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May was a busy month! Besides it being Diabetes Blog Week in May, it was also Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, my 6th anniversary and my oldest turned two and half!

Only photo from 6 year anniversary

The last update I did was back in March when my baby turned 8 months old.  The last two (almost 3) months have been pretty busy.  At the 8 month mark, I commented on how I didn’t know how much my baby weighed but assumed he was doing OK since he was in size 18 month clothes.  Well unfortunately, we have had some weight gain issues with him that were discovered at the 9 month appointment.  Baby had gained a little weight from month 6 to 7 but then LOST weight from month 7 to 9.  This greatly concerned the doctor so we had to go to a lactation consultant to work on gaining weight.  My son was 25 pounds so it was pretty funny to be at the lactation consultant since she mainly deals with 6 pound babies.  He did gain enough weight over a 10 day period but then another month passed and he only gained 4 ounces, where she was hoping he would gain 2-4 ounces per week, or at a minimum 8 ounces.  So we are still struggling some.

This cutie!

Now that he is 10 months old, baby is getting into EVERYTHING!  I don’t remember my first being this active but he is constantly on the move and putting everything in his mouth!  We actually found a missing nose pad from my husband’s glasses in his poop-so gross! He is crawling everywhere, standing up all the time and shuffling around the furniture.  I bet he will be walking before too long!  He has 3 teeth and three more coming through.  The teething hasn’t been too bad so far but if he is like my first, the later teeth will be much more painful.  He’s not talking yet but he sure is vocal.

Crazy boys!

My toddler has been doing well also.  He turned 2.5 years old and is talking nonstop! It’s funny to look back when he was 18 months old and we were worried about him not talking much because now is vocabulary is amazing.  He strings together long sentences as well.  Sometimes, we don’t understand everything he says and that is frustrating for him. He finished his first year of preschool and we are so thankful for a very successful year.  He has friends now, had the best teachers, and learned some great things his first year.  I’m sad that he won’t have any school in July and August.

Easter at the Botanical Gardens!

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  We didn’t do anything too grand but went to the movies and took the kids to Busch Gardens which was a lot of fun.  We have actually gone to Busch Gardens several times now.  It’s so much fun with my toddler!  He loves all the kid rides! We even put baby on one ride last time we went but he seemed pretty indifferent to it.

In May, we also went to the beach.  We went to Corolla in the Outer Banks, NC and it was a lot of fun but a quick 36 hour trip.  We were nervous how the boys would do overnight (they did great!) so we didn’t want to commit for too long.  On the way down, we stopped at the Virginia Beach Aquarium and that was a lot of fun too!

On the diabetes front, I am not necessarily going through burnout but I am definitely paying as little attention to it as I can get away with.  I’m still carb counting and bolusing but I haven’t been uploading my data and I’ve been going more days than I should without changing my infusion set.  Luckily, though my blood sugars haven’t been too awful recently.  They would be so much better if I paid just a little more attention to them.

Several years ago, I was a part of my local chapter’s DiabetesSisters club and our club dwindled to where we stopped meeting.  Luckily though, it is getting back together and we have met several times now!  I missed having a local diabetes support group so I am excited that it’s starting back up.  Shelby, who blogs at The Diabetic Foodie, is heading up the new chapter and it’s been great to get to know her and the others who have joined.

I also recently got the Apple watch and it’s been fun figuring it out.  I know it works with a Dexcom CGM and that’s almost enough to make me switch to Dexcom (from Medtronic) because it would be so cool to see the data on my watch!  There have been a few hiccups as I’ve been learning about it.  Apparently if you push the side button long enough it will call 911 for you.  I figured this out the hard way.  My son likes to grab at my watch when I’m breastfeeding him and he ended up calling them.  I didn’t even realize until it connected to my phone that I was reading while breastfeeding and my phone said “return to call” and I thought to myself “what call?!” That is when I realized what had happened.  I quickly hung up and within about 10 seconds, 911 called me back to make sure everything was OK.  EEK!  I also like the watch because it logs my steps (since I lost my FitBit) and it also has My Fitness Pal to log carb and calories.

The troublemaker in action

Speaking of Medtronic CGM, I am supposed to be getting the new Minimed 670G insulin pump and CGM.  They called me the other day and said it should be shipping soon so I can’t wait to receive it!

A few more photos from May:

We went strawberry picking!

New top teeth!

Family selfie complete with the dog!

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