Whole 30 and Breastfeeding

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I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so blogging about my Whole 30 journey.  I wasn’t going to do ANOTHER post, especially one that doesn’t necessarily relate to diabetes but I did notice some interesting observations about the Whole 30 while I was breastfeeding that I thought I would share.

Starting the Whole 30 correlated with when my baby started to wake up more overnight.  This made me wonder if doing the Whole 30 somehow caused my milk supply to drop.  I posted on several Facebook Whole 30 support groups asking if it was possible that my supply was dropping and most people commented that their supply increased when they did the Whole 30.

I didn’t feel like my supply was increasing so I made sure to pay attention to how many wet diapers my baby had and it didn’t seem like he had any less wet diapers so that was a good thing.  Despite the wet diapers though, he was waking more and more overnight.  Since I couldn’t necessarily rule out a dip in supply, I was given the advice to eat more fat.  Eating more healthy fast seems to be a common recommendation for most questions on the Whole 30…are you hungry between meals?  You need more fat.  Is your milk supply dropping?  Eat more fats.  As a result, avocados became my new best friend.

I was also given the advice to drink more water.  This has always been hard for me and I admit I still didn’t do that well at it when I was on the Whole 30.  Not drinking enough water can result in dehydration which can cause ketones resulting in higher blood sugars, which I also encountered a few times.  So it’s entirely possible between the potential dehydration and not enough fat, my supply was dropping some.

I finished the Whole 30 despite questioning whether or not I should stop due to a potential decrease in milk supply.  After I stopped the Whole 30 and reintroduced foods like dairy, I noticed something interesting.

First, a little back story…back when my son was 2 months old, we went to his pediatrician.  He was fussy and had cradle cap, baby acne and mucousy poop.  The doctor told us that he had a dairy allergy and I needed to give up dairy.  I attempted for several days but quickly learned how much stuff has dairy hidden in it and realized I hadn’t been doing a good job eliminating.  However, I went back to the doctor’s office a week later and saw a different pediatrician.  This pediatrician told me that my son didn’t have a milk allergy as they are not too common and are often misdiagnosed so I happily went back to eating dairy.

During the Whole 30, I didn’t eat any dairy because it’s a hard NO.  I also didn’t eat any soy or other food groups.  After I completed the Whole 30, I reintroduced dairy and the other foods.  They didn’t affect me at all but I noticed it had an effect on my baby.

My son’s cradle cap had started to improve while I was on the Whole 30 and once I stopped the program, it stared to come back.  His baby acne had also started to clear up and it’s come back as well.  His poops didn’t really change and his temperament didn’t either but I wonder if he does actually have some sort of allergy or intolerance.  I’m going to eliminate dairy again and see if that affects anything.  I don’t think he has a severe allergy and it might be more of an intolerance but I’m curious to see if he continues to improve as I go longer without the certain food groups.

No dairy for this little crawler?

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