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Happy July!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, almost a month!  Honestly, this pregnancy is getting the better of me. I have been fighting a cold for what seems like forever (in reality it’s been about three weeks).  My last “pregnancy” specific post was when I was entering the third trimester, which seems like a lifetime ago!  So I thought I’d try and take a minute to catch you up on what’s been going on.  I am 35 weeks along, almost 36!!

35 Weeks pregnant!

35 Weeks pregnant!

I have been going to weekly high-risk OB appointments and I’ve started the Bio-phsyical profile tests.  I mentioned this in my first pregnancy, but in case you are unsure what a BPP is, it’s a test that “measures the health of your baby (fetus) during pregnancy. A BPP test may include a nonstress test with electronic fetal heart monitoring and a fetal ultrasound. The BPP measures your baby’s heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby” (thanks WebMD! for that quote!).  So far I have had four BPPs done and baby is looking great! I love these appointments because I also get to see the baby every time I go.  I am also now going to my regular OB every week and I am still emailing my CDE every week, so it’s a LOT of doctor interaction.

BPP time :)

BPP time 🙂

At week 34, last week, I had a growth scan done and baby boy is measuring 7 pounds 12 ounces!  He will definitely be a big boy.  Between weeks 30 and 34 he gained 3 pounds.  I think the “normal” is half a pound per week so he is doing slightly better than the normal.  If he continues his growth, he will be around 10 pounds 12 ounces at week 38!  His brother was 10 pounds 14 ounces at 38 weeks and 4 days so this guy is tracking very similar.

Pregnancy-wise, I am doing pretty well.  My blood pressure has stayed amazing.  I don’t have any swelling.  I am extremely uncomfortable with this big baby but other than some aches and pains from time to time, I am hanging in there.  One reason I love blogging is to document things in my life.  I was much better about documenting my first pregnancy and I actually went back to read the posts about how I was doing around this time back then.  I was much more positive in my first pregnancy than I’m feeling in my second.  I had forgotten how much my first kicked while in my belly!  Luckily, this guy isn’t too much of a soccer player.  He does move around in my belly a lot though.  He also seems pretty stubborn so far.  Every single ultrasound we get done, he has his arm in front of his face and we can’t seem to get him to move to get a good photo of him.  Oh well!

Diabetes-wise things were really tough for a while.  Around the week 30 mark, I was hitting insulin resistance BAD.  I kept having higher blood sugars and I kept making changes to my rates to try and combat that.  I would email my CDE with the subject line saying “More Highs”.  They weren’t crazy high, just higher than they should be.  I rarely had numbers in the 200’s but I was consistently hanging out in the 170s-180s.  I started using so much insulin too it was pretty discouraging.  I also had about a two to three week period where my stomach just felt so tight and I was really struggling with my infusion set sites.  However, I am doing better now, using my love handles.

Thankfully, around week 34 my resistance started to subside.  I am now in a slight insulin sensitivity stage and my blood sugars are looking pretty amazing.  I have had a couple of scary lows this week though that I need to try and curb.  The other day my CGM died so I was flying blind and I decided to take a nap.  I woke up sweating, which isn’t unusual for me being this pregnant but I felt so strange.  I also had white flashes in my vision and it was very scary.  I tested my blood sugar and I was 45!  I haven’t been that low in a while.  A second low occurred yesterday when I was driving home from the store.  I was wearing my CGM and I was around 100 when I left the store.  I drove to a restaurant to pick food up to go and while I was driving I started to have trouble breathing.  It was an odd sensation.  My CGM alerted me that I was getting low so I pulled over to test and I was 42! I didn’t have any low feelings at all.  I normally feel lows coming on so I’m not sure what has been going on this week but it’s been pretty scary.

While the last two weeks have looked pretty good for my blood sugars, I did get my latest A1C result back from my endocrinologist on Wednesday and it was 6.0.  Now 6.0 is amazing.  It’s even considered good for pregnancy as well.  But I had a 5.4 earlier in this pregnancy and my A1C was 5.5 throughout my first pregnancy so I was really hoping to be in the 5’s again.  I think the timing of the blood draw had some impact because I have just recently stopped fighting the resistance.

I have talked to my CDE and we have a plan in place for delivery and post-delivery.  I remember with my first, this was an area I struggled with a lot because I was SO low after the birth.  I was lucky that my son was born right after Halloween so I had a lot of leftover Halloween candy.  This time around I won’t so I need to do a better job of making adjustments so I don’t have as many lows.

Also over the past month, I had my c-section officially scheduled.  The scheduled date was July 25th, when I’ll be 39 weeks along.  I really, really wanted to try for a VBAC and surprisingly my OB was on board for that.  The only caveat was that she wouldn’t induce me so baby would need to come on his own first.  She was even fine letting me go until week 40 if things were looking good.  However, I am a planner and at my week 32 appointment I asked her about planning the c-section.  She mentioned we could wait until it gets further along to see how things are going or we could go ahead and schedule one now so that I’m in the books and I had more date options available to me.  Being the planner that I am, in addition to being realistic, I figured that this baby was most likely going to be huge like my first so I went ahead and scheduled the c-section.

However, a few things have happened since I scheduled the c-section.  Last week, I went on vacation (about an hour away from my house) and last Thursday I had high blood sugars from after lunch until about 10PM.  I was in the 200’s and didn’t come down.  Because of this, I think my high-risk OB was concerned about my control and thought I might be struggling some.  I was a little perturbed by that because that was my only bad day in what feels like months (maybe even this entire pregnancy) but of course it was during a week in which I supplied him with my blood sugars.  At the appointment yesterday, I also asked him if there was a possibility the baby could come sooner.  Being pregnant with a HUGE baby in July is not fun.  I have been so uncomfortable and tired the last week or so.  So at the appointment, I did ask him about the baby coming early.  He said he would talk it over with my regular OB.  Well, yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from my OB that my c-section was moved up from July 25th to July 19th, 6 days earlier!  While this is sort of what I wanted, I am still in shock it was moved.  With my first baby, they wanted me to keep the baby in as long as possible.  They were not going to let me take him sooner unless he failed his BPP, which he did on week 38.  I’m not sure why they are letting me take this baby sooner.  Is it because of the one bad day of blood sugars?  Is it because I asked to take the baby sooner?  I’m feeling extremely guilty now that the baby will be coming sooner all because of me.  I want him to “bake” as long as possible and I don’t want to rush it but at the same time, I am so uncomfortable I can’t imagine going another week.

Can't wait to meet this little guy

Can’t wait to meet this little guy

So baby will be here in 18 days!  I knew baby was coming this month but for some reason the 25th sounded a lot further away than the 19th.  My husband and I still haven’t finished the nursery.  I don’t even know what the baby has for when he is born.  We still don’t have a name picked out.  My husband is still working a a project for work that he was hoping to have done by now but it hasn’t worked out that way.  The cold I was fighting the last month really set me back in terms of nesting and now I feel like I am too big to even nest.  I still need to pack a hospital bag! We only have about two weeks left so I am definitely starting to freak out.  Oh and to top it all off, the 19th is my husband’s birthday!  I was really hoping they wouldn’t share a birthday but now I am coming around to the date and I think it could be nice for them to share a birthday.

So if I were to summarize things, we are freaking out over here.  Baby is coming sooner than expected.  My diabetes wasn’t playing nice for a good month but things have finally started to settle down.  I’m starting to finally get over a cold that lasted about a month.  My toddler won’t stop moving and it’s not so much fun with a huge belly.  This Virginia heat is making things extremely uncomfortable.  This big belly is also very uncomfortable.  While I sound like a huge Debbie Downer, the plus side is that I will get to meet my baby boy soon!  My family and I also just got back from a nice vacation last week that I survived and baby boy stayed put so we didn’t have any emergencies while we were there.  I hope June treated you nicely and I hope all my American friends have a happy Fourth of July!



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  1. I hope things work out the way you want them too, I trust baby will get here and all will be well.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of June 27, 2016.

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