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I am so BEYOND frustrated with diabetes lately.   Over the past few months, I have seen my average blood sugar creep higher and higher. Back when I was pregnant, I was sitting pretty with an A1C of 5.5 (yes, it’s just a number but my blood sugars were pretty darn amazing then). My first A1C after having my son was higher at 6.1. I expected the increase because I worked really hard to keep my A1C low for the pregnancy and after he was born, I was more focused on taking care of him and I was freaking exhausted. But then things kept getting worse. In June, I had an endocrinologist appointment where I learned my A1C had declined further and it was now 7.0. My doctor didn’t seem concerned because 7 is still a great number, but I was worried because I was only getting worse. My doctor said she didn’t think I needed to make any changes, but now 2 months later I quite disagree.

My blood sugars have been horrible lately. It seems like no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get out of the 200’s. Luckily, I’m not reaching the 300 mark too often but 24 hours of the above 200 mark is not fun. I don’t know what is going on. I correct for the high but don’t come down. I change my infusion set; I change my insulin but I still remain high.

Sick of being high

Sick of being high

Sure sometimes I’ll finally see a number around 100 but then I eat and I go right back up to the 200’s where I stay nice and pretty until I rage bolus.

Ah, the rage bolus. It has become my best friend. Rage bolus is when you put more insulin in than your bolus wizard tells you in hopes that your blood sugar comes down faster. I’ve found that the rage bolus doesn’t seem to do much for me. I feel like at times I am just putting water in my body because the insulin doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m frustrated. Frustrated at myself that I haven’t had time to sit down and analyze my blood sugars to see where I could make changes. I’m frustrated at my doctor for not being more pro-active with me in an attempt to lower my blood sugars. I’m frustrated with diabetes that it just doesn’t seem to be cooperating. I’m frustrated.

So what’s changed over the past few months? Why am I getting higher? I’m still carb counting correctly. I’m still bolusing every meal. I’m still testing my blood sugar 10 times per day and correcting for a low. If anything, things are getting easier because we finally did sleep training and my son is thankfully sleeping through the night. In fact, he sleeps from 6PM to 6AM most nights (Hallelujah!) He even takes pretty solid naps during the day (two naps for about 1-2 hours each depending on the day).

One thing that has changed is that I’m breastfeeding less frequently. We have introduced solids and my son eats 3 meals a day. I am still breastfeeding but only 4-5 times a day versus the 7-8 I was doing previously. Looking back over the last few months, that’s been the main thing that has changed and the correlation between the decreasing nursing and increasing blood sugars is evident. I used to think that breastfeeding had no affect on my diabetes but now I’m starting to think otherwise. All the men can look away for a second, but I’ve also had Aunt Flo return and I wonder what part that plays as well. OK, welcome back men readers…

Another thing that has changed is that I am changing my infusion set a lot less frequently. When I was pregnant, I would change my infusion set every 2-3 days. Now, I’m lucky if it is every 5 days but more often than not it’s every 6 days. If you had talked to my college self, I would tell you that changing my infusion set didn’t play a role in how my blood sugars reacted but I am changing my tune now and I think after 3 or 4 days, my blood sugars are negatively impacted (the red bump left after 6 days is further proof that I probably wasn’t getting all the insulin I needed).

Some days I just deal with being high and bolus and move on. Then other days I look at my numbers and realize how crappy they have been and get pissed off and start my rage bolusing.

Tired of being frustrated and high, I decided to make a change. I started out first by basal testing. I did an evening basal test and an overnight. Shocked by my results, my basal rates seemed perfect! Because I have a son to care for and I’m breastfeeding, I decided not to pursue daytime testing. However, I was SO sick of being high that on Sunday I decided to change everything! I changed my correction factor across the board (I have three different correction factors depending on the time of day). I changed my daytime basal rates. And I changed my insulin to carb ratio at night.

The results? I’ve actually had a few lows! I think I might have overdone the daytime basal rate change but overall I’ve been happy so far with my changes. I still need to pay attention and make tweaks here and there but overall I’ve been in the 100’s not 200’s! YAY!

New Rates-Doing a little better

New Rates-Doing a little better

I still need to work on changing my infusion set more and I need to analyze my numbers more often but I’m hoping these changes will work for a while and my blood sugars can start to lower. I go back to the doctor in a month and I’m nervous for my newest A1C result but hopefully I can start kicking some diabetes butt and it won’t be as bad as I expect.


6 thoughts on “Frustrated and High

  1. You MUST change out that infusion set every 2 to 4 days! In fact, my endocrinologist wants every Type I diabetic she sees to oull the set afire 48 hours. Even so, I personally still have infusion sites that go bad after just 24 hours! Don’t get lazy about that. You are ruining infusion sites for the future by allowing so much scar tissue to build up.

  2. Another correction to my first post- I meant that my endocrinologist wants every Type I diabetic she sees to pull the set after 48 hours.

  3. I’m starting to see the same thing! I can tell you it’s due to aunt flo returning for you and bfing less. My monthly friend has yet to return but bfing less had definitely had an effect on my bgs being higher. My doctors all warned me about being low when constantly feeding so now that she’s every 4 hrs and not at all at night I’m seeing higher numbers. Mine so far are the worst all through the night. I’m betting you do need to have adjustments made to your basal rates and then again once C completely stops nursing. It is so frustrating how all this affects our bgs. So annoying it seems like things are ever changing. I feel you! Hugs!

  4. I’ve been dealing with a bit of a high trend myself lately — I even tossed a half-full vial of insulin last week thinking that might be the culprit. But I have to agree with what June was saying. Pretty much every time I wonder if my infusion set is the problem, it is. I’ve stopped wondering and trying to troubleshoot other reasons for highs and now just swap out the site. It helps almost every time.

  5. I don’t agree with pulling the sets every goddamn 48 hours. That’s irritating and annoying and expensive and fuck, those things are supposed to go 72 hours.
    I don’t have much to add to this because I think there’s a post-pregnancy effect. I would honestly suggest seeing how an injection reacts vs. bolus through the pump. Maybe your body is not responding to the infusion type insulin action.

    best of luck, things will get better!!

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