Old School 504 Plan for Type 1 Diabetes

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It’s been a busy week/weekend for me so instead of writing a blog post today, I thought I’d share something that I found recently when cleaning/organizing some old files…

There are so many great resources out there for children with diabetes these days.  I’ve seen some D-parent bloggers in passing mention a Section 504 plan.  I’m not sure if this was available back when I was growing up but with the internet these days, it’s much easier to access the information and tools that a child with diabetes would need.  The Children with Diabetes website has lots of great information, like a sample 504 plan shown below:

Section 504 Plan

I’ve recently been cleaning and organizing some of my old files and I came across what I like to consider my old school Section 504 Plan.  Here is what my plan looked like in 1999 when I was going into the 10th grade!

My 504 plan from 1999!

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2 thoughts on “Old School 504 Plan for Type 1 Diabetes

  1. LOL, I refused to tell my high school I had diabetes. I hid it really well until about winter break. Imagine my surprise on the mid year locker investigation and they found a vial of a clear liquid (I peeled the R label off) and 14 syringes with needles. Who woo I love having fun when it comes to messing with power.

    It turns out that schools take a dim view of such actions. Seems sort of funny all in all.

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