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My son is crawling all over the place.  He is so close to walking as well!  It’s such an exciting age but also a terrifying age.  He’s had a few bumps along the way and my husband and I realize that the time to start baby-proofing our house was yesterday!

Loves pulling up on furniture especially to see our dog

Loves pulling up on furniture especially to see our dog

We have started to put up baby gates and outlet covers and all the traditional baby proofing gear, but one added worry that I have is baby proofing my house from my diabetes.  I admit that I leave old test strips in my meter case.  I don’t zip up my meter case so when I carry it around the house, my test strips tend to fall out.  My husband has been complaining for years about finding my test strips in various places, but it doesn’t really bother me so I just sort of ignore his gripes (like he ignores my gripes about the toilet seat, leaving silverware in the sink, etc.).  However, now that my son is crawling everywhere, I have to be careful where my strips land.

The other day my son was crawling around and now that he has perfected his finger pincer grasp, he had picked up a test strip that I had dropped on the floor! I was able to get to him before he put it in his mouth but since everything goes in his mouth these days, I have to be more diligent.

I also left my blood glucose meter out the other day and he managed to grab the vial of test strips and used them like a rattle.  It was so cute, that I gave him another vial to play with (oops!).


Test strips are fun!


Best toy ever 😛

When I’m breastfeeding, he also likes to kick at my infusion site and grabs at my insulin pump.  A few times he has gotten a hold of my insulin pump cording!  Any day now there will probably be a situation where he pulls out my insulin pump all together.  Luckily, it hasn’t happened yet.


Uh oh!

2 thoughts on “Babyproofing Diabetes

  1. Awww, he’s so cute!! I love to see him getting into stuff. LOL When I change my site I have to be careful of my cat. She loves to swat at the end of the tubing that dangles while I’m attaching the other end to my reservoir.

  2. Hi Kelly:

    First your little guy is fantastic. I am the dad of two sons (they are 37 and 35) but really I recall the days you are experiencing very well. Sheryl (my wife) land I have three grandchildren and we love them dearly, just like we love their daddies.

    A few years back when the grandchildren were toddlers we had a similar experience. Sheryl insisted I change my habits and I sort of did. Still a test strip was found in one of the children’s bags when they arrived home after a stay with Poppa and Grandma.

    Our son called and expressed his wife and his concerns. Let me say when Poppa got called out Poppa cleaned up his act. Not as much because of my son and his wife, rather because Grandma made sure. Unlike other times, Poppa need not be told twice when Grandma said our son called.

    rick phillips
    Reformed strip dropper

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