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My hubby bought me a FitBit for my 30th birthday.  On my 30th birthday, I ran a half marathon so it was a perfect gift.  Except by the time I finished the half marathon, I was pretty burnt out from running so I took a semi-break.  The semi-break turned into a full fledged break when I got pregnant a month later.  I ended up swimming and doing yoga for exercise when I was pregnant instead of running/walking so my FitBit was put away (plus it was depressing to only see 2k steps logged per day instead of the 10k step goal).

Not a great day but I still have time left to make up some steps!

Not a great day but I still have time left to make up some steps!

A year and half has passed and some friends in the Diabetes Online Community were recently talking online about a FitBit challenge and it peaked my interest.  I love a good competition and any motivation to get moving was definitely needed.  Since I had my son almost 8 months ago, I’ve been pretty lazy.  Its time to shed those last pregnancy pounds once and for all!

I first saw a post about it from Cherise from DSMA.  I asked her about it and she invited me to join them.  Prior to this, I only had a few “friends” on FitBit and I didn’t even know how to add new friends (tip-the app is a lot more user friendly than the website). I also didn’t know that the FitBit allowed for “Challenges”.  So I joined a challenge and got to stepping!

Fellow DOC-ers have written great posts about the FitBit challenges.  I think Laddie’s post sums up what a typical week looks like in her post and Kerri does a great job of explaining the FitBit challenges.  Laddie also did another great post to kind of expand on the two previous posts I mentioned.

I won’t repeat what they said since they explained it so well but I will share a little bit about my experience. Postpartum, I’ve been lazy.  I haven’t had motivation to do much but play around the house with my son.  At times, I think we both went stir crazy.  The FitBit challenges came at a perfect time.  The first weekly challenge I did, I not only went for walks but went for way longer walks than are typical.  My dog LOVED the fact I reconnected my FitBit.

Some encouraging words for me :)

Some encouraging words for me 🙂

Over the past month, I’ve been sort of slacking in the steps department, mainly because I’ve been busy with work and because I’m freaking exhausted from my son’s sleep regression, but I really appreciate being asked to do these challenges each week.  It is such a great motivation and it does change my habits, even if its slight to where I might walk from my second floor bedroom to the basement to get something rather than ask my husband to go get it for me or park further away from the entrance to a store.

The FitBit challenges also provide encouraging words from others and it’s a great community (no surprise since the DOC is such a supportive group).  If it wasn’t for the challenges, I probably wouldn’t be wearing my FitBit because I have been seeing a decreased number of steps, which is a little demoralizing, but because I am in these challenges, each day I put it back on and hope I do better.

I’m glad to have a reason to get my FitBit out of my desk drawer and actually use it.  I’m thankful for the DOC and the encouraging words and the motivation to start walking more.  My son and my dog appreciate that I’m walking more and I’m hoping this extreme heat wave we have been having won’t keep me from walking more.  I still have a lot of room to improve though because I’m usually in last place.  I think I’m averaging about 5k steps per day, which sadly is about 2,000 more than prior to wearing the FitBit but still a ways away from a 10k goal!

The DOC are some steppers!  In the two months I've been doing the challenges, I'm usually near the bottom

The DOC are some steppers! In the two months I’ve been doing the challenges, I’m usually near the bottom

*Tip-Check your clothes before doing laundry.  I had my FitBit attached to my pants and it took a spin in the washer and dryer!  Luckily, it still works and it logged an extra 4,000 steps for me while it was spinning but it could have just as easily died-eek!

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  1. Those FitBit challenges have helped me get back up and moving after surgery. Having to watch other’s steps increase before I was cleared by my doctor to walk again, was difficult. But It feels SO GOOD to reach my step goal. I lowered it to 5000 right when I was cleared, but I’m thinking it might be time to increase it again.

    It’s been great stepping right along with you. We got this!!

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