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To say that this pregnancy has been tough would be an understatement.  I was pretty blessed to have an easy pregnancy with my first.  This pregnancy has been completely different.  I mentioned last week about the first signs I had that I was pregnant.  The tiredness, frequency to pee and chapped lips were just the beginning of a difficult first trimester.

The entire first trimester I was plagued with stomach issues.  For about three weeks in December, everything I ate caused diarrhea.  I started to eat a lot less because I just couldn’t keep anything in. It was awful.  Then I went a week where I was constipated which resulted in some major discomfort followed by more diarrhea.  This pattern continued on for a few weeks.  Pretty pleasant stuff right.  If you aren’t grossed out by now and are still reading, thanks.  It sure wasn’t pretty to endure.

Besides the awful stomach issues, I was also dealing with crazy blood sugars.  I found out I was pregnant at the end of November.  For most of November, my blood sugars weren’t too crazy.  But then December hit and my blood sugars were all over the place.  They were so high.  Then I couldn’t eat and they would get low.  It was a constant battle, made way more difficult by my sensitive stomach.

I was also extremely tired ALL THE TIME!  When I was pregnant with my first, I was tired a lot but I had the luxury of resting when I needed to.  Now, I chase my toddler around the house and try to nap when he does but I’m also trying to keep the house clean, work and write my blog while he is sleeping so there are definitely not enough hours in the day.  My husband helps out around 5PM until my baby goes to bed but by 5PM I am too tired to do any of the work that needs to get done.  I’m 16 weeks along now and I’m STILL tired.  With my first pregnancy, I was getting my energy back by the second trimester but so far I’m still waiting to not feel so exhausted.

Besides the exhaustion, blood sugars and stomach issues, I also got sick, like real people sick.  For about three weeks I had a horrible cough.  I woke up with the worst sore throat and my nose wouldn’t stop running.  I think this contributed to my exhaustion as I was trying to fight the cold.  I asked my OB about my cold and she just said that pregnant women take longer to get over illnesses so I just needed to wait it out.  I woke up today and it was the first day I think I actually started to feel better.

Oh and I also got a lovely GI virus that landed me in the hospital at the beginning of January.  I’ll go into more detail with that later but needless to say, it was quite a scare! Luckily, things seem to be OK so far.  This pregnancy has also been different because I’ve had to change doctors.  I’ll go into that more later as well but it was due to insurance.

So far this pregnancy, I have also had a TON of ultrasounds.  When I got the BFP on Thanksgiving Day, I called my OB the next day.  They told me to come in a few weeks later, when I would only be 6 weeks along.  I thought this was a little early because with my first pregnancy, they wouldn’t see me until I was 7-8 weeks along (I think I went in at the 8 week mark).  So I went to my appointment when I thought I was 6 weeks along (based on last period).  Because it was so early, I had to have a transvaginal ultrasound.  However, they couldn’t see a baby.  This was very discouraging but I did tell them how my periods were irregular so the doctor thought I might just be 5 weeks along instead of 6.  Apparently when the pregnancy is only 5 weeks along, the baby is too small to see so my doctor wasn’t worried.  She said that she could tell that there was a pregnancy (I guess the uterus sack told her somehow? I still don’t know all the medical talk).  The doctor told me that they don’t usually have women come in so early in the pregnancy but I guess the receptionist got mixed up on the scheduling.  So I went back in two weeks later (a few days before Christmas!).  With another transvaginal ultrasounds, this time we saw a baby! Based on my last period, the due date is August 1st but the baby was measuring small so they thought the due date was August 7th.  Now that I’m 16 weeks along, I still don’t know what my technical due date is but I’ll get to that in a second.

So at the end of December, we had seen a baby.  I got the blood work done and everything seemed to be going just fine. I was in the thick of all my stomach issues but everything was good.  Then January hit.  I started off with the visit to the ER where my situation was not handled well so I followed up a few days later with my OB.  At this appointment, I learned that my new insurance didn’t work with my doctor.  I was totally confused and upset but because I was worried about the baby, I still had the appointment.  First, they tried to find a heartbeat with the Doppler.  I was 10 weeks along at the time so my doctor assured me that it was normal to not hear a heartbeat because the baby was still so tiny.  When they couldn’t, the doctor tried for a regular ultrasound.  We saw the baby, but didn’t see any movement so we tried a third time with the transvaginal ultrasound (again!) and this time we saw the baby move.  My doctor let out a huge sigh of relief and it was then that I realized how worried she was.

So I left that appointment relieved that the baby seemed to be OK and concerned about what I was going to have to do with my insurance.  I ended up finding a new doctor and at 11 weeks along, I had another transvaginal ultrasound! This is where things get weird.  My first OB said that they base the due date off of the last menstrual period, which would mean August 1st.  But because the ultrasound showed the baby was tinier, the due date could be August 7th.  My OB said that because it wasn’t off by more than a week, we would go with the first date.  However, the new OB said we would go by the August 7th date.  So I am confused.  Since neither doctor will let me go past 39 weeks, I’m concerned that we could possibly take the baby too soon or possibly too late.

A week later, I went to see the high-risk OB and I had ANOTHER ultrasound!  Luckily, that one was a regular ultrasound and not a transvaginal one (the transvaginal ultrasounds are not as comfortable).  So if you are keeping track, in my first trimester, I had FIVE ultrasounds, four of which were transvaginal ultrasounds-fun times.  The high risk doctor showed my due date as July 31st so he recommended we go with the August 1st due date so that’s what I’m sticking with but the new OB is still saying August 7th.  I’m sure when we get closer to the date, things could change.

Luckily, the first trimester is OVER! As far as the doctors can tell, things look good with my little avocado (how big baby supposedly is now). I’ve had too many ultrasounds and too many stomach issues but things are slowly improving.  I haven’t had an ultrasound in three weeks and I don’t have another scheduled for 2-when we find out the sex!  My stomach troubles have calmed down and my cold seems to be slowly fading.  My blood sugars are low, possibly a little too low but I’m not complaining because they aren’t as erratic or high as they were back in December.  I’ve had some insurance troubles as well and those seem to be calming down so all-in-all, I survived the first trimester and I’m looking forward to hopefully having a calmer second trimester.

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2 thoughts on “First Trimester

  1. It sounds as though you have had a tough couple of months, but hope that being farther along in the pregnancy along with spring slowly arriving, you’ll feel better soon. Remember that you’ll be able to rest in about twenty years when the kids are off at college…

  2. With my first pregnancy, my iron level was very low ( common in my family ) and so at 5 months I was so tired I coulld sleep 23 hours a day. I found with my third pregnancy, that taking 1000 of Vit C with my iron pill would get my iron level and my energy up to normal really quickly. Later, I found that when I was sick, taking a Vit C 500 like an antibiotic, three times a day, would really help my immune system to kick in. Especially when I was nursing, taking the Vit C three times a day would help the baby and I get well in a few hours, while the rest of the family were sick as dogs for a week or more. Now my daughter has to jusggle pregnancy and diabetes. Pregnancy and diabetes are hard enough by themselves, but together, they are really hard. Trust your instincts, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with good protein and whole grains, and you will do very well. Best wishes for you and your family.

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