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On Tuesday, I wrote about what my dream diabetes job would be.  I do feel pretty fortunate because in my current job, I am able to work from home so I have the flexibility to write my blog and take care of my son.  One other perk from working from home is that my diabetes doesn’t interfere too much.

Back when I didn’t work from home, my diabetes wouldn’t always play nice.  Sometimes I would forget to put more insulin in my pump and I would end up running out while I was at work.  Sometimes I would forget I was running low on test strips and I would run out and not be able to test.  When I had an office job, I would worry about getting low at work, so I would always tend to keep my blood sugar a little higher.

However, I think the number one thing that I hated about working in an office when it came to my diabetes was the ignorant comments I received.  You know that kind of comments I am talking about, the “You can’t eat that”, “You must have the bad kind if you have an insulin pump”, etc.  I often felt like I was a walking billboard for diabetes and I didn’t want to be.  Growing up, I was never very open about my diabetes.  I tried to blend in as much as possible.  This continued into college where my diabetes care definitely wasn’t the best but when I started in the real world I started to focus more on my health, resulting in being a little more open about my diabetes.  Because I would receive these comments, I wouldn’t really tell people about my diabetes.  If they saw my insulin pump, I would tell them but otherwise it wasn’t a big deal, unless I ran out of insulin!

About three years ago (will be 4 in April!), I was lucky enough to be able to get a job where I work from home.  Because of the flexibility with the job, I was able to start my blog and I have become a lot more open about my diabetes, both my struggles and my successes.  I haven’t shared my blog with too many friends and family but the ones that do read it I think can understand a little more now what I go through on a daily basis.

However, since I do work from home, I really don’t run into too many people that ask about my diabetes because most people I encounter have known me for a while.  Even though I am more open with my diabetes, I don’t encounter comments that frustrate me.  It’s actually a very nice feeling to not have to explain to people or hear rude comments.  It has me optimistic for the future that with more educating and more advocating, maybe more diabetics won’t have to deal with the annoying comments.

With the birth of my son,  I have started attending some mommy and me play groups and my diabetes has come up a few times, but luckily they don’t make any comments.  It’s more of a passing statement but I have found that I am more open nowadays.

I feel very blessed to be able to work from home.  Sure, it has its bad sides like how I can get cabin fever/stir crazy pretty fast or how I miss interacting with people but the pluses outweigh the negatives.  I am able to be at home with my son.  I am able to have my insulin and test strips here without worrying about running out.   I don’t have to worry about running low because my kitchen is only about 100 steps away.  And I don’t have to worry about hearing ignorant comments from people which is truly diabetes bliss.  I like to think of myself as a diabetic advocate, especially now with my blog but sometimes I just don’t want to explain things to people and educate them.  Maybe one day diabetes won’t have a stigma and jokes like “this donut is going to give me diabetes” will be long gone.  For now, I’m happy in my little home bubble with minimal diabetes comments.

Friday I was able to play in the snow during my "work day"

Friday I was able to play in the snow during my “work day”

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  1. It is always nice to appreciate what we have. Lucky you to be able to work from home. Part of the stir crazy is probably due to the new parent overload that happens when the little ones are so little. Hang in there. Keep blogging. We enjoy reading your posts.

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