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July was a hard month for me.  Saying goodbye to the sweetest little girl so unexpectedly really shook me.  She was wagging her tail, happy and seemingly fine one minute then three days later she was gone.  Even though they told me she was in critical condition, I never thought I’d be saying goodbye to her.  The first two weeks of July were spent mourning her.  Every little thing reminded me of her-the crumbs on the ground that she wasn’t there to lick up, the shadow by my side as I walked through the house, the involuntary motions I did like watching where my feet were in bed so I didn’t kick her or opening the door in the morning to let her outside to pee. I still feel so guilty that we didn’t catch it sooner and while I have gone on with my life and most days are spent busy that I don’t have time to think about her, some days a quiet moment creeps up and I miss her so much.

While the beginning of July was spent sad, the second half was spent much happier.  My second baby celebrated his FIRST birthday! I still can’t believe that I don’t have a baby anymore but TWO toddlers.  We had a nice family party for him and had family in town visiting for the week.

My baby is growing up so fast!  He took his first steps in July and is now walking even more! He knows the word for book, saying “bo” and mama and several other words I think he knows too. He has EIGHT teeth, including one molar.  He is eating more solid foods but we are still breastfeeding.  He sleeps through the night (knock on wood!).  He is also our troublemaker.  He is constantly exploring and climbing on things and playing with his brother’s toys.  He is at a really fun age!

We had some weight gain issues with the baby so I was concerned at the one year checkup.  He still didn’t gain as much weight as is expected but he gained enough for the doctor to not be too concerned. He is in the 99% for height and 97% for weight so he is perfectly proportional!

While July was a crazy month with the loss of my dog and my son’s first birthday, my diabetes was surprisingly quiet.  I didn’t pay much attention to my blood sugars but thankfully they weren’t too crazy.  When we were dealing with my dog at the hospital, I didn’t eat at all for three days straight.  My stomach was in knots wondering what was going to happen.  Even after we said goodbye, it took me a little while to get my stomach back to normal. Maybe because I wasn’t eating too much, it helped to keep my blood sugars a little bit better behaved.  I have had a few more lows recently than usual but I haven’t had too many crazy highs, which has been nice!  I do need to upload my data more often.  Even though I didn’t have any crazy high blood sugars, my numbers are tending to run higher than usual and I want to try and keep my A1C below seven!

I have recently dealt with some issues with Medtronic and Anthem but I’m hoping to get those issues resolved soon.  I was also recently featured on DiabetesMine’s website!  It was pretty cool to see my story shared there! But other than that, diabetes has been pretty quiet, which was definitely much needed after how stressful a month July was!  I was also selected as one of the top 100 Health Blogs via  So that was a nice honor to come in at #36 and to be included with some of my favorite blogs like NomNomPaleo.

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