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Well, I have survived the Whole 30 Week 1! I started last Monday, January 30th which means I should be finished at the end of February.  So far it’s been going well but goodness it’s a LOT of cooking and a LOT of cleaning.  My husband and I sat down and planned out our meals for the entire week but going to the grocery store was still pretty overwhelming.  It was pretty crazy because we literally only shopped in the produce and meat sections.

Here is what our meals for the week looked like:

Breakfasts – Scrambled eggs, grapes/strawberries, bacon (Whole 30 compliant), and potatoes

Whole 30 Breakfast

Whole 30 Breakfast

Whole 30 Breakfast

Whole 30 Breakfast

Lunch: Turkey burgers, salad and fruit (Salmon instead of turkey burgers Friday-Sunday)

Whole 30 Lunch

Whole 30 Lunch


  • Monday/Tuesday: Grilled steak and avocado and fruit
  • Wednesday/Thursday: Pulled pork carnitas, butternut squash and brussels sprouts
  • Friday-Sunday: Ground turkey and veggies, potatoes and fruit
    Grilled Steak Whole 30

    Whole 30 Dinner (missing fruit) – Grilled steak with avocado

    Pulled Pork Carnitas

    Whole 30 Dinner – Pulled Pork Carnitas with butternut squash and Brussels sprouts

Snacks: Larabars, apples, carrots and guac

So far it’s been going pretty well.  On Monday, when we started, I felt great in the morning.  But then when the afternoon hit, I was HANGRY.  I am never hangry because I always snack so much so this was a really tough feeling for me.  After doing some research, I realized it was because I didn’t have any complex carbs/starches with my lunch.  That night I did cheat and have popcorn because I was so hungry.  You are technically supposed to start over if you cheat but since it was my first day, I’m just sticking with my schedule and potentially adding a day at the end.

Day 2:  Went better than Monday.  I wasn’t hangry although I did get hungry in the afternoon so I snacked on a Larabar, which are approved but technically only for emergencies.

Day 3: I was doing even better! However, my husband (who is doing it with me) was close to his breaking point.  Up to that point he was in charge of all the cooking and cleaning because I was on baby duty.  He was stressing that it was all interfering with work (which it was) and was just generally cranky and stressed.

Day 4:  I was feeling pretty good. However, I did have a low blood sugar overnight and since I didn’t plan ahead for the overnight, I didn’t have anything to treat other than my old go to of Skittles.  I had to cheat and eat them.  The rules say that health trumps the program but I still felt really guilty about eating them.  When I woke up in the morning, I stocked my nightstand with Larabars and bananas for lows.

Day 5: Feeling REALLY tired.  My baby was up most of the night and I had stayed out for book club the night before (I didn’t cheat there which was a victory considering wine). This was my toughest day to date. In addition to being exhausted and wanting to eat everything to give me energy, I went to the grocery store that morning and a play date.  Both had temptations everywhere! At the grocery store, all the sweets were begging to jump into my cart.  At the playdate, the host made really yummy muffins that my toddler devoured and I stared, jealous of my toddler.  I didn’t cheat though (I didn’t realize I had so much strength!) and in the afternoon, I was able to take a nap when my kids napped.  I did eat a couple of Larabars which are for emergencies only but if it meant I could make it through the day, I was OK with it.

Day 6: I was surprisingly really gassy (sorry TMI) but otherwise feeling great.  I actually had a lot of energy on Day 6!

Day 7: Felt like absolute crap!  My muscles were tired and weak; I was tired.  It wasn’t the best day.  And to top it off, my blood sugars were high all day! Grrr

Overall, it hasn’t been the easier but it hasn’t been too hard yet either.  The grocery store and playdate were my biggest temptations.  I have technically cheated twice which means I should be starting over but the one was for my health so I’m just going to keep going.

I haven’t noticed and non-scale victories yet but I have noticed dramatic changes to my diabetes.  I was taking about 40 units a day before the program and now I’m taking about 23 units, basically cutting my insulin in half!  My blood sugars have also been much more stable (no roller coasters).  My blood sugars haven’t been too low because I’m so scared of having a low and having to cheat on the diet so I’ve been keeping my blood sugars a little higher, but they have still been in a decent range and I’ve only had like one blood sugar over 200 (I wrote this Saturday but my Sunday of highs)!  In fact, my average blood sugar has decreased from 200 two weeks ago to 147! My insulin to carb ratio is even around 50/50 (what my endos have always been preaching) whereas before they were like 30/70.

Blood Sugars Before Whole 30

Before Whole 30-Avg BG 200, 40+ units of insulin, 150+ carbs

Whole 30 Week 1 Blood Sugars

After first week of Whole 30 – Avg BG 147, 80 carbs, 23 units of insulin per day

One thing this program has taught me is that I have no idea how to bolus for fruits and potatoes.  I used to be pretty good about measuring grapes and I knew how many carbs they have but strawberries and bananas and other fruits are a mystery to me.  And before this program, I NEVER ate potatoes.  They were like forbidden in my mind so having to eat them most meals has been a challenge insulin wise.  I figured by the end of this program, I will figure it out.

I admit most days I’ve questioned why I’m doing this and if I should stick with it.  I want to have more energy and lose a few pounds of baby weight and I’m sure I could achieve it without being so strict to the Whole 30 diet but I do like a challenge.  I’m 1/4 of the way there and I’m definitely seeing positives from this program.  I hope the next few weeks won’t be too challenging.  I have a feeling the upcoming week might be though!

Whole 30 Calendar

Whole 30 Calendar

2 thoughts on “Whole 30 Week 1!

  1. Oh my goodness. Wishing you the best in finishing this whole 30. I don’t think I could be as strong as you though the steadier numbers alone are very tempting to me. Can’t wait for more updates. You can do it!!! 🙂

  2. Kelley, congratulations on achieving a whole week of “Whole 30”! That’s a lot of food… and a lot of cooking and then cleaning. When you add the additional time, attention, effort that baby and toddler maintenance takes…WOW! The fact that you and hubby are doing this together offers tremendous support…but still. I’d definitely have problems with potatoes so frequently, but that’s me, not you. I’m looking forward to reading more of this adventure. Hope you can both keep at it!

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