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Today’s topic is Tips and Tricks.  I’ve written about my tips and tricks in the past so I thought I’d take today to do a Wildcard entry: My Day in Food

Some people track every bite they eat, some might not remember at lunch time what they had for breakfast or if they even had breakfast. For one day, document everything you or your loved one with diabetes eats and drinks. The good, the bad, the ugly, the proud, the ashamed, the…whatever. We promise not to judge!!

This topic was easy for me because I do basically eat the same thing every single day since being pregnant.  My hubby did buy cupcakes to satisfy my pregnancy cravings so I did eat more than usual yesterday-no judging!.  Here is what my day looks like:IMG_4371

6AM: Breakfast-2 chocolate chip waffles (30 carbs) and a string cheese

9AM: Morning Snack-Nutrigrain bar (21 carbs)

12PM: Lunch-A little out of the ordinary for me but I had a salmon cake, brussels sprouts and a cupcake (35 carbs) (normally it’s ham and apples with a dessert)IMG_4370

3PM: Afternoon snack-Apples (20 carbs) but usually its chips or pretzel crisps and hummus (around 30 carbs)

6PM: Dinner-Chili and cupcake (35 carbs)

9PM: Bedtime snack-Apples (around 15 carbs) and a string cheese

I eat a lot of string cheeses throughout the day-baby needs calcium!

I eat a lot of string cheeses throughout the day-baby needs calcium!

Today is the last day of Diabetes Blog Week and I actually started the day with a perfect 100, hope the rest of the day follows!IMG_4373


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  1. Those sprouts look amazing. Great protein content too. I’m a veggie t1d who does lots of training so they are definately on my mene 🙂 Cupcakes look nice too.

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