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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always used One Touch for my blood glucose meters.  I’ve had many different versions of the One Touch meters such as the original, the Mini, the Ultra and my current meter, the Ultralink. I’ve been given other meters over the years like the BD Logic and the Freestyle, but I’ve always been brand loyal to One Touch.  I found prescriptions dating back to 2007 but I know my love affair with One Touch dates back even further.  However, that all changed last year when I was pregnant and my CDE recommended I use the Contour Next Link because it was supposedly more accurate.  I tried it out and loved it and made the switch.

But I still had a stockpile of One Touch Ultra test strips to use up!  So once I had my son, I decided to switch back to One Touch to use up the stockpile so I didn’t waste all the money I spent on the strips back in the day.   Well, the time has come where I am using my final vial of test strips and it’s time to say goodbye! I have been using expired strips for about a month now so its an overdue goodbye but it’s here.

Goodbye old meter!

Goodbye old meter!

To my One Touch Ultralink (and other One Touch Ultras over the years):

Thanks for the memories! I wish I didn’t have to use you in the first place, but since I had to use a blood glucose meter, I was happy with you.  You provide daily, weekly, monthly averages that I utilized well before my CGM data was around.  Your record log was great when I would need you a couple of hours before an endocrinology appointment to record the past months worth of numbers.  I won’t miss getting Error 5 all the time when I wouldn’t get enough blood on your strip, nor will I miss how much blood you required (Thanks Contour for requiring less blood).  I will always be grateful that you could provide my results in 5 seconds instead of the antiquated 45 seconds from the 90s.

It’s been a great run with you and I’ll always be grateful you helped keep me alive!  But now I’m looking forward to using less blood and more accuracy with Contour!

Love always,

3 thoughts on “Goodbye One Touch Ultralink

  1. I LOOOOOVVE my Contour. And I’ve when if I retest, or test on both Contours that I own, the numbers almost always match. That gives me great confidence. 🙂

  2. I’m looking at your blog Kelly and thinking about following suit! I still love my OneTouch Ultralink but just got readings that vary greatly from my Contour Nexts (have so many meters from so many years!). Having lived 53 yrs with Type 1, meters are still miraculous to me! Onward!

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