Third Trimester!

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On Monday, my baby bump turned 28 weeks old!  I’m officially in the third trimester and I can’t believe it.  What is crazier is that this baby will be born in less than 11 weeks!! This pregnancy is definitely going by way faster than my first.

Third Trimester-28 weeks pregnant belly bump!

Third Trimester-28 weeks pregnant belly bump!

Overall, things are going well.  Baby boy is measuring in the 95% but he looks proportional all around so the high-risk OB wasn’t concerned.  He passed his echocardiogram with flying colors so all looks good with his heart.  At the 26 week mark, he was weighing 2 pound, 10 ounces.  They haven’t started to forecast how big he will be, but I have a feeling he is going to weigh in at over 10 pounds like his brother.

Baby boy is also kicking a TON!  I remember his brother kicked a lot, to the point that I was sure he will be a soccer player.  This little guy hasn’t gotten that extreme yet but probably just because he is small at this point and not kicking my ribs yet.  Even though I have been sick most of this pregnancy, I feel like the kicks are making this feel even more real.

In terms of how I am feeling, things are getting slightly better.  I have been exhausted the ENTIRE pregnancy and I felt like around the 26-week mark I was finally starting to feel a little more energetic.  I didn’t need to nap everyday and it was amazing for getting stuff done.  Of course today, I am completely exhausted because we just got home from a little mini trip where we were gone for two nights but hopefully that energy will come back before it goes for good towards the end of the pregnancy.  I have also had stomach issues throughout the majority of the pregnancy.  Excuse the TMI but I would go from constipation to diarrhea with no in between.  Things have started to settle down some but I still deal with bouts of both.  The diarrhea likes to hit after I eat a meal if I end up doing too much activity afterwards.  This has led to my husband being in charge of my son’s bath time after dinner which is not a bad perk to a somewhat frustrating issue.

Diabetes-wise, things are getting very frustrating.  I can no longer use my stomach for infusion sites so I am now using my love handles and maybe it’s just the timing of the change, but I feel like they aren’t as good at absorption.  Which leads to my next problem, insulin resistance.  It has hit HARD.  While I don’t have blood sugars in the 200’s, I am seeing so many high 160s-180s, its really frustrating.  I emailed my CDE last week and we made changes but those didn’t even seem to make a dent so I emailed her again over the weekend and we have made even more adjustments.  Those are doing a little better but I think I need to be even more aggressive.  Of course traveling the last few days didn’t really help things either but now I’m back home and trying to get back in control of things.  My average blood sugar over the last two weeks has been 136 mg/dls, which is an equivalent A1C of 6.36.  6.3 would normally be great but pregnancy-wise, I really want to be under 6.

My endocrinologist wanted to see me every month during this pregnancy but I actually ended up canceling last month’s appointment because I felt frustrated she wasn’t helping me to be more aggressive with my blood sugars.  She is happy as long as she doesn’t see any low blood sugars, but I would rather see blood sugars lower than higher.  Plus, my CDE is very responsive when I email her about needing changes.

I’m also still not sure about my regular OB.  I went to my 27-week appointment with her last week armed with a ton of questions and she actually answered them all and didn’t make me feel rushed, which was the first time since I started seeing her.  However, I still don’t technically know when my due date is.  My original/old OB said August 1st based on my last period but the first ultrasound showed August 7th which is the date my new OB is going with.  However, the high-risk OB’s ultrasound showed July 31st so he recommended going by the August 1st date.  My new OB doesn’t seem to be on that same page so she is going by August 7th still.  When I was at the 27-week appointment, she measured my belly, measuring at 28 weeks but since she thinks I was only 26 weeks along, she had me as two weeks ahead when I think I was really only one.

The other tricky thing is that with my first pregnancy, they didn’t want me going past week 39, but with this pregnancy my OB said I could go until week 40 if my blood sugars were doing well (which was great news! but also scary).  So I really have no idea when I’m going to have this baby.  If my due date is August 1st and I can’t go past 39 weeks, then I’ll have a July baby, but if I have the August 7th date and can go until week 40, then that’s almost a mid-August baby.  There is quite a discrepancy on how far I can go, almost a 2+ week difference!  I’m a huge planner so I’m trying hard not to freak out about the uncertainty, especially since babies do their own thing but I look forward to nailing down the details in the upcoming weeks.  She is also open to the natural birth but said based on the measurements so far, it looks like I’ll have another big baby and most likely will need another c-section-boo!

Because this pregnancy is going by a lot faster than my first, I haven’t really had a chance to think about anything I might need for the baby.  We did order the nursery furniture, which was delivered a month earlier than expected so that was exciting.  I ordered a sound machine for the baby after I needed to add on an item to get free shipping with my son’s sand box.  I’ve started to put some of the clothes from my first son into the nursery for when baby arrives but I always seem to get tired when I find time to work on it.  I have about 10 more weeks to get my act together so hopefully things will come together by then.

Finally got a 3-D Ultrasound!

Finally got a 3-D Ultrasound!

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  1. Kelley your baby looks and sounds so healthy! Congratulations. Your determination and efforts to control your sugars so tightly are really inspiring.

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