4 Months Postpartum

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I’m about 2+ weeks late with this post but that’s a good summary of the 4 month mark for me – behind in everything!  So what’s been happening?IMG_2802

  •  The dreaded 4 month sleep regression has hit our household.  My lovebug was doing okay sleep wise (famous last words). I would put him down between 7-8PM, we would do a dream feed at 10PM the he would go until around 3-5AM without waking and then would go back to sleep until around 8AM.  This is a good summary of what was happening until the 4 month sleep regression hit.  Once this hit, he was waking every 2-3 hours overnight! I’ve read that sometimes they can wake every 30 minutes so I feel lucky that didn’t happen, but waking every 2 hours really took a toll on me.
  • He is napping in his crib now (thank you Magic Merlin sleep suit). Nap lengths are still a struggle though and he usually only naps for about 30-45 minutes but he actually took a 2 hour nap yesterday so maybe the sleep regression was also affecting his naps? I do miss the nap snuggles though!
  • He is a little too interested in everything though so we had to move the mobile out of his crib and limit his distractions for nap time.
  • Since he is interested in everything, he has started to grab at anything and everything including my drinks if I am holding him, so I have to be careful.
  • He is holding his head up great!
  • He has rolled over once (I missed it!) but the doctor told me that because of his size, it might take him a little longer to roll over consistently.  He is great at rotating 180 degrees though!
  • He loves his exerciser and his activity map but doesn’t like the swing anymore (probably because he is too heavy for it to swing very well).  He also loves going for walks in his Bob stroller and loves chewing on his Sophie teether and his new thing is trying to put his feet in his mouth-he is very flexible!
  • He’s getting a little shy so I need to make sure we interact a lot more with strangers so he isn’t too shy.
  • He’s such a smiley, happy guy and laughs a lot.  It’s so fun to interact with him.  He’s quite chatty too!IMG_3183
  • He has also learned how to scream and cry and boy does he have some lungs!  Luckily, we don’t hear this too often.
  • We haven’t started introducing any solids yet because the doctor said we should just wait until the 6 month mark since breastfeeding is going so well.
  • He was 97% in weight, 99% in height and 99% head circumference at his 4 month check up so he is staying consistent with his 2 month marks.
  • The 4 month vaccines were worse going in (he screamed so loud) but he seemed to fair better later that day and days following than he did after the 2 month vaccines.

Four months postpartum for me is getting a little easier but not much.

  • My body is always in so much pain.  I have pain in my wrist/thumb area on BOTH hands and its either carpal tunnel or De Quervain’s tenosynovitis but either way it HURTS.  Mornings are the worst time for the pain and usually by the evening, I’m feeling a little better.  I get random pains in my lower abdomen also and really just random pains throughout my body.  Some days I feel like my body is falling apart and I never felt this way before pregnancy.
  • Baby blues have been rough.  I think the baby blues started to settle in around month 2 but were really raging around month 3 and I finally can see past the dark clouds to some sunlight.  I didn’t realize how bad the baby blues were until things started to get a little better.  I still have good days and bad days though.  Hormones are crazy.IMG_3301
  • My blood sugars have FINALLY started to get better.  I still have a few days here and there where my blood sugar runs higher and I can’t be 100% certain but I think they usually correspond to when I’m having a tough day emotionally so I think hormones are to blame.  I did have a blood sugar of 38 the other day and that was scary.  Luckily, I had just put my son to sleep so I was able to treat and come up without worrying about him too much but then my liver went into overtime and did a complete glucose dump and the rest of the day I was fighting highs.
  • I’m still stressed about sleep habits and the whole eat, play, sleep routine but it’s getting better and we are definitely more on a pattern which has also enabled me to get more work done which has been a blessing.
  • Breastfeeding is still going well (knock on wood) but my little guy is getting a lot more fidgety and distracted so he isn’t eating as well as he used to but he is still getting enough.  I’m dreading when those first teeth come through because I have a feeling it might be a little painful.
  • Now that the weather is getting nicer, we are getting out of the house and walking more so that has been really nice!

Everyday with my love bug is getting more and more fun as he is interacting more and learning.  He isn’t as snuggly, which I miss, but he is so curious and smiley and his laughs are the cutest thing ever.IMG_3086


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