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I’ve made it through another week on the Whole 30.  The Whole 30 Week two has been tougher than the first week.  Remember in my last post when I said on Day 7, I felt like absolute crap?  Well that continued into days 8-11.  My muscles were weak and I was tired.  On Wednesday, I woke up especially foggy in the brain.  My husband was worried so he told me to test my ketones and surprisingly I had moderate ketones!  I’m not positive that’s the cause of my weakness but I think it was definitely a strong factor.  Now, I’m looking back and wondering if I had high ketones on Sunday (day 7) and that’s why I felt like crap and my blood sugars were high.  I have never done a low carb diet before, and while I’m getting carbs from fruit and starches which is not low carb, it’s lower carb than I’m used to.

The cooking and cleaning is getting easier.  We prepped one day for the following three days and that helped a lot.  The grocery store run was quicker and I think overall we are getting into a groove.  It hasn’t really been too hard for me to be honest.  I haven’t had any cravings (as long as I’m not around any baked goods!).  I surprisingly don’t miss my Diet Coke or wine.  I do still want to snack on a string cheese but that’s a habit that’s at least 25 years strong. If I could just figure out this extreme muscle fatigue I would be doing a lot better!

Downside to all the food prep is the toddler had free reign of the first floor-eek!

Here is what my food for the week has looked like:


Whole 30 Chicken Hash

Chicken Hash with Cauliflower Rice and potatoes

Whole 30 Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, potatoes and avocado


Whole 30 Lunch

Turkey burger with homemade ketchup, butternut squash, potatoes and salad

Whole 30 Lunch

Turkey burger lunch round 2

Also had salmon a couple of days with similar sides (not pictured)


Whole 30 Pork Tenderloin

Whole 30 Walnut Crusted Pork Tenderloin with butternut squash and Brussels sprouts

Whole 30 Dinner

Burger, green beans and potatoes (and made homemade Ketchup not pictured)

Whole 30 Chili (not pictured)


Larabars, apples

I am worried about the ketones so it’s something that I need to monitor and I wonder if it can explain days when my blood sugars higher than I think it should be.  I’m also worried about what effect this is having on my breastfeeding.  I don’t know if it’s affecting my supply or not but my son seems hungrier than usual.  It could be that he is growing and just needs more anyways or it could be that my supply is decreasing.  He has been waking up a lot more overnight so I wonder if that has to do with the fact that he is hungry from my potentially decreasing supply.

I am hoping that the weak muscles and tiredness are just par for the course of the program and soon I’ll have the tiger blood (lots of energy).  The hope for more energy is the main reason I was doing this program so I hope by sticking with it, I will see some of those results.  As the days are progressing, I am noticing that I am less tired and my muscles are slowly starting to feel better.  One negative so far for this diet is that I am super gassy, way gassier than I have ever been.  I’m not sure what’s causing that but it’s really annoying.

One interesting thing is that when my husband was researching the Whole 30, he found that the main reason for weight loss with this program is because you are cutting out the carbs and using fat for energy which leads to weight loss.  However, a lot of that is a result of your body producing ketones to help burn the fat.  For a non-diabetic, ketones aren’t too scary but for me, having ketones is a big red flag so I am still doubting where this program is right for me.  As long as I keep monitoring the ketones and they don’t get into the high range, I hope I will be OK.  It’s all pretty scary but also scary when you think about the fact that I am just eating fruits, veggies and meat!  Crazy how reliant my body has become on crap carbs like chips.

I’m at the halfway mark (almost) so I hope I can make it to the end!!

Happy Valentine’s Day from my little monsters, I mean love bugs!

5 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Week Two

  1. Very interesting! I love Brussels sprouts !! So the way I understand it is ketones are not problematic as long as your blood sugar is normal but you said yours was high so that could explain feeling like crap.. typically, nutritional ketosis can be achieved on eating less than 30-50g of carbs a day, so I do not believe your current carb intake has anything to do with the ketones since you are eating more than that.. ketones can signal dehydration, which may be tied in to higher bg.. if you are eating less carbs you will probably be breaking down some protein into glucose so that may result in some slow rises hours after the meals (not sure if you noticed anything like that or exactly how many grams of carbs you are eating a day, maybe around 120-150 based on photos?) also it water is required
    To break down protein (you’re likely eating more protein than usual?) so my best guess is you felt sick from the high bg and potentially dehydration? I
    Have never tested for ketones and don’t plan to. I just focus on shooting for normal bgs and staying super hydrated and I’ve been low carb (usually around 50-70g a day and never more that 100g) for about 18 months.. I had ketones sometimes when pregnant (checked at doc’s office, never myself) but no one was concerned because my BG was normal and I had no sugar in my urine, baby was happy, etc etc so
    It was just a little ketosis.. from what I understand it is also a lot more relevant to check blood ketones and not urine ketones.. anyway that is my novel! 😀 also dropping off a few links that talk about Ketones :



    Finally I don’t know about the breastfeeding changes – maybe a growth spurt? I personally have been overproducing a crazy amount (I also eat a lot of fat in the form of butter/ cheese/ cream/ nuts etc. I could never give up dairy lol) I am sure it varies for everyone, as with everything!

    • Interesting! You know I was thinking about messaging you because I know you are low/lower carb and I was wondering if you had dealt with this! I actually did test with blood ketones, which said 1.2 and I think 1.5 and higher is bad if you have high blood sugars so I was around the moderate stage. But I only have 5 blood ketones strips left and they are super expensive! (not sure if insurance covers them) so I’ll prob just test with urine next time.

      Yeah, I’ve heard people talking about oversupply on the Whole 30 so I’m not sure what is going on. I guess a growth spurt but it’s basically been since I started the Whole 30 so I’m at a loss for whats going on…I think we will do sleep training soon because I need sleep!

      • I just found your blog because my son (12 yrs old) was diagnosed T1D in July of 2016. I was thinking of trying an eating plan like the whole 30. It has been great to read your opinions – thank you!!!!!
        As far as the Ketone sticks…I went to pick his up at the pharmacy last week and they were going to charge me $180 for 10 sticks – eek! I asked them to call my son’s doctor and get them pre-authorized. It worked! They were free when I went back the next week.

  2. That looks pretty good Kelly (the food I mean). Did my grandchildren come to visit you? That is what my house looks like when they leave my house and I do not even own toys. LOL

  3. I also have t1 diabetes, and I know most endocrinologist’s (with the exception of the very controversial Dr. Richard K. Bernstein) are opposed to a keofenic diet for t1 diabetics. I strongly feel you need to discuss this with your endocrinologist – especially if you are breastfeeding. Remember that t1 is a metabolic disorder. I personally think you are playing with fire!

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