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This past weekend, we got about 9-12 inches of snow.  The snow started Friday morning and didn’t stop until Saturday evening.  We got a little sleet mixed in overnight Friday.  Last week, I scrambled to find a snowsuit and snow boots for my son but we luckily found them and had a blast playing in the snow over the weekend and into Monday.  By Tuesday, the temperatures had warmed up to about 58 degrees so a lot of the snow melted.  I can even see grass in my backyard now!

It was a lot of fun and something that here in Central Virginia we don’t see too often (usually get a couple of inches a year) so I thought I’d share some photos from the last few days.


First measurement-about 8 inches


Second measurement-the ruler was covered!


My deck completely covered


My little minion wasn’t a fan of the snow at first


But then we warmed up to it


Couldn’t understand how to make a snow angel


Plow trucks put all the snow in front of our yard…you can’t see but my husband was behind there…over 6 feet high!


Peaceful sunset in the snow


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