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The last few weeks have been very busy for me.  November was a busy month (son’s first birthday, Thanksgiving, Diabetes Awareness Month-although I didn’t do much this year for it, etc) so things like shopping for Christmas, decorating for Christmas and ordering Christmas cards that I normally have done in November, I’ve just recently completed in the last few weeks.  My son and I also had a lovely stomach bug that has thankfully passed.  I also had to deal with some health insurance issues and about two weeks of frustrating high blood sugars; I made a bunch of changes to my insulin rates so I think I’m good now, but hopefully things are calming down and I can enjoy this last week before Christmas.  Since I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had much time to blog or read blogs so I’m a little out of the loop but I thought I would share a few things that I do know have been going on. So here is my Friday Fives-December edition!

  1. A new website was created called I Wish People Knew That Diabetes… that was started by Kelly Kunik at Diabetesaliciousness.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should!  I’m hoping to contribute sometime soon hopefully.  Its a great way to advocate and let others know what life is like with diabetes.  I really hope those outside of the DOC find this and can learn from it.
  2. I was contacted by a person named Landis a few weeks ago.  Landis has launched a web series called Type One, which “is a comedy about Matt–a guy in his 20s with Type 1 diabetes, looking for love. The show uses laughter to break stereotypes and misconceptions about what it’s like living with Type 1”.  They are trying to raise money through Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter page also includes a link to the first episode of the web series which is pretty funny.  I look forward to more episodes from them.
  3. I received an email from JDRF saying that they are now giving rewards to people who raised a certain amount of money.  Now I’ve always loved JDRF.  I went to their research summit and I think they are doing a great job with research to try and find a cure and advancements to make living with T1D not so terrible but this really irked me.  The gifts are actually pretty decent but I would rather the money I raised go to a cure than a reward for myself.  I think a cure would be the best reward of all.  I’m not quite sure what angle they are trying to get out of giving out rewards to people but it sort of defeats the purpose of fundraising in my opinion. I will admit I fundraised about $475 and the next step up for a better prize is the $500 mark so I am tempted to contribute another $25 so I can boost myself up to the next reward level.  Maybe that is what they are hoping people will do?  I’m not really sure but I most likely won’t contribute another $25 because I could probably just buy the reward with the $25 I would be contributing.
  4. My 22nd diabetes anniversary is on Sunday!  I can’t believe it was 22 years ago that I was diagnosed.  I lived 21 years complication-free and unfortunately diabetes started to get ahold of my body since I was diagnosed with moderate diabetic retinopathy this year.  Despite what I was told back in 1993, there is still no cure but advances are coming along and I’m able to “control” my diabetes better so hopefully I can go another 21 years without another complication.
  5. Today is Friday which means it’s Blue Friday!  Blue Friday is an initiative to spread the word about Diabetes Awareness. You can check out more info using the following link: or by checking out the Facebook page.  So everyone get out your blue today!

What else has been going on in the DOC?  I miss being a part of it and I hope things calm down some in the new year so I will have time to read more blogs and stay in the loop better.  I’m not sure what my week is going to look like next week so if I don’t get a post in I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas or a very happy holiday!

My son LOVED meeting Santa!

My son LOVED meeting Santa!

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