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Things have been getting better and worse.  In terms of the Whole 30, I am finally feeling some of the benefits.  My muscles don’t ache anymore and I feel more alert and awake.  On the downside, my 6 month old has decided that it’s fun to wake overnight every hour and so I haven’t gotten any sleep at all.  Around this time, a lot of the Whole 30ers report feeling tiger blood (increased energy).  I haven’t experienced that but I think that’s because I am so sleep deprived.  I sort of think that this diet is the only reason I am functioning during the day because the lack of sleep is serious.  I wonder how amazing I would be feeling if I was actually getting sleep?

The week started at the Day 15 mark.  This was probably one of the toughest days.  I came down with a cold, likely from germs from my toddler and the lack of sleep hitting me together, and we were needing a grocery store run but hadn’t managed to get there yet.  Because we were low on food supplies, we were scrounging for meals and our plates were not balanced like they should have been.  My husband and I were also feeling incredibly sick of ALL THE FOOD.  If I had to see one more potato or egg or avocado, I might lose it.  Because we were sick of all the food though, my appetite was smaller so the fact that our plates weren’t too balanced didn’t end up being too big of a deal.

I did end up cheating on day 15 with some popcorn.  I was feeling pretty crappy from my cold and just wanted comfort food.  According to the rules, you are supposed to restart if you cheat but I’m just going to continue on (hopefully the popcorn didn’t interfere with my results). If I am being completely honest, I also cheated Saturday afternoon when I went to a birthday party and had a slice of cake and the icing on my son’s cupcake…eeek!

I’m still feeling a little gassy but I’m beginning to think it’s due to the Larabars that I eat.  The beginning of the week I ended up eating a LOT of Larabars as snacks because I wasn’t feeling too good and they are so yummy.  You technically are only supposed to use them in an emergency but since I have two kids and work and housework, cooking for more then THREE meals a day is just too much.  Since I’m breastfeeding I am allowed 5 meals but I just can’t do that so I snack on Larabars which are quick to grab.  Again, I hope this isn’t messing up my results but I have to make this work for me somehow.

We finally went to the grocery store mid week and stocked up on lots of good food and made some new recipes that were delicious so our food boredom dissipated. Here’s what our food for the week looked like:


Whole 30 Breakfast

Spinach Frittata

Whole 30 Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, potatoes and avocados

Whole 30 Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit

Whole 30 Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sweet potato noodles and strawberries


Whole 30 Lunch

Harvest chicken salad and spaghetti squash

Whole 30 Lunch

Harvest Chicken Salad


Whole 30 Dinner

Steak stir fry and butternut squash

Whole 30 Dinner

Coconut Curry Chicken with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash

Once we got over the food boredom and sickness, things have been a little more smooth sailing.  We  have still stuck to making scrambled eggs for breakfast but we did jazz it up one morning and made a Spinach Frittata which wasn’t too bad.  Lunches always consist of a salad with some sort of protein.  We started the week with Salmon (not pictured) but then made Harvest Grilled chicken which is amazing! We finished the week up with turkey burgers (not pictured).  For dinner, we made Coconut Curry chicken which was also really delicious and I made Steak Stir fry and instead of using soy, I found this alternative, which was just as delicious:

Whole 30 Soy Substitute

Coconut Aminos-Soy substitute

In terms of my diabetes, I was a bit optimistic when I wrote about my first week of the Whole 30.  I reported I was only eating about 80 or so carbs per day but I really think I was doing manual boluses more than the bolus wizard so I wasn’t counting the carbs correctly.  Now that I sort of know how many carbs are in the potatoes and starches I am eating, my carbs are about 150 per day (which includes about 75 grams of carbs for Larabars.  Still, I was eating about 250 per day so its definitely better.  If I could cut out the Larabars, I’d be doing a lot better but I’m so sleep deprived right now that I think those are the only things keeping me going.  My average blood sugar is still hanging out around 150.  I hope I can get it down but I’m realizing I need to do some basal testing/bolus adjustments because my rates definitely aren’t right (and I need to spruce up my carb counting ability).

Daily average carbs

The recipes we made this week were pretty yummy so I’m starting Day 22 optimistic and only 8 more days to go!

Could use some improvement

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