8 Months Old!

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I can’t believe in FOUR short months, my baby will be a year old!  I haven’t done an update on mommy life recently mainly because the Whole 30 consumed most of my past two months. My baby turned 8 months old on Sunday!  Things are moving so fast.  We haven’t had a weight/height check since his 6 month birthday but he’s already wearing size 18 month clothes so I’d say he’s keeping up with his 99% growth all around.

About a month and half ago, he started rolling really well.  And he hasn’t stopped moving!  Last week, he started crawling!  He still doesn’t have any teeth, although I think some might be erupting soon.  We started solids about a month and half ago and he hasn’t met a food he hasn’t disliked.  I’m still breastfeeding with a goal of one year so we will see how that goes.  Baby even had his first art class recently!


About two weeks ago, we started sleep training.  We started it because things were going so bad.  He got to the point where he was waking up every hour or hour and half and I wasn’t able to function!  Luckily, it happened while we were on the Whole 30 so I did get some extra energy boost from that.  Once we started sleep training, overnight went surprisingly well but daytime is going AWFUL.  We have to do “crib hour” meaning if he wakes before an hour is up, I have to leave him in the crib and he just cries.  He also takes a while to fall asleep so it’s a lot of crying.  I hope we get a good schedule going soon where he’s taking good naps and not crying as long!

Overall, he’s a pretty easy going, happy baby when he isn’t crying at nap time.  He loves his brother a lot and gets the biggest smile when he sees him.  My dog loves to lick his feet and he doesn’t seem to mind which is good.  Since he can get around a room well, he always seems to find my slippers.  I have to make sure I keep them out of reach or else they end up in his mouth-yuck.

My toddler has been doing well too! He will be 2.5 months old in a month and half.  He is talking NON-STOP.  He has also become very opinionated on what color cup or what plate he wants and has also become pretty bossy-“Mommy move now” is a favorite phrase of his.  He can say helicopter and it’s the cutest thing ever.  He is loving preschool and has made some good friends.  We keep busy doing music class, preschool twice a week, art class, playdates, and have recently started soccer.  I also recently took him to a trampoline park where he had a blast.  He love Dora the Explorer (“watch dora!”) and airplanes, trucks and buses and loves to imitate animals.

Soccer star!

In addition to all the cuteness, he is also a big fan of tantrums.  They happen at the best times too.  It usually coordinates with when he is tired or hungry so I try to anticipate his needs but they can also happen if he doesn’t get his way which I’m realizing I need to do a better job of setting limits for him (maybe that would help with the bossiness too).  It’s so fun to see him growing up into such a personality but at the same time its sad to think how fast it’s all going.

I’ve been doing well.  Felt great during the Whole 30 but I regressed badly, almost to the point where I was binge eating.  I had cupcakes and when I made cookies for a book club there were a ton leftover so I ate them all.  I’ve also been drinking wine more frequently.  My husband and I decided to get back on track and try to keep eating Whole 30 as much as possible, which is good for me because I do well with goals.

My blood sugars have been all over the place as I’m trying to adjust to not breastfeeding as much as usual.  I’ve really been hovering in the 200’s and 300’s recently, especially the last few days.  I’m trying so hard to make adjustments but it seems like nothing is working…is my insulin really water?!  I’m hoping some changes will finally work.  It’s such a struggle to make my diabetes a priority as I juggle both boys and trying to work and do housework.  I need to make sure I make myself a priority which I am bad about doing.  Although, I will say that I am finding time to read some.  I am now in two books clubs so I’ve been trying to read the books for the clubs which is good because I didn’t read a single book from the time my baby was born until about a month or two ago.

The boys are keeping me busy but I’ve had a few Moms Nights Out which has been good.  I’ve also gone out with my sister some and saw the Broadway Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast in the theater which was so good!  My husband and I really need a date night sometime soon because we haven’t had one yet since our baby was born!  Life has been crazy busy but good.  I’m sad at how quickly it’s going!  I think we are done with two kids so it makes me even sadder to think I will no longer have a newborn baby or a 6 month old, but I’m trying to cherish the moments!

Happy St Patrick’s Day from my love bugs!

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  1. You have a loving husband and two wonderful boys. But your life is too crazy busy! The two year old has too many activities. How about just preschool, and soccer with Dad? He is really too young for a team sport, but Dad can teach him the basics while they have fun together. Do art projects at home, play-doh, fingerpaints, fat crayons on paper over leaves and a coloring book from the dollar store. Do music at home. Make or pick up some kids musical instruments, maybe a book of children’s songs so you have he words. Pots and pans and wooden spoons, metal measuring spoons, dry beans in a twist on cup, are all great instruments that cost nothing. Both boys will love shaking, rattling, and drumming. Choose a day and time for art and for music. These activities at home will save you time bundling up the boys, traveling, etc. as well as money you can use for supplies. Take a step back, include Dad, and see how you can enrich your boys’ lives, while making life easier for you.
    Sincerely, Mother of 6, grandmother of 11.

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