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Tomorrow is the big day!! I get to meet my second baby boy!  I’m officially 38 weeks today and I feel ginormous! The last week or so has been really tough; I haven’t been able to move around as much and I am so exhausted!  Luckily, my husband has reduced his hours at work this past week so he has been able to help out with our toddler.

Belly kisses!

Belly kisses!

One of the reasons I love blogging is because it is so easy to go back and look at old entries.  I blogged a lot about my first pregnancy (slacking this pregnancy) and I can easily go back and see what things were like around this time last pregnancy.  Around the 36 week mark last pregnancy, I found out that my baby was measuring almost 9 pounds and my doctor made the decision to go for a c-section instead of induction.  Reading back what I wrote brings up a lot of memories I am having this time around.  I was pretty upset last time that I wasn’t going to get to try for a vaginal birth. This time around, I was really hoping my little guy would come on his own so I could have a VBAC, but like his brother, he is perfectly content hanging out in my uterus.  It was an easier pill to swallow this time because I had more realistic expectations but since this might be my last pregnancy, I am pretty bummed I never got to experience labor pains or contractions or anything.  I’m sure they aren’t too pleasant and maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have to experience them but I still don’t feel complete without having experience at least a braxton hicks contraction or something.13775999_10104516609864483_6867241728444562171_n

Baby has been doing great though!  He has passed all his BPPs and NSTS with flying colors.  He has passed even quicker than his brother ever did.  I don’t feel him kicking much but I feel him moving around a lot. I had my final high-risk OB appointment last Tuesday and I got one final growth scan done and baby boy was measuring 10 pounds 6 ounces!  I am a little scared to see how big he will be when he arrives tomorrow.  I am hoping he will be under 11 pounds but I’m not too optimistic at this point.

Because he is so heavy, I am really miserable.  My back is killing me and I just don’t have a ton of energy.  What’s crazy is that he is being delivered tomorrow at week 38+1.  If I wasn’t diabetic, I wonder if they would let me carry this baby to week 42 like some women do…I would probably make the news with a 15 pound baby or something if they let me go that long!  I don’t know how I would make it another month like that; I probably wouldn’t leave my bed.

I did follow up with my doctor about the baby coming early.  Originally the c-section was scheduled for July 25th (week 39) but my high-risk OB decided it would be better if the baby came a week earlier.  At my week 35 appointment, I had just gotten back from vacation and while I was on vacation I had one bad day of blood sugars.  I had taken my blood sugar records/CGM data to the doctor and he saw that bad day where I hovered in the 200’s and was worried so because of that one day, he decided that the baby should come sooner.  I did tell him that day was a fluke and overall my blood sugars have been amazing.  He agreed but he said that instead of treating me like a “great” diabetic, he should be treating me more like a “good” diabetic and the risk analysis of keeping the baby in one more week versus coming out sooner favored coming out sooner.  I am still a little bit worried about baby coming so soon but because he is so big and because his brother also came at week 38 with minimal issues (low blood sugar only), I guess I am comfortable with that decision.

Hubby humored me a little better this time around...first pregnancy in Fall=pumpkin, this pregnancy-Summer=watermelon!

Hubby humored me a little better this time around…first pregnancy in Fall=pumpkin, this pregnancy-Summer=watermelon!

Speaking of blood sugars, mine have been AMAZING the last two weeks.  Insulin resistance is gone and I am more insulin sensitive now.  I can basically eat whatever and I barely spike above 120-130 mg/dls.  These past two weeks have probably been the easiest diabetes-wise this entire pregnancy.  I have dealt with a lot of lows but nothing too scary, usually just hovering in the 60’s.  After weeks of dealing with crazy resistance, I am loving the lows.  The only negative about the lows is that I am low a lot overnight so they are keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep.  I’ve come to terms with the lack of sleep though since I know that’s what will happen once baby arrives.

I’ve still got my lingering cold hanging around.  Every day I have to blow my nose a ton.  My ears aren’t clogged anymore which is good but I’m still coughing some and my throat hurts occasionally.  I have had this darn cold since the beginning of June! I’ve taken antibiotics and over the counter medicines and nothing has helped.  I have asked multiple doctors about it (my OB, high-risk OB, endocrinologist, PCP) and basically there is nothing they can do and my regular OB thinks it will clear up once baby arrives.  I sure hope so!  I have never had a cold last this long…it is crazy!  I’ve been so exhausted the past few months and I don’t know if it’s because of the pregnancy or because of the cold but I sure am looking forward to it going away for good eventually!

This time tomorrow I will be holding my newborn in my hands!  I’m excited but also really scared.  I’ve started to remember all the awful things about the birth of my first-spinal block, awful pain in shoulder from spinal block, difficult first few weeks of breastfeeding, first postpartum bowel movement (seriously the worst), exhaustion, extreme thirstiness the first 24 hours, nausea the first 48 hours, itchy face from the meds, etc.  I’m hoping since I know what to expect this time around it won’t be as bad but goodness, the first week of baby’s birth isn’t easy! On the plus side, baby boy never failed his BPP and I don’t see him coming out in the next few hours so I think we will make it to the planned c-section tomorrow morning which is great for my blood sugar control.  I have done a couple of trial runs overnight with my blood sugars so I feel somewhat confident that everything should go OK tomorrow morning.  I can’t eat past midnight tonight and with the lows I’ve been having overnight recently, I’m a little bit worried about having to treat a low but I think I have a good plan in place.  I’ve talked with both my endocrinologist and my CDE and we have a plan for tonight and postpartum for my blood sugars so hopefully it will all go OK.  The only question mark is how the adrenaline will play a part tomorrow morning as I’m sure I will be extremely anxious.  When my first was born, I had high blood sugars about an hour or two prior to his delivery and I am hoping to avoid that tomorrow so hopefully he won’t have to deal with too many low blood sugars his first 48 hours.




My hubby and I did finally finish the nursery up and I think we finally decided on a name so feeling a little bit more ready now.  I’ve been in major nesting mode and I’ve been taking advantage of my husband working a few less hours this past week to get some long awaited house projects done.  It’s been a pretty exciting time but I am ready to meet my baby!

Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Can’t wait to meet this little guy!

7 thoughts on “One More Day!

  1. I don’t know the baby looks pretty comfortable.

    We at TUDiabetes will be thinking of you and wishing you the very best and an early congratulations.

    I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of July 18, 2016.

  2. Good Going Mom! Glad you will soon have that baby in your arms. For your cold, are you taking at least 1000 mg of vitamin C daily? Take 500 mg morning and night, and you will probably feel better.

  3. Yay!!! So excited for you!!! I hope you have met him and are resting comfortably (or as comfortably as possible) at this very moment!! <3

  4. Hi Kelley,

    I’m reading this two days late, so instead of wishing you luck, I want to say that I hope baby number 2 has safely arrived into the world, and you are both doing well! Will hopefully hear from you on here soon, once you’ve adjusted to life as a family of 4.

    -Vicki xoxo

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