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I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! 2016 was a great year for me because I welcomed my second son into this world.  Everyday he gets more and more smiley and I’m so thankful to have baby snuggles again.  While 2016 was great, it was also pretty overwhelming with a toddler and newborn while trying to work from home.  I’m optimistic that 2017 is going to be a great year and I’ll be able to juggle everything better.  Normally, I write a few New Year’s Resolutions-get healthier, drink less Diet Coke, change my lancet, etc. but I saw someone post goals for their year split up into categories (some with deadlines/timelines) so I thought I would give it a try:

2017 GOALS!


  • Write once per week (good for diabetes management also)
  • Participate in Diabetes Blog Week (May)
  • Participate in Diabetes Awareness Month (November)
  • Participate in DSMA Twitter chat at least once a month (Wednesday nights)
  • Look into diabetes conferences (probably not in the forecast this year)
  • Start reading other diabetes blogs more regularly (really slacked this past year)


  • Change lancet once per week
  • Upload CGM data and review once per week
  • Change infusion set every three days
  • Get new insulin pump – April
  • Endocrinologist every three months
  • Try to maintain an A1C below 7 🙂


  • Log food in My Fitness Pal
  • Wear FitBit and try to walk more
  • Drink more water, limit Diet Coke
  • Eat more fruits and veggies and less snacky food
  • Start running again
  • Start Couch To 5K program again?
  • Sign up for a 5K?
  • Eye doctor appointment -June
  • Dentist appt – April and November
  • Annual PCP appointment??


  • Potty train DS1 (online mommy group lingo for Dear Son 1) – by June?
  • Start solids for DS2 – January
  • DS2 walking (!!)
  • Breastfeed DS2 to 1 year (and hopefully longer)
  • Swim lessons and tennis lessons for DS1


  • Date night once per week, doesn’t have to be dinner out but set aside time for each other.
  • Put our phones down at dinner table.
  • Cook together at least once a week


  • Read 25 books by end of the year
  • MNO once per month
  • Have friends over more/get together more
  • Don’t sign up for too much stuff/too many plans
  • REST!!!


  • Find time to work!
  • Aim for 3 hours per day?? But try to get 20 hours per week
  • Update website by April?
  • Year end taxes – January
  • Stay on top of support tickets – ongoing
  • Market products-increase sales! – ongoing


  • Declutter house! Go room by room, finish April?
  • Donate/sell old clothes (yard sale in Spring and Fall?)
  • Tackle house projects
  • Finish a load of laundry in one day! (I realize this is probably a stretch goal)


  • Most likely zero trips while babies are young but some potential trips could pan out
  • Beach Week? – May
  • Annual trip with Dad? – June
  • Trip to NoVA? See friends, go to zoo
  • Trip to Blacksburg? Spring game? go to Roanoke transportation museum-choo choo!
  • ??

Here’s to a hopefully fun, productive and healthy new year!

Happy New Year from my boys!

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