ER Visit

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Being pregnant this year for New Year’s Eve, I was excited that I would start the new year hungover-free. While I wasn’t hungover January 1st, I was feeling pretty tired. My husband was going to work New Year’s Day to catch up on work and I was going to take our son for the whole day (like usual) but once the early afternoon hit, I needed to sleep. I ended up sleeping a ton that afternoon/evening and I thought it was just because I was pregnant. The thought that I could be sick didn’t cross my mind.

First Trimester

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To say that this pregnancy has been tough would be an understatement. I was pretty blessed to have an easy pregnancy with my first. This pregnancy has been completely different. I mentioned last week about the first signs I had that I was pregnant. The tiredness, frequency to pee and chapped lips were just the beginning.

The entire first trimester I was plagued with stomach issues.

Save a Rose

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Valentine’s Day is this weekend!  I’ve been fighting a cold this past week so all I want for Valentine’s Day is for my hubby to take my son for the day so I can sleep all day! In the past though, I’ve always wanted to celebrate with roses.  I LOVE flowers.  I am always telling […]