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Last week, I participated in Diabetes Blog Week.  I love Diabetes Blog Week because it’s such a great way to reconnect with the Diabetes Online Community. I’ve been a little MIA in the DOC because of this pregnancy and taking care of my toddler and trying to work takes up a lot of time.  But when I participate in the DOC, my care is so much better so I’m glad to have had a reason to reconnect. I attempted to read every DBlog entry last week and I tried to comment on as many as possible (a few blogs gave me trouble when it came time to comment).  Since I did read so many, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the week (this is several days late because I had to try and catch up on work that I missed from last week when I was busy reading all the blogs!).

Monday’s topic was to share why we are in the diabetes blog space and what our message is.  My message was that you are not alone! What I love about the DOC is that the majority of bloggers had the same message!  It’s so great to hear how many people were like me, alone with the disease until the found the DOC and how connected they now feel.  Read more here.

Tuesday’s topic was talking about the mental aspect of diabetes.  I mentioned how my blog and the DOC help me to cope with the mental side.  It was eye opening to me reading the blogs from this day because it seems like the mental side really does have a major impact in most people with diabetes.  A lot of people mentioned how the mental side is way more than 50% of the issues with diabetes.  Read more here.

On Wednesday, we talked about language and diabetes.  I mentioned how I don’t mind the different terms when talking with people with diabetes but words that non-diabetics say tend to have more of an impact on me. I thought this day’s topic was informative.  It seemed like maybe 75% of the people didn’t really have an issue with terms such as diabetic versus person with diabetes but the ones that did have an opinion made good points about why they didn’t like the terms.  For instance, using the term testing seems to have a negative connotation so they use checking your blood sugar instead.  I have always used testing my blood sugar and never really thought anything of it but I can see how it could have a negative connotation (I always did well on tests so maybe that’s why I don’t mind haha).  Read more here.

I think Thursday was my favorite day because the answers were so unique.  On Thursday, we discussed our wish list or frustrations with the healthcare experience.  My post was about how we should get rid of insurance companies all together.  I think I didn’t explain myself too well because a lot of people thought I wanted to get rid of insurance companies in favor of universal healthcare like other countries have.  But I actually meant, get rid of health insurance all together.  As I mentioned in my post, I know it’s needed for catastrophic events (or even just to afford pregnancy) but on the whole there is so much red tape and waste and frustrations (when having to deal with them or get approval, etc) that life would be better without (under certain situations).  When I was reading the other entries for the day, I became very educated on how other countries operate.  I didn’t know much about public health care prior.  I didn’t really have a very favorable opinion about it and I’m not sure it’s changed.  It seems great on the whole, but in Australia for instance, CGMs aren’t covered.  You have to pay for those yourself.  CGMs are EXPENSIVE.  I couldn’t live without my CGM so if the coverage changed in the US to public and I couldn’t get my CGMs anymore, I would be so upset.  I also read about how a lot of people in Australia have to wait a LONG time to get appointments with their doctor.  I feel pretty lucky that I am able to get an appointment with my doctor when I need to.  Sure, sometimes my endocrinologist is booked up but she will try to fit me in if she can so I don’t usually have to go months to wait for an appointment.

Reading the posts from Thursday also reminded me about how awesome CDE’s are.  I definitely couldn’t go through pregnancy without mine.  I read about how misdiagnosis, unfortunately seemed to be pretty prevalent.  I also read about how there is a real need for help during the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Thursday’s posts also reminded me that I wish there was a better way to pick a doctor and how frustrating it is that insurance mandates the number of test strips we can have or the insulin pump brands.  Adventures in Diabetes Parenting’s blog post from this day provided a great analogy on how there is a need to be able to review our doctors.  Read more here.

Friday was the tips and tricks day.  I chose that day as my Wildcard Day to talk about my food but I enjoyed reading some tips and tricks.  Organizational tips seemed to rank high in importance.  My favorite post of the day was by Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes where she shared some of Gary Sheiner’s tips from FFL conferences 12, 13, 14, and 15.  There were definitely some great tips in the list!  I did find a new bag for my blood glucose meter (see I learned, I would normally say my test kit meter), the combi clutch.  I haven’t bought it yet but I see that purchase in my near future.  I also learned about a monokini bathing suit from The Diabetic Diva and that is definitely a purchase I plan on making when I’m no longer pregnant.  Mum of Type 1 blog’s entry “What Not To Do” was one of my favorites of the day to read.  Read more here.

I also read the Wildcard posts and I loved hearing about people’s exercise and foods.  Chortling Towards Bethlehem’s exercise post on her Ironman race was really interesting to me since my sister is getting ready to compete in one and I’ve done a triathlon in the past (OK so it was just a sprint but still counts!).  Read more here and here.

Thanks to Diabetes Blog Week, I found some new favorite blogs.  One of the blogs that stood out was the One Sweet Cookie blog.  She just had a baby back in February so she is going through some of the similar stuff I am.  I love Diabetes Blog Week and I’m so thankful that Karen at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes started this week SEVEN years ago and it’s still going strong.  I look forward to participating again next year.

Hope everyone in the US has a great Memorial Day weekend! We are going to a neighbor’s cookout tonight then having family over tomorrow and the pool opens so I’m hoping to spend many hours there with my toddler!

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  1. It’s tough to get in to see my Endo group, too. What I’ve been doing over the last year or so, is that I make 2 appts at a time, the 3 month one and then 3 months from then. Then when I go to the first 3 month one, I schedule for 6 months from then, and so on.

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