Second Trimester Adventures

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As my second trimester is drawing to a close, I thought I’d share some of the fun stuff that I’ve been up to as my baby has been growing.  Last weekend, my family and I went to my alma mater, Virginia Tech for their spring game.  It was a lot of fun but also very exhausting.  It was the first time doing a three hour plus car ride with my son and our first overnight stay with him since he was 8 months old (he’s almost 18 months now).

He did great in the car ride! On the way down, he took a one hour nap and he took a two hour nap on the way home (3.5 hour car ride).  We got to VT and I asked if they had any pregnancy parking spots, only to be disappointed.  The cop told me that I’d be doing some walking today and boy was he right.  I walked so much on Saturday.  Despite all the walking, it did end up being the perfect day.  The weather was amazing. We met up with good friends and the game was fun to watch.  After the game, we went down on the field and met some of the players.

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Overnight, though, was completely different.  We were staying at a hotel with a king size bed, although it was definitely smaller than a king size.  I had called ahead to see if they had a crib for my son but they didn’t so he slept in the bed with my husband and I.  My son spent the first half of the night tossing and turning, eventually pushing my pregnant belly off the bed so I had to sleep at the foot of the bed.  Around 2:30AM, he woke up and leaned over and gave me several kisses then “honked” my nose before tossing his blankies around and clapping for about 30 minutes straight.  It was probably the cutest thing ever but it was also frustrating when we were trying to sleep.  He eventually (after an hour and half) went back to sleep and I think we got another few hours of sleep before he woke for good at 6:30AM.  I have never wanted the morning to come so bad as I did that night.  It’s funny because going into the night, my biggest worry was that my CGM alarm would go off and wake my son up or that I’d need to wake up to treat a low blood sugar or correct a high and wake him up.  Luckily, my blood sugars did great overnight!  Sunday, we walked around campus before getting back on the road.  My son wasn’t in as great a mood on Sunday I think because he was so tired but he did great.  It was a great weekend but so exhausting.  I think I went to bed on Sunday night around 7:30PM.

I’ve also been busy taking a photography class.  One of our assignments was to take a series of photos for a documentary.  I decided to do a documentary of the Bark and Beer festival at a local brewery that we took my dog to, which was another really fun day.

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I’ve also been taking my son to a lot of activities throughout the week.  We recently signed up for a local kids gym and I’ve been taking him there.  They even have an art class that he enjoys.

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With all the activity that’s been going on, the second trimester has been flying by.  I’m 27 weeks pregnant today and I can’t believe that I will potentially be meeting my second son in less than 12 weeks!  Insulin resistance is hitting but it hasn’t been too bad so far. My stomach is getting HUGE (I feel like I look like I do when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first) and I’ve had to move my infusion sites to my love handles since my stomach is too tight now.

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