300 is the New 100…a Tale of Breastfeeding, Weaning and Diabetes

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My baby was the BEST sleeper.  I didn’t mention it or brag about it because I didn’t want to jinx myself.  From about month 2-month 5, he actually slept through the night!  And not just a good 7 hour stretch but 12 hours!  I even asked my pediatrician is that was OK and she said, yes because he was getting all his needs met during the day.

Awesome!  However, I had gotten into a bad habit.  I would nurse him to sleep.  I would also nurse him when he woke because I was trying to do the E.A.S.Y method (eat, activity, sleep, you) so I ended up nursing him A LOT. All that was fine though because he was getting his needs met and he was sleeping great overnight.

Until he wasn’t.  We survived the 4 month sleep regression somewhat unscathed but around the 5 month mark, he started waking up once a night.  I would nurse him and he would go back to sleep.  The one time became two, which led to three night wakings until I was waking up ever hour or two to nurse him.

Then at the 7 month mark it got way worse.  Even though he was waking a ton overnight, I could nurse him for 5 minutes and he would go back to sleep.  When he turned 7 months old, he got a cold and when I would go nurse him to sleep, he would end up coughing and then a coughing fit resulted and we would be up for two plus hours trying to get him down.  I wasn’t getting ANY sleep.  So my husband and I decided it was time to sleep train.

Sleep training rules were that I was no longer allowed to nurse to sleep.  I also had to wait 7+ hours after the nighttime/dinner feed before I could nurse again.  So instead of nursing every hour, I was waiting much longer.  I went from nursing my son over 10 times per day to only five times per day, a drastic decrease!

What does all this mean?  Well besides the obvious that he is finally sleeping overnight again but my blood sugars have SKYROCKETED!  If there was ever any doubt about the effect of breastfeeding on blood sugars, it is evident here in spades.  Cutting my nursing sessions down to half has wreaked havoc on my blood sugars.  I’ve been cruising in the 300’s without a low in sight.

The first few days, I thought maybe it was my insulin or infusion set.  The next few days I thought maybe it was because I was no longer eating along the Whole 30 lines.  But when I am essentially fasting overnight and I’m climbing sky high, its obvious what is the cause-the weaning.

I don’t get much time to make adjustments to my basal rates but I FINALLY sat down to analyze my blood sugars and make changes.  After a week in the 300’s, I couldn’t put it off any longer.  It’s crazy how comfortable I got while pregnant averaging around 100 and how quickly I got comfortable hanging out in the 300’s.  I don’t even really notice it except for the occasional thirst or grouchy mood (my husband can attest to this).

Here are what my days are looking like….

I am now making changes.  To be honest, I’m not even sure what changes to make but I’m just going to make a ton of changes all around and hope that something brings me down and go from there.  The frustrating thing about diabetes is that every day is not the same…as evidenced above.  I know I need to make changes but unless I basal test, I’m not really sure what’s needed because everyday is different.  I’m not quite ready to devote time to basal testing so I’m going to try and make some changes and see what happens.  Or maybe I’ll just start breastfeeding round the clock again haha…sleep or lower blood sugars?  What’s the priority…just kidding (sort of).

This chunker is all breastfed!

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