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Over the weekend, I had a pretty scary encounter.  I was traveling for a girls weekend with my mom and sister.  It was my first time leaving my 16 month old son overnight.  We left Saturday afternoon and returned Sunday at 2:45AM (didn’t see my son until Monday morning)!  I missed him and my husband a lot but I had a great time.  We traveled to Raleigh, NC to see the Garth Brooks concert on Sunday night.

On Saturday, we made it safely to the hotel and my mom and sister enjoyed the complimentary champagne the hotel offered, while my pregnant self enjoyed some non-alcoholic beer.  We had a delicious dinner, sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Around 8PM we went back to the room and got ready for bed.  My blood sugar was 147 so everything seemed fine. I did eat a pop tart before bed (wanted to have a snack before sleep so I didn’t wake up with any ketones and I didn’t pack too healthy for the short time) so I bolused for the carbs and went to bed.  Then I passed out.  It had been a pretty exhausting day for me so I was out cold.

Then around 10:15PM, my iPhone had a LOUD alert for the Find My Phone app.  Not sure what was going on, I quickly tried to silence my phone so it didn’t wake my mom and sister.  I realized that my husband had tried texting me but my ringer was off so I didn’t hear it.  Apparently, Medtronic Connect had texted him to let me know that I was low so he texted me to make sure I was OK.  When he didn’t hear from me, he sent the “Find My iPhone” alert to my phone so I would hear it (he knows that I usually keep my ringer on silent).

My blood sugar had TANKED.  I didn’t hear my CGM alert going off that I was low, sleeping right through it.  According to my CGM, I had plummeted all the way down to 40!  Now sometimes my CGM can be off and usually when I get a reading around 40mg/dls, that’s usually the case.  However, this time I actually WAS low.  After hearing from my husband, I tested my blood sugar and I was 50!IMG_3329

I feel extremely grateful for my technology.  If it hadn’t been for my CGM, I might not have woken up.  I’ve never slept through a low alarm before and usually when I’m low, I feel it and wake up (having weird dreams or really sweaty).  This time, however, I was sound asleep and didn’t even realize.  The CGM was trying to alert me that I was low.  When that didn’t work, my Medtronic Connect device took over to alert my husband that I was low.  When he couldn’t text me to make sure I was ok, he used the Find My iPhone feature on my phone to wake me up.  If it hadn’t been for all of that technology, who knows what could have happened.  I did have my mom and sister in the room with me but I didn’t have my Glucagon with me so even if they had realized that I was low or unconscious, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything but call 911.

With my husband’s help, I was able to take care of my low blood sugar and my mom and sister and I went on to enjoy a great concert the next day!

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  1. So scary! Glad the technology and your husband were able to save the day! As a widow, without new technology, I usually wake up myself, but this is helped by my two dogs. While my Italian greyhound has alerted me to lows, the best is my rat terrier. This dog has the most sensitive nose and the most determined personality. She will not go away, stop nudging me, or even jumping on me if needed to get me up. (30 pounds of dog jumping cannot be ignored!) I am so grateful that these two rescued dogs know when my chemistry is off.

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