CGM Alarms have the Worst Timing!

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I love my CGM.  About 95% of the time it is accurate and it really helps to review trends and see where adjustments need to be made.  I have become so dependent on it that I couldn’t imagine my life without it.  With that being said, sometimes it REALLY annoys me.  I have my high/low alarms set up and every single day of my life I go outside those lines and I get a nice alarm.  Sometimes I get an alarm because it has lost my sensor.  A lost sensor alarm happens way more than I’d like, especially overnight.  Both types of alarms are annoying.  I thought I’d make a list of the five WORST timings for the alarms to go off:

  1. When it’s not accurate – I can’t stand when I get a low alert when I’m not low.  This luckily doesn’t happen too often but it’s so annoying when my CGM is telling me something and I test my blood sugar and it just isn’t the case.  I can usually tell based on how I’m feeling that it’s not right but it’s still annoying when it happens.
  1. In the shower – I disconnect my pump when I shower and usually leave it on the sink.  The CGM can still reach my pump so I will get the low/high alerts when I’m showering and I have to wait until I’m done to silence it, unless I want to get it wet!
  1. When I’m driving – For some reason my CGM likes to wait until I’m driving on the interstate to start alerting me to a high (luckily it’s never low when I’m driving).  It will go off and because I keep my pump in my pants, it’s hard to reach with my seatbelt on so I just have to listen to it go off over and over until I can safely pull over or stop to silence it.
  1. Overnight when I’m trying to sleep – ARGHH this is one of the most frustrating alarms, especially with a baby!  The past 8 months have been a struggle to get a full night’s sleep.  I’d blame my son but for several months he was sleeping through the night and it was my CGM that would wake me to tell me I was high.  I still had my high alert set for 140 mg/dls from when I was pregnant.  Postpartum my blood sugars have been averaging around 180-190 so I’m always over the 140 threshold, hence my CGM goes off a LOT.  About a month ago, I did finally increase my high threshold to much higher but that also coincided with when my baby started waking up every hour so I haven’t gotten much sleep.

    A Typical overnight for me with lots of CGM alarms

  1.  When I am nursing baby to sleep!  Without fail, my CGM would wait until I was nursing my son to sleep to go off, and my pump was ALWAYS on the side that I was nursing on, making it difficult to silence the alarm.  I have had WAY too many close encounters with my CGM almost waking my son.  One time, my CGM even went off when I was going to put my son done in the crib, a very careful hand off that was almost ruined by the alert.  I have no idea why it doesn’t go off right before I started nursing but it has happened just way too many times.  Luckily, I am sleep training my son now so no more nursing to sleep but goodness that was the most ANNOYING and frustrating thing ever!

    Praying my CGM doesn’t go off and wake this love bug

When has a CGM alarm gone off for you that’s really bugged you?

One thought on “CGM Alarms have the Worst Timing!

  1. I truly hate it when my alarm goes off at night and I have a choice to either treat and turn off or worse yet treat and sit up until it returns to semi normal. I hate having my sensor alert off as I sleep no matter if I am coming up or down off of a low / high.

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