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Last week, my son and I went for his one month checkup.  My husband had been going with me to each pediatrician’s appointment, but it was always such a production with my toddler in tow.  We decided he would stay home with the toddler and I would handle the appointment on my own.

No problem, I thought!  I’ve got this.  My son and I arrived, checked in and waited patiently.  Everything was going fine.  He was asleep so not fussing and the wait was only a few minutes long.  They called us back and told us the usual, to take his clothes off and put him in a clean diaper so they could weigh him.

This is where all hell broke loose! When I took him out of his carseat (where he was happily waiting) to take his clothes off, I realized he had a poop blowout!  Ugh, of course this would happen when my husband isn’t here to help out.  So I start to clean him up, realizing I didn’t bring a change of clothes for him.  Eek-he would have to ride home in a poopy outfit.

Then the situation got worse.  While I was cleaning up his blowout, he decided to pee.  I didn’t put any cover on him so the pee stream shot up nice and high, aiming right into the carseat that I stupidly put on the exam table with him.  Before I could think, I moved the carseat, instead of covering him up and he continued to pee all over the exam table and onto the wall.  What a disaster!

I thought it couldn’t get any worse.  I started to text my husband about the epic blowout and pee situation when my CGM went off, alerting me to a low blood sugar.  I checked it and it said I was 45mg/dls with an arrow down.  Hmm, I didn’t feel low, so I thought the CGM must be going bad (usually when it starts to go bad, I get false low readings).  I decided to check my blood sugar.  I was 54!  My CGM wasn’t so wrong after all.  Seeing as how it was telling me I was dropping, I freaked out even more because 54 is already really low!

I got so used to lower blood sugars during the pregnancy and the first few weeks postpartum that I didn’t feel the low coming on, plus I was dealing with cleanup duty.  It was then that I realized that I didn’t have any low treats in the diaper bag!  Since we are living on about 3 hours of sleep a night, I didn’t quite have my act together.  I had low treats in my purse, but my purse was in my car (I didn’t want to carry too much into the doctor’s office).  I couldn’t get my son dressed, carry him out to the car, grab my purse and head back in so I decided I would just try to wait it out.

The nurse weighed my son and took his height and then the pediatrician arrived to check him out.  All was good.  We then went back to the pediatrician’s office to talk.  At this point, about 15 minutes had passed since I go the 54 reading.  I was sitting in the pediatrician’s office, holding my son when I started to sweat profusely.  I started to have an anxiety attack abbot how low my blood sugar was and I was feeling a little disoriented.  I didn’t know what to do.

I admit that when it comes to my diabetes, I’m still a little embarrassed.  I was embarrassed that I let my blood sugar get that low.  I was embarrassed that I was so unprepared that I didn’t have any low treats with me.  I was embarrassed that I was the only one there with my son and I didn’t want the pediatrician to judge me for being a bad mom and having a low blood sugar while caring for my son.  I had all these mixed emotions going on and I was trying to hurry the appointment along so I could treat my low blood sugar but when the confusion set in, I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I interrupted the pediatrician to ask for candy.  He thought I was asking for my 4 week old son and thought I was crazy until I explained it was for me because I felt a low blood sugar coming on (not admitting that I was already low and worried about getting dangerously low).  He quickly brought me two lollipops that I devoured.

We finished our appointment and he let me sit there while my blood sugar came up.  Of course, my son decided to start wailing.  So I was dealing with a low blood sugar and a crying baby.  I hurried out of there and got us into the car so the vibration of the car would calm him down.  I sat there for a few more minutes while I waited for my blood sugar to come up (and also ate a pack of fruit snacks that were in my car).  I re-tested my blood sugar and I had climbed up to 71 thankfully.

I was so worried about what the pediatrician must have thought.  I have had my blog for almost four years and I have become so much more open about my diabetes but in that scenario I was afraid to talk about my diabetes.  I was afraid to mention that I was having a problem.  I am so glad that I finally did speak up because what would have happened if I hadn’t.  While I was worried about what he must have thought, what would he have thought if I had passed out right there in his office while I was holding my newborn baby.

We did survive the appointment.  I got my son home and cleaned him and his carseat up and kept a close eye on my blood sugar.  I put a huge stockpile of low treats in the diaper bag so that will hopefully never happen again!

At the doctor after the blowout but before treating my low

At the doctor after the blowout but before treating my low

4 thoughts on “Low at the Pediatrician

  1. I became a type 1 diabetic at 50. While having my first root canal, my blood sugar dropped rapidly. It was fine just before the appointment. There were no snacks in my purse, only in the car. So I told the assistant of my problem and she brought me a frosted cookie from the snack machine. Yeah! Probably the stress of the procedure caused it to drop so fast. I didn’t even have new motherhood as an excuse for not having snacks that day. People in medical fields are very understanding and quick to help. So are store clerks. Never be embarassed, it just happens. Now there are always suckers from my bank in my purse. They don’t tempt me, so are there when needed. They also come in handy with grandkids.

    • My first baby, a boy, had great aim. At his first pediatrician appointment, when the doctor took off the diaper, baby boy’s pee filled up his labcoat chest pocket. Not a drop anywhere else, but the pocket was full! Embarrassed? Oh YES! Stuff happens!

  2. aww! you should not ever have to worry about what others think!
    I have been a t1d for many years now I feel the low thing as a mom it happens when you least need it to. I had a terrible low on my wedding day walking down the aisle I got half way and had to turn around and go get a low treat! scared my hubby but he soon realized what I was doing when I told my dad so loud I am low don’t let me fall. you did it and you made it through everything you got this!

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