Whole 30 Week 4

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Today is DAY 30!!! Last day of the Whole 30 program.  I’m going to do a separate post recapping the whole experience for me but today I’m going to recap the last week – Whole 30 Week 4.

The last week for me has been a tale of two halves.  The first half was TIGER BLOOD!!!! I had tons of energy and was tackling house projects left and right.  It was amazing!  Then the second half of the week, my baby decided sleep was not a necessary part of life.  He had been waking multiple times per night but last week it started to take two plus hours to get him back down versus the normal 10 minute nursing session.  Because of this, I was a walking zombie the last few days and I have no idea how I survived.

In terms of the Whole 30, things have been going really well!  I’m not sick of the food; I’m actually enjoying the food! I don’t have any cravings really.  I’m actually starting to get a little anxious about when the program will be over.  The tiger blood (increased energy) has been so great and I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason I’ve been able to function after only getting like a combined three hours of sleep overnight (no exaggeration unfortunately!).

My blood sugars haven’t been looking as nice.  I’ve had a few days where I was high all day and couldn’t seem to get it down.  I’m not sure if it’s from the sleep deprivation or maybe I’m just not taking care of myself and I’m dehydrated or maybe it’s because I have been snacking on Larabars a little too much to help me survive the day; I’m not sure.  My average blood sugar was running around 145/150 the first few weeks on the Whole 30 but now I’m creeping back up to around 165/170.  I’m hoping that once the Whole 30 is over, I won’t be too scared about getting low because I can treat with non-compliant food and maybe my blood sugar will be a little lower.

We made a few new recipes this week: Tandoori Chicken with Curry Cauliflower rice, Tuna cakes, Thai Cucumber cups, Kitchen Sink Eggs and turkey burger sausage with home fries.  Here’s what my food for the week has looked like:


Whole 30 Turkey burger sausage and home fries

Turkey burger sausage and home fries

Whole 30 Kitchen Sink Eggs

Kitchen Sink Eggs

Whole 30 Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Potatoes

Whole 30 Breakfast

Eggs, potatoes, bacon and fruit


Whole 30 - Harvest Chicken Salad

Harvest Chicken Salad

Whole 30 Lunch

Salmon with veggie noodles and potatoes

Whole 30 Lunch

Salmon with curry cauliflower rice and potatoes


Whole 30 Dinner

Turkey Burger with Butternut Squash and Brussels sprouts

Whole 30 - Tandoori Chicken with Curry Cauliflower Rice

Tandoori Chicken with Curry Cauliflower Rice and fruit

Whole 30 Dinner

Burger with Veggie Noodles and Butternut Squash

Whole 30 - Thai Cucumber cups

Thai Cucumber cups

Whole 30 Dinner

Thai Cucumber leftovers

Tuna Cakes with Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash

Tuna Cakes with Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash

Looking forward to finishing the day strong and seeing my results tomorrow (step on the scale)! I am also looking forward to a glass of wine and sushi tomorrow night!

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