2015 Diabetes Blog Week – Day 1 – I Can

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Today is the start of Diabetes Blog Week, hosted by the fabulous Karen at Bitter-Sweet.  I’m going to attempt to write everyday but it all depends on what my little one and my work schedule allow. Today’s topic: I Can!

What have you or your loved one accomplished, despite having diabetes, that you weren’t sure you could?  Or what have you done that you’ve been particularly proud of?  Or what good thing has diabetes brought into your life?

What have I accomplished, despite having diabetes, that I wasn’t sure I could?

I completed two half marathons and a triathlon.  I’ve always been decent athletically but I never had much endurance.  Running doesn’t come easy to me and I never thought I would run a race for fun, let alone run a half marathon!  Despite having to worry about how my blood sugars would react to running, I was able to overcome my fears of lows/highs and cross the finish line!

Carlsbad half marathon complete!

Carlsbad half marathon complete!

Didn't have my phone/camera with me so this is one of the only photos I have from the day; I was so happy to be finishing

Completing the Richmond half marathon!

What have I done that I’m particularly proud of?

This one is easy to answer.  I’m proud of my son! Despite diabetes, I was able to have a healthy, happy baby boy.  I was always worried that having diabetes would hinder my ability to give birth or hinder my ability to have a health pregnancy.  Although it was hard work, it was worth it and I have this smiley guy as a result.Holding my son

Baby selfies

Baby selfies

6 months old!

6 months old!

What good thing has diabetes brought into your life?

Diabetes has given me a great support system.  Although I couldn’t say this until about two or three years ago when I joined the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), I have since met so many people in real life and online that have provided a lot of emotional support.  Non-DOC related, I am pretty darn good at math (thanks carb counting, insulin dosing) and very organized.  I’m not sure if that’s directly related to diabetes but I know that I could not manage as well as I do if I wasn’t so organized.  The math was a nice perk since I became an accountant.

New friends!

Lovely ladies!

Diabetes is a great way to meet other amazing people that share the diabetes bond

Diabetes is a great way to meet other amazing people that share the diabetes bond

I Can

I can have a “normal life”.  I can graduate college, get my MBA, get married, have a baby, travel the world. Diabetes won’t stop me from living my life and occasionally it can bring some good to my life.


16 thoughts on “2015 Diabetes Blog Week – Day 1 – I Can

  1. For sure you have accomplished amazing things with and despite of diabetes. Your son is adorable and definitely leaves you less time for things like running and blogging. But we know what’s most important . Do you have a jogging stroller?

    • Thanks 🙂 Yes, we have a jogging stroller and I love it! My tummy still jiggles (from c-section/pregnancy) a little too much for me when running so I’m still just walking but I can walk pretty fast. One of these I’ll build back up to running!

  2. You are amazing!!! And I loved seeing all your pictures – but I extra loved seeing the one with both of us in it because I was so excited when we went from on-line friends to IRL friends. 🙂

  3. How gorgeous is that little one! It’s fantastic to see that so many things can be done with diabetes. I see lots of happiness and that’s the best reward ever

  4. I loved this first day post, I really like your blog name also; you are a super woman!! Very proud of you and happy for you and your family!!

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