney World!  We went for five nights/six days and had an amazing time!  The weather was absolutely perfect and we survived the plane ride with my 15 month old.  We did two days at Magic Kingdom and the crowds weren’t too bad.  On the second day, we had an extra magic hour because we were staying at a Disney resort and that was perfect to have the place to ourselves.  We did one day at Animal Kingdom and that was a lot more crowded, thanks to the new Pandora area, which was amazing!

Animal Kingdom was my favorite.  We saw a couple of shows (Lion King and Finding Nemo), went on a safari, checked out the new Pandora land, and I even got to ride a roller coaster three times!  The new Avatar ride, Flight of Passage, was a lot of fun.  I lucked out and got a Fastpass for it so I just walked onto the ride instead of having to wait in a three hour long line.  Magic Kingdom was a little more fast-paced because we did a ton of rides but just as much fun.  We had one rest day, Halloween, and it was so nice because the resort put on a ton of activities throughout the day for the kids, including trick or treating at the end!

Leading up to the trip was so stressful.  Planning a Disney trip is a lot more involved than I realized.  You have to get dining reservations 180 days out and get Fastpasses 60 days out, so you basically have to plan your whole day out way ahead of time.  On the plus side though, we stuck to the plan and were able to see most everything we wanted to with minimal waits.

After much debate, we decided to get the dining plan.  The dining plan meant we had one table service meal, one quick service meal and two snack credits per day.  Kids are free before three (and my oldest turned three a couple of days after we got home) so we chose to do a ton of buffets so we could get them whatever they wanted without having to pay extra. The buffets included character meet and greets and that was so much fun!  The boys weren’t as big a fan of the princesses as I was but loved meeting the Mickey characters.

Because we did a LOT of buffets, my blood sugars didn’t do so well.  My blood sugars have already been running higher lately so I was at a disadvantage from the get-go.  I was running higher and then eating a TON of carbs.  At home, I normally have self-control to not get or eat a ton of baked goods.  At Disney, I didn’t want to deprive myself of Mickey waffles or yummy desserts so I would load my plate up with ALL THE CARBS.

Monday at Animal Kingdom, we did a buffet at Tusker House.  The food there was delicious.  My blood sugar was around 140mg/dls before lunch and after lunch I climbed all the way put to 350!  Eek!  I managed to finally come down and then on Tuesday, we did a buffet at Chef Mickeys and again I started out OK at 170 but climbed up to 350 again after breakfast.  Tuesday’s high was a little stickier and I ended up staying above 250 for the whole day.  Wednesday, we didn’t do a buffet for breakfast but I woke up at 274 and ate two Pop-tarts (breakfast in the room) and I climbed to over 400 that morning.  Thankfully, I managed to come down by lunchtime.I was worried about having lows at the park with all the walking but I only happened to drop low once.  Of course, it was at the most inconvenient time.  My husband and I split up so I could ride the new Flight of Passage (we did the rider swap so he rode later) but because he stayed with the kids, he stayed with the bag with the low treats and my blood glucose meter.  The line wasn’t long for me to ride but the ride itself takes some time to finish up.  I didn’t check my blood sugar before we split up but I was already on the way down so by the time I finished the ride, I was starting to feel pretty low (especially after being high for so long).  I suspended my pump until I could reconnect with my husband and grab the Skittles out of the bag.  Luckily, I didn’t drop too low and was able to avoid a serious situation.

The only other problem I ran into with my diabetes was that my CGM didn’t work too well.  I was trying to stretch it a few days too far probably but I got a lot of “lost sensor”,  especially overnight, and inaccurate numbers.  I finally got a chance to change it on our last day there so at least the flight home was accurate. When diabetes technology works, it works great.  When it doesn’t work, it can definitely make things more difficult, especially when blood sugars are so high.

Normally when traveling, I have to worry about going through airport security with my CGM and insulin pump.  This trip, however, was an exception.  Because of the kids, we went through the metal detector instead of the x-ray machine and I didn’t get the pat-down like usual.  We did, however, spend about 30 minutes getting all of our baby gear through security.  Since traveling with all of our gear was fairly stressful, I appreciated not having to take even more time to get through because of my diabetes.

Despite the high blood sugars all week, I still rallied and had so much fun.  It was nice that all my hard work and planning paid off and the whole family had a blast.  I can’t wait to go back again!

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  1. Kelly, I am thrilled you had such a great trip.

    Now, I have to say that DisneyWorld is not my happiest place on earth (that is where I learn I had diabetes in 1974) but I am thrilled you had a wonderful time.

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