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About a month ago, I started having some pain on my right foot.  Every now and then I do tend to have issues with my feet (thanks diabetes) but I find if I wear good shoes for a while, it tends to get better.  So I started wearing my slippers around the house non-stop and I wore my tennis shoes out whenever I left the house.  I wasn’t seeing any improvement and in fact a couple of weeks later, it got so bad that I couldn’t even walk on my right foot.  I was in intense pain so I decided to call the podiatrist.

I have never been to a podiatrist in Richmond so the main doctor couldn’t see me until the end of June since I would be a new patient. (I wrote this at the beginning of May but then Diabetes Blog Week happened so just now posting)! I was in so much pain, I couldn’t imagine waiting almost 2 full months before getting treatment.  As a side note, one reason to maybe see a podiatrist annually is that diabetics can have foot issues pop up more than other so if I had made an annual appointment, then maybe he could have fit me in sooner.  Luckily, a new doctor had just started that week so he had some availability. I booked the appointment right away.

Prior to the appointment, I did a ton of Googling to try and figure out what was going on.  I was able to rule out most of what I saw online.  I know Dr. Google isn’t anything official but I was pretty confident what was going on wasn’t gout, plantar fasciitis or a fracture.  The pain was literally on the bottom of my foot, near the middle not quite near the arch.  It was red and swollen.

When the appointment started, the nurse asked me to describe the pain so I did.  Then the doctor came in and before even looking at my foot, he said “OK, so you have plantar fasciitis.  Here is how you treat it.  He spent about 10 minutes telling me about plantar fasciitis and the treatment.  While I appreciated him taking that much time to explain it to me, I have had it before so I knew all about it.  And this WASN’T that. I didn’t know what to do.  Do I interrupt him and tell him that isn’t what I have or do I let him keep talking.  Will he actually inspect me before my appointment is over?

FINALLY, he decides to take a look at my foot.  Right away he tells me to ignore what he had just spent 10 minutes telling me because it wasn’t plantar fasciitis.  It turns out I have a fibroma tumor on my foot.  He did an ultrasound on my foot to confirm. At this point, he had already spent about 30 minutes with me so by the time he diagnosed me, he rushed through the next steps.  I left feeling a little confused but the gist of it was that because I am pregnant, he didn’t want to do an MRI, or surgery or steroids to treat.  So he gave me a shoe insert to provide a sort of cushion around the tumor so I wouldn’t step on it.  He didn’t mention next steps to me so I have no idea now what I am supposed to do.  Does it clear on its own?  Do I go back once I’ve had my baby? I asked my OB and MRIs are fine when pregnant so I’m not sure why he didn’t go ahead and do that and why was an MRI necessary in the first place?  I left with so many unanswered questions!

While the doctor did actually spend a lot of time with me at this appointment, he spent about half the appointment wrong, wasting my time and his.  When he finally identified what was really going on, we had to rush through the appointment.  I started writing this post before Diabetes Blog Week (the appointment was the week before) and luckily in the two weeks that has passed, my foot has gotten a lot better.  There is still an inflamed mass on the bottom of my foot that is slightly red but it doesn’t hurt to walk on it anymore.  I’m not sure if I have just gotten used to the pain or if my pregnant belly provides enough of a distraction from the pain or maybe it is healing itself.  Whatever the case, I left the doctor unsure of what the next step would be to treat but now I’m thinking I’ll just ignore it and go on with my life and if the pain comes back, then I will revisit the doctor.  I’m not sure if it really was a tumor.  I am sort of thinking now that I might have just injured my foot (like stepped on a Lego or something) that had it red and inflamed and now it’s healing.  Who know?!  That is one thing I hate about doctors and medicine-there can be unknowns so you never really know!

It's a girl! Not really, just an ultrasound of my fibroma tumor

It’s a girl! Not really, just an ultrasound of my tumor

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  1. How annoying for you! Are you able to call his office & see if they sent a letter to your normal doctor or if he recorded some notes to see the treatment plan?

    Glad to hear its not as painful now though,

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