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The 8th annual Diabetes Blog Week (thanks Karen!) came and went by way too fast! I always enjoy this week because it’s a great chance to find some new DBlogs and it gives me some motivation to write my own posts.  This year the topics were good but I’ll admit by day 4, I was starting to feel pretty down about diabetes.  I somehow did manage to read all the posts and I tried hard to comment on as many as I could.  Here are some of the posts that I enjoyed:

Day 1: Diabetes and the Unexpected

  • Meri’s post was so beautifully written and it’s a post I wish all people could read.
  • Jessica shares how she was surprised by the ADA.  I thought her post was right on, especially since I don’t usually think too much about the ADA (Stop Diabetes campaign irks me).
  • Helen shares her story about being diagnosed back in 1979 and the wonderful life she has led despite having diabetes.
  • More posts from this day HERE.

Day 2: Cost of a Chronic Illness

Day 3: The Blame Game

Day 4: Throwback Thursday: What Brings Me Down

  • I was really touched by Seonaid’s post, especially the quote “I want a cure so other kids don’t have to lose their carefree childhood like I did”
  • I enjoyed all of Frank’s posts from this week, but especially Thursday’s post on Getting All Emotional. I’ve been there and could really relate to what he said.
  • Jaime’s post did a great job summing up the emotional things that come with diabetes and really showcased how mental health care for diabetes is lacking.
  • More posts from this day HERE.

Day 5: More than Diabetes

This day I was more enjoying reading the posts and didn’t take a great notes.  More posts from this day HERE.

One thing that stuck out in my mind was how many D-parents were blogging!  Day 1 was pretty much upbeat and fun to read.  A lot of unexpected things happen with diabetes.  There were some great tips on how to stay prepared.  Day 2 was frustrating.  Diabetes is way too expensive.  I enjoyed reading about different countries and how diabetes is handled there but no country seemed to have a good solution.  Like Australia seems to have good coverage but CGMs aren’t covered.  I couldn’t live without my CGM!   Day 3    The Throwback Thursday topic was the third day in a row that were kind of depressing and I found it a little hard to read these after Tuesday and Wednesdays.  But I powered through and was rewarded with the last day’s prompt.  Friday’s topic, More than Diabetes, was a great, upbeat way to end the week!  Hope you enjoyed Diabetes Blog Week!! What were your favorite posts?!

*Also a final note to myself that if I can find time to write every day and read many blogs, I should/need to find time to upload and review my CGM data.  Time to make myself a priority.

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  1. Omg I can’t believe you read them all! So impressive! And thank you for doing a recap! Will definitely have to check out the posts you highlighted!

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