First Pregnancy Versus Second Pregnancy

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“They” say that every pregnancy is different.  I had no idea that would be the case, but it sure is true! I’m 23 weeks into this pregnancy and it’s been incredibly different than my last.  I had a very easy first trimester with my first.  If I was tired, I would take a nap.  I didn’t have morning sickness and minus a little constipation very early on, I didn’t have any stomach issues either.  This pregnancy, however, has been rough!  I’ve been beyond exhausted.  I don’t even think exhausted covers what I’ve been feeling.  Sure the first trimester is usually exhausting, but I don’t have the luxury of taking naps when I want anymore.  I’m busy chasing my active toddler around non-stop.  Even now well into the second trimester, I’m still really exhausted.  By the second trimester with my first pregnancy, I was starting to get my energy back. That is definitely not the case this time around.  I’ve also had stomach troubles throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy so far.  Just when I thought I was doing better, bam I get hit with something like I did last Sunday night when I spent the entire night in the bathroom-not fun at all!  I’ve also had a lot more stress this time around with work, insurance issues, taking care of the kid and keeping up with housework, it’s just a lot to do while pregnant.  I don’t know how people have more than two kids!  This is exhausting.  I will say there are some other funny differences between pregnancies:

  • 1st pregnancy I took photos every week of my bump.  This pregnancy, I don’t think I’ve taken one single photo of my belly (well I did take one at week 20)
    First Pregnancy

    First Pregnancy

    Second pregnancy

    Second pregnancy

  • 1st pregnancy I read What to Expect When You’re Expecting every week to see what size food my little baby is…this pregnancy I think my baby is the size of an avocado but that could have been 4 weeks ago?!
  • 1st pregnancy I took every single class the hospital offered…this pregnancy-haha who has the time!?
  • 1st pregnancy I logged my food into My Fitness Pal to make sure I was getting the needed nutrition for my baby…this pregnancy-Poptarts are nutritious right!?
  • Delving a little deeper into the food talk, the 1st pregnancy I made sure I ate a certain number of calcium and protein and vitamin C per day.  This pregnancy I have no idea but I throw in a string cheese every so often for the calcium.
  • 1st pregnancy I made sure to drink at least 6 water bottlers per day.  I even labeled them to make sure I was getting enough.  This pregnancy I am more focused on making sure my son drinks enough, I think I maybe drink 2 water bottles a day?  Not even close to the 96 ounces of water I should be getting.
  • 1st pregnancy I tracked my weight gain like a hawk.  I kept track of it and made sure it followed the graph on how much is acceptable to gain.  This pregnancy I have no idea.  I know what weight I started at but who knows how much I had gained in the first trimester versus the second.
  • 1st pregnancy I OBSESSED over my blood sugars.  I emailed my CDE probably too often to make changes and my blood sugars were amazing as a result.  This pregnancy I’ll email my CDE maybe once every two weeks even though I’m paying to have her help me weekly.  I will say that surprisingly my A1C this time around is the lowest ever which I think was a mistake.
  • 1st pregnancy I freaked out if I saw a number of 140 mg/dls.  This pregnancy I think I go over 140 daily and as long as I’m not hovering in the 200’s for more than a few hours I don’t worry as much (again I’m surprised my A1C was so low).
  • 1st pregnancy we had a big gender reveal party at my mom’s where she went all out with decorations and a yummy cake and had a good turnout.  This pregnancy, we had a gender reveal “party” at my house and we didn’t do any decorations and only my mom, sister and mother-in-law attended.
  • 1st pregnancy gender reveal:
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  • 2nd pregnancy gender reveal:

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  • 1st pregnancy I had my registry done, the nursery done, was 100% ready for baby by like week 24.  This pregnancy we have at least ordered the nursery furniture but I don’t even know what I have or what I need to buy for when baby comes along…I should have leftover diapers somewhere right?
  • 1st pregnancy went by so slowly!  This pregnancy is flying by.  I still can’t believe I only have like 16 more weeks until I meet my baby.
  • One thing that isn’t different is that we still have no clue on a name for baby.  With the first baby, we named him after two days in the hospital.  I’m really hoping we don’t wait that long this time around.  I told my hubby we had to know by week 28…pressures on!
  • 1st pregnancy I couldn’t wait to meet baby boy and I wanted him to come early (although not too early).  This pregnancy, I’m ok with him staying put in my belly for as long as possible.  They aren’t going to let me go past 39 weeks but I’m hoping he stays in there until then.  I’m not ready for the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn! (I’m sure my opinion will change when I’m 10 months pregnant in the hot summer.)

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  1. Great post. You look great. When are you due? With both pregnancies my doctor induced me at week 37. They don’t tend to let type 1s go past that point here in England. The first and second pregnancy were totally different for me. There were a few similarities but it was a completely new experience in itself. It doesn’t stop there. My son is completely different to my daughter in character lol I wish you all the best with the delivery 🙂

  2. I think this is the same experience we had with our first and second pregnancy 37 and 35 years ago. Which is also funny. Our oldest son thinks he was conceived during the 1978 blizzard to blanketed our area. I had to get him to look up news coverage to prove to him that in January of 1979 we were clearly not having a blizzard.

    By the way they never really no longer need you. That is part of what makes parenting the best. Thank you for the wonderful memory of our time in a cramped apartment while in school, I would love to have pictures of that place.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of April 4, 2016.

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