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What one thing does a new mom look forward to more than anything? First smile? First giggle? First diaper blowout (just kidding)? While all those are amazing, I most looked forward to a full night’s sleep (I love my sleep! And I’ve missed my sleep since practically the second trimester-no sleep for me in the third trimester, pesky bladder).

My son isn’t the best sleeper. He sometimes will go from 10PM to 5AM without waking and other times, he is up every two hours. The 10PM to 5AM shift doesn’t happen too often, maybe twice per week. As a result, most days I’m really exhausted.

When my little one first decided to sleep through the night a few weeks ago, I was beyond excited. However, not only do I have a new baby but I also have diabetes. While my son finally let me sleep through the night, my diabetes had other plans.

My son decided to go to bed at 7PM and I decided against doing a dream feed (where I feed him at 10PM when he is still asleep to top off his tank). Little monkey decided he didn’t need his 10PM feed either and kept sleeping. Nor did he did need a 2AM or 3AM or 4AM feeding. He actually slept from 7PM until 7AM!! It was glorious!

You know what wasn’t glorious-my continuous glucose monitor (CGM). While my husband was snoring way, enjoying the blissful quiet, I was silencing my CGM alarm every 15 minutes (or at least it felt like it).

Here is a recap of the night my son finally slept through the night:

7:44PM                      Sensor Alert: Rising Rate of Change

8:13PM                      Sensor Alert: High Glucose (Tested, BG was 151)

10:31PM                    Sensor Alert: Meter BG Now

10:44PM                    Calibration BG: 298 mg/dL (Tested and Linked)

10:58PM                    Sensor Alert: Rising Rate of Change Sensor Alert: High Glucose

11:18PM                    Sensor Alert: Falling Rate of Change

11:49PM                    Sensor Alert: Falling Rate of Change

12:10AM                    Sensor Alert: Falling Rate of Change

1:49AM                      Sensor Alert: Falling Rate of Change

2:10AM                      Sensor Alert: Rising Rate of Change

2:44AM                      Sensor Alert: Weak Signal

3:52AM                      Calibration BG: 228 mg/dL (Tested and Linked)

4:13AM                      Sensor Alert: Falling Rate of Change

5:23AM                      Sensor Alert: Rising Rate of Change

5:44AM                      Sensor Alert: Falling Rate of Change –turned off sensor

6:47AM                      Tested BG – 115 mg/dl (didn’t calibrate)

As you can see, I didn’t even get one solid hour of sleep that night and diabetes, not my lovebug was to blame. Now, it wasn’t all my CGM’s fault. My blood sugar was high so it was doing its job of alerting me to the high. But it was having some sort of weird issue where it wasn’t registering my blood sugar correctly and had my blood sugar rising and falling when it wasn’t.

I couldn’t live without my CGM but I could live without it on nights that it has issues like this. Luckily, it doesn’t happen that often but of course it had to happen the ONE night my monkey decided to sleep through the night.

11149262_10103397714779203_1197068374848460128_nI don’t mind being woken up by this cute face, but I don’t like being woken up by my diabetes (I have since changed my high alert overnight to 250 mg/dl-I’d rather be high and sleep then be alerted to the high to treat and not get any sleep).  He hasn’t slept through the night since but I’m hoping someday soon when my CGM is working properly, he will.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Through the Night

  1. I totally get it. The very few times Bean sleeps through the night, my CGM keeps me up all night. (Usually with lows.)

    Can you turn off the rising/falling alarms at night?

  2. Oh my. Glory of being a parent. When my kids were little (a long time ago), they wanted a night feeding for the 1st month of two, as far as I remember. After that, they slept in their own room and finally stopped crying at night. Got the message.

    What a cute little boy!

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