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When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress.  Well that didn’t happen so I went to college, not knowing what I would major it and ended up going down the finance route.  I’ve been an accountant for almost 10 years now and added an MBA to my resume along the way.  Recently, I also learned web development and I’ve created several websites from scratch. I now work for a small company doing accounting, web development, marketing and support.  I also get to work from home so I can take care of my son, which is awesome.

But I haven’t always been content.  Before I started at my current job, I was pretty unhappy at my previous job.  The timing also coincided with when I received my first continuous glucose monitor (CGM).  I was not a fan of my trainer at all and I thought to myself that I could do what she is doing and how fun if that was what I did for a living.  I have had my insulin pump since 1997 so I definitely know a lot about it so I thought about becoming a pump trainer for Medtronic.  I actually perused their jobs for a while to see if any jobs popped up in my area.

However, reality set in and I began to think that a pump trainer might not be the best job for me.  For starters, I get queasy when I see others stick themselves with needles.  I have no idea why this is because I can do it myself no problem.  I also lack patience sometimes so trying to teach someone how to use their pump might not always go too smoothly.  So I got to thinking about my dream diabetes job.

When I was growing up, besides wanting to be an actress, I remember thinking it would be cool to find a cure for diabetes.  I also thought about becoming a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) or endocrinologist.  But science was not my strongest subject in school so instead of pursuing it, I stuck with my strength (numbers).  I am much more into science now so I wish I had had more interest back when I was in school.

Within the last five years, I thought starting a blog could be a good way to go.  At first, I thought I would do a travel blog with optimistic aspirations to get my travel funded by sponsorships (my husband have traveled quite a bit so I had plenty of material to write about) but I thought I should start with a slightly easier topic which is how I settled on this diabetes blog.  Diabetes is in my life 24/7, 365 days a year, not just a couple of trips a year.   I’ll admit that when I started the diabetes blog, I thought I could get a sponsorship from Medtronic or various other diabetes companies but that hasn’t happened.  Although, I did get contacted to review NuGo bars, where I received a free box of those bars-score!

Starting my diabetes blog has opened up a whole new world that I didn’t even know existed.  Before finding the Diabetes Online Community, I didn’t really know that there were any diabetes conferences.  I didn’t know that so many different resources existed online for diabetics, such as DiabetesSisters, Diabetes Daily or Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Thanks to my blog, I have gotten to be a part of the DiabetesSisters team and Diabetes Daily. I definitely cannot quit my full-time job to become a full-time blogger but if I had to choose a diabetes-related career, I would think that working for one of the companies such as the Diabetes Hands Foundation or helping out at conferences such as the JDRF Research Summit would be pretty fun jobs.  My accounting and web-design background could come in handy with those jobs and I wouldn’t have to worry about my lack of science education.  From finding a cure to working in the DOC, having diabetes has opened up a whole world of opportunities that I wouldn’t have thought of if I didn’t have this chronic disease.  For the time being, I am in a non-diabetic job but it’s nice to think about the options that are out there if I chose to follow a path that relates to something so personal to me.

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  1. You could totally do it! And: scholarships are available throughout the year. Keep an eye out for DHF’s list of scholarship opportunities… they usually post something early in the year. Also, I think there will be scholarship opportunities for the Diabetes UnConference in September. Check the website.

    And, since I forgot earlier, Happy Birthday!

    • Thanks for the bday wishes 🙂

      Yes, I am trying to get to some conferences this year but I think the D-UnConf will have to wait until next year. Hoping to see you in March at the Research Summit!

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