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Back in May, I participated in D-Blog Week hosted by the lovely Karen at Bitter~Sweet blog.  The first day of the week there was a topic called I Can.  I somehow found the time to not only write my own blog post but to read all of the other blog entries for that day.  I was proud of what I wrote but a lot of the posts I read really resonated with me.  I had written about more what I guess you could call “big picture” items like I can have a baby, I can run a half marathon, etc.  A lot of the other posts were more specific, like I can get blood work done.  While I am proud of my accomplishments, I liked the take other people had on the topic.

So it’s been almost 22 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes so I know most of what I “can” do but if I was recently diagnosed, I would think some of the more specific blog posts would be more helpful.  To be honest, the question of donating blood was always pending for me.  I knew on a general level that I could donate blood but I was never certain.  I can’t find the blog post now from Diabetes Blog Week but I know someone wrote about it but since I couldn’t find it I figured I would double check with the American Red Cross and according to their website:

Diabetics who are well controlled on insulin or oral medications are eligible to donate.

Now they don’t give details on what well controlled means but considering my last A1C was 6.5, I think that would be good enough to say I was well controlled, so yes I CAN donate blood.

You know what else I can do (and other diabetics)? I can get a pedicure! I have had people over the years tell me that since I’m diabetic I shouldn’t get a pedicure or that I should go to a doctor for a pedicure.  This is false!  As long as your diabetes is under control and you don’t have any foot complications, you are fine to get a pedicure.  I found a really good article from Diabetes Forecast that goes into more detail about pedicures for diabetics.  In fact, I have started to get quarterly pedicures with my sister and my toes are thankful.IMG_7624

The pedicure is a semi-hot topic for me considering I’ve had several people in my life tell me I can’t get pedicures but to add a spark to the fire I had a nail technician who was doing my pedicure upset me.  I have one toe nail that is raised slightly and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember.  It’s also slightly sensitive to the touch.  One time when I was getting a pedicure the nail technician found out I was diabetic and when I told her to be careful with that one toe nail she actually told me that I probably have neuropathy in my feet!  Um, according to my endocrinologist who inspects me every 3 months, I don’t.  It is just a sensitive area and I’m sure plenty of non-diabetics have similar things but diabetic neuropathy isn’t the first thing someone would comment on it.  It bothered me because if she hadn’t known I was diabetic she probably wouldn’t have made that comment.IMG_7625

There are actually a lot of “myths” that I could dispel about what diabetics can and can’t do but I’ll end with this last one.  I am happy to say I CAN have sugar.  I can have as many cupcakes as I damn well please!  Although, I might regret it later as I go on a roller coaster ride with my blood sugars but sugar isn’t technically good for anyone!  I can also definitely have sugar if I am treating a low blood sugar.  I would even go as far to say that a diabetic has more right to a sugary treat than non-diabetics because sometimes we over-correct a high and need the sugar boost.  I’m especially looking forward to eating some sugar on Thanksgiving day.


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