Whole 30 – Week Two

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I’ve made it through another week on the Whole 30. The Whole 30 Week two has been tougher than the first week. Remember in my last post when I said on Day 7, I felt like absolute crap? Well that continued into days 8-11. My muscles were weak and I was tired. On Wednesday, I woke up especially foggy in the brain. My husband was worried so he told me to test my ketones and surprisingly I had moderate ketones! I’m not positive that’s the cause of my weakness but I think it was definitely a strong factor. Now, I’m looking back and wondering if I had high ketones on Sunday (day 7) and that’s why I felt like crap and my blood sugars were high. I have never done a low carb diet before, and while I’m getting carbs from fruit and starches which is not low carb, it’s lower carb than I’m used to.