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I’m not sure when the whole “Dad Bod” movement got started.  It seems like it was around the beginning of 2015 but who knows. I googled “dad bod” and got a ton of articles written this summer about the Dad Bod but not explaining its origin.  Whatever the case, if you haven’t heard of the “Dad Bod” this article explains it pretty well or you can Google and get a TON of info. (*I actually started writing this article months ago but got side tracked so “dad bod” isn’t as much of a thing now, or at least now heard of as much as it was over the summer).

The whole Dad Bod phenomena at first angered me.  Why does society put so much pressure on woman to look good but then guys can get away with the Dad Bod.  Then I was wondering where the mom bod praises were.  Again there are a lot of article written on this like Huffington Post’s. Even though moms are taking over and trying to make mom bods happen, it isn’t catching on quite like the dad bod (women love the mom bod but I don’t see men celebrating it as much as the girls celebrated the dad bod).

Gender aside though, this got me thinking…what about the diabetic bod?! If you Google “diabetic bod” it just comes up with a bunch of depressing links such as 19 Effects of Diabetes on the Body  or How Does Diabetes Affect the Body.  No links praising the diabetic bod.

So what does the diabetic bod look like?  Well it could look like anything.  When I think about my diabetic bod I think of the following:

  • Fingers jammed packed with prick marks
  • Red bumps on my stomach where I might have left an infusion set in too long
  • Bruises on arms or legs where a “gusher” happened from an insulin shot
  • Maybe a little extra padding on the belly from scar tissue accumulating
  • Could be a few extra pounds from all the treating of lows or maybe a really fit bod from trying to eat healthy to eliminate blood sugar spikes.

My diabetic bod always has an infusion set in my stomach and a CGM sensor in my butt.

Why should we love the diabetic bod?  Because its ours and it reflects all the hard work and effort we put into this “disease” to keep us healthy and alive!  This November, Diabetes Awareness Month lets celebrate all of our battle scars over the years…I have almost 22 years of battle wounds that help to make me a stronger, healthier me.

Lovely bruises from CGM

Lovely bruises from CGM

My 6 (please ignore my fingernails, it's obviously time for a manicure)

Fingers with lots of pricks

Only time I will ever post a swimsuit photo-I was very happy with this weight (honeymoon)

My diabetic bod-infusion set in stomach(Only time I will ever post a swimsuit photo, I was very happy with this weight-honeymoon photo)

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  1. Got the ingers, the bruises and the frustration of having to eat in the middle of the night when I would rather be sleeping.

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