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For my blood sugars, I LOVED being pregnant.  I had a fabulous CDE on retainer evaluating my blood sugars with me weekly and helping me to make adjustments.  I had blood sugar goals-60-90 pre-meals and not spiking above 140 2 hours post meal.  Seeing an A1C in the 5’s was amazing and celebrated (mainly by myself and my high-risk OB).  Now that I’m 2 months postpartum, I’m in a weird state.  My husband and I are most likely done with kids so I don’t technically need to keep my A1C down in hopes of trying to conceive (we are like 90% sure we are done so there is still a 10% chance).  So I feel like I’m in a weird spot now.

I had my latest endocrinologist appointment last week.  I had blood work done and my latest A1C is 6.1.  Before thinking about babies, I would have rejoiced at this number.  After having babies I’m a little torn.  On one hand, I was really hoping for a number in the 5’s because it included the last month of pregnancy and first two weeks postpartum when my blood sugars were AMAZING.  On the other hand, I’ve had a lot of highs recently so I guess I’m glad it wasn’t higher.

I’m still used to having amazing blood sugars from the pregnancy.  When I see a high blood sugar now, it’s really upsetting.  But at the same time, seeing a high blood sugar doesn’t cause as much stress because I’m not hurting my little baby with the high, I’m only hurting myself.  I feel in this weird grey area where I am able to have good blood sugars but there isn’t as much pressure to.

When my endo told me my A1C, I was disappointed but she was really happy.  She said it’s because I had eliminated lows, but really I just had more highs.  I feel like my endocrinologist is happier when my A1C is higher.  I want my A1C lower but maybe that’s not too sustainable with two kids under 2 now.  So where does that leave me?

I don’t have any goals technically.  I guess a goal could still be to be below seven for long term health.  Having my A1C up to 7 seems high now to me (crazy how that happens because I spent YEARS hoping for that).  But what’s a good A1C?  My endocrinologist obviously disagrees with what she thinks I should be (me wanting to be below 6, her wanting me above 6). What’s a good goal for my blood sugars?  Should I be avoiding lows? Should I be avoiding highs?  The obvious answer would be yes but what’s considered high or low now?  During pregnancy a blood sugar of 60 wasn’t low and a blood sugar of 150 was high.  Now, I feel like 60 would be too low and 150 would be perfect?  So what would my goals be?  And how hard on myself should I be if I don’t stay in range besides the obvious guilt/stress over long term complications?  There is a lot of grey area when it comes to diabetes care and it leaves me uncertain what I should be aiming for.  I am driven by goals so I’m in a state of flux right now not knowing what I should be aiming for.

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  1. I really dislike when docs make assumptions that having a normal a1c (like in the 5s) is somehow dangerous and they want ou to be between 6 and 7. If you are not having frequent or serious lows, shouldn’t we be thrilled with having an a1c in the normal range? In any case, it’s that one crazy/ unforeseen hypo that we are all afraid of, which could potentially happen to anyone, in my opinion more likely to happen if they are having giant blood sugar swings all the time, and not a normal or high a1c in particular… I don’t know how I will feel after she is born but now that I have had a normal a1c I want to keep it that way after pregnancy. I imagine it being easier without all the crazy insulin resistance of pregnancy (I felt like the first and second trimesters were much easier to manage than recently).. But we shall see! I just hope I can navigate the whole breastfeeding thing – that sounds challenging!! Don’t be hard on yourself, you have a lot on your plate. But I don’t see a reason not to aim for a normal a1c if that is what *you want 🙂

  2. I once had an A1C of 3.7. Yeah I was shocked as well. Actually they drew the blood incorrectly and after I had an incredible lecture by my doctor, I asked for a redraw. I was really 5.9. Ahh much better. But for a minute, I thought, Oh holy smokes I am the lowest ever. LOL

    The truth is A1C is a number. Yes I like the 5’s but I deal with the 6’s. No one can have a perfect blood sugar and be a PWD. It looks like you are doing great, yes I want mine lower than 6 as well, but we are PWD’s after all.

  3. I think your goal should be consistency. You want to stay as level as you can because you now have two kids who are totally depended on you for the majority of the time. I realize that I’m not supplying a number. I don’t think it’s going to really make that much difference if your A1c is between 6 and 7. I don’t think it’s realistic to try to keep it lower than 6.

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