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With a fast crawling almost 10 month old, I don’t get much down time these days to catch up on my DBlog reading but I did manage to catch that today is Diabetes Social Media Burnout Blog Day hosted by Diabetes Daily!


Diabetes Daily asks “How do you manage or recover from your own social media burnout within the Diabetes Online Community?

Lately, I’ve been so preoccupied with my job, son and house that I barely have time to take care of myself.  Since there aren’t enough hours in the day, I haven’t had a ton of free time to engage in social media or more specifically the Diabetes Online Community.  So while I love this topic, I am not feeling much burnout these days, actually more of the opposite; I need to be engaging more in the DOC!  When I’m actively involved in the DOC, whether it be via blog reading, blog writing, Twitter or Facebook, my health reaps the benefits (better blood sugars).

In the past, I’ve handled it by distancing myself. I’ve taken breaks from writing my blog, reading other blogs, commenting on blogs, reading Twitter or engaging in the Facebook groups. I try to make sure my “break” doesn’t last too long though because I really find value from participating in the DOC.  I have found so much support and learned so much that even though sometimes I need a break, I keep coming back. I’ve been a part of this community for about three years now and my health has improved dramatically, both my diabetes and my mental health (I was basically all alone with the disease before).

The DOC hasn’t all been great though.  Last October, I wrote a post on Social Media and Diabetes.  At the time, I was frustrated with a diabetes Facebook group. My solution was to remove myself from the group.  However, this scenario was not necessarily tied to burnout.

When I think back over the past three years, the main time I have had diabetes social media burnout was after participating in Diabetes Blog Week, hosted by Karen at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes.  Diabetes Blog Week was a week long event (great to be a part of!) where everyday people posted new articles relating to the topic of the day.  I not only wrote articles everyday, but I also read every single post by the other blog participants (around 100-200 per day!) and tried to comment as much as possible.  Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the week.  I took about a month off from blogging and I’m still trying to revamp up to my daily blog readings.  I can’t 100% blame DBlogWeek though because I was also dealing with a sleep regression from my then 6 month old so it was more bad timing all around and I’m finally getting steam back to get back up to speed.

I feel pretty lucky that I have mainly had a positive experience with the DOC.  I try to stay away from the drama (like removing myself from the Facebook group) or not reacting negatively when someone else’s opinion is different from mine (well except for the Crossfit drama!  I was definitely angry about that guy’s attempt to be funny).  Everyone has a unique experience with diabetes (your diabetes may vary!) and who is to say what is right or wrong (besides a doctor).  I will offer my advice if it’s asked via Twitter or Facebook or share my experience via my blog but otherwise I am under the assumption that everyone is just trying to be helpful.  Sure there are a few people who might tweet about curing diabetes with cinnamon or share in a Facebook group that they used to need insulin but now they “cured” themselves by doing XX.  My response is just to ignore and move on.

I need the DOC in my life! It’s good for my health and if I ever get to a point where I feel like its hurting more than helping, I’ll take a break or remove myself from the Facebook group or unfollow that person on Twitter, etc, reset and move on.  Currently, I wish I had more time to engage in the DOC.  Now that my son is *finally* on a better sleep schedule, I’m starting to get back into the swing of things so maybe in a few months I’ll have a completely different opinion than I do now, but right now I’m going through the opposite of a diabetes social media burnout! Love the DOC! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Diabetes Daily – Social Media Burnout!

  1. So, obviously I love DBlogWeek. But yes, I always find myself completely burned out afterward!! I always want to read and comment on every single post, but I never quite make it. 🙁 It’s a nice problem to have, though!

    • Yes definitely! I’ve participated the last three years and surprisingly this was the first year that I really needed a break afterwards! I definitely think it had more to do with life than DBlogWeek. I love it and love that you do it each year, even if it does lead to a slight burnout! 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you about needing the DOC in my life. I only found it a few months ago, and I concur that it’s so valuable and I reap the benefits – getting inspiration, motivation and just being a little wiser because of it. Great post!

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