3-Months Old

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My little love bug is 3 months old!

3 Months Old!

3 Months Old!

I’d say that time is flying by but I’m sure its only going to fly faster with each passing day.  So what’s been going on with my chunky monkey? Let’s see….

  • He is doing AWESOME sleeping overnight.  He goes to bed between 9PM-10PM and will sleep through until 7AM-8AM, waking once per night to feed.  Some nights he will wake up twice to feed but usually we are getting good sleep overnight, which is a HUGE blessing.
  • He is the smiliest thing.  He smiles a lot and is overall a really happy baby.  It’s so fun to see him interact so much more with us.
  • He LOVES the Happy song by Pharell.  Anytime he is somewhat fussy, I’ll put that song on and he instantly calms down.  Also, I HATE that song with a passion now because I have heard it about 20,000 times.
  • He is a drooling machine.  He started drooling about a month ago but it wasn’t a ton. However within the last week, he has gone turbo mode on the drool machine.  I’m a little worried that a tooth is trying to make its appearance soon because he is also shoving his hand in his mouth at any opportunity.
  • He is also a poop machine.  The first two months, he pooped about 20 times per day.  Luckily, that has slowed down but now he poops about 3 times a day and they are massive poops.  We go through a lot of outfits because the diapers don’t seem to hold in all the poop (and we recently went up a diaper size because of the blowouts and it still didn’t help).
  • He’s pretty good at holding his head up.  He can hold it up for quite a while but will randomly lose focus and then his head tries to head-butt whatever is closest (usually me).  However, we don’t do a ton of tummy time (he hates it) so his arms aren’t as strong as they probably should be.

    Loves sticking his tongue out

    Loves sticking his tongue out

  • He’s a CHAMP in the weight department.  Granted, he arrived in this world at almost 11 pounds, but at his two month appointment, he was killing it.  He was 99% in height and weight and off the charts for head size.  I did an unofficial weigh today (I stood on the scale and got my weight then I picked him up and weighed us both together and subtracted the weights to get his) and he hasn’t gained a ton of weight in the past month, but he is still clocking in at a whopping 17 pounds!  The pediatrician did tell me that breastfed babies can gain a lot of weight at first and then slow down so maybe he is starting to slow down some.
  • He is the WORSE napper. I’m trying to work on a nap schedule and it doesn’t seem to work out.  He will sleep GREAT on me, like 3 hour naps! But in his bassinet, I can only get about 30 minutes out of him.  I am trying to work on that because I get ZERO things done during the day and that is taking its toll.
  • He is starting to “play” now and it’s the cutest thing ever.  He loves his mobiles, the aquarium attached to his crib, his bouncy seat and basically anything that hangs that he can look at.  He even laughs and talks to them which is so adorable.

I’ve had people ask me how I am doing and I honestly don’t know how to answer that question.  I think most people just want to hear that I’m doing good but if I was being honest, I’m just hanging in there.

  • My blood sugars have been crappy and it stresses me out seeing high blood sugars and then its stresses me out that I can’t do much about it.  Also, I’m breastfeeding so I’m constantly hungry, like hungrier than I ever was when I was pregnant so I eat all the time and I don’t stress about my carbs because I’m not pregnant thus contributing to the highs and the viscous cycle never gets broken (and breathe Kelley!).
  • I’m constantly stressed about my little monkey’s sleep habits.  I’ve read SOOOO many books, blogs, websites, mom Facebook groups, etc on baby sleep and everybody has a different opinion.  Some sources say that a 3-month old shouldn’t be on a sleep schedule, others say that he should.  Some say that he shouldn’t be awake for more than 1 hour, others say 3 hours.  Some say that his bedtime should be at 7PM others say 10pm.  Some say that he should be sleeping through the night now and that I shouldn’t be feeding him in the middle of the night, others say that he shouldn’t go more than 3-4 hours without feeding.  A lot of sources say that I shouldn’t be using any crutches to get him to sleep but then other sources say that a newborn can’t be spoiled by crutches.  It’s all so stressful! I definitely use crutches and my monkey still sleeps in the rock n play next to my bed, a habit I’ll have to break soon because he is getting too big for it. I feel lucky that he does so well overnight but the daytime really stresses me out.  He definitely has days where he gets overtired and cranky and then I just don’t know what to do.  I think my main focus over the next few weeks is to work on nap times.  I was sort of letting him take the lead on what he wanted to do sleep wise during the first three months but we never really had any great patterns emerge so I need to work on that now.  One thing I have seen pretty universally is that at this age, he should be sleeping about 15-16 hours total and we usually fall short of that.
  • My body has had the most random, intense pains postpartum.  I thought I was in pain back when I was pregnant, but I think the postpartum body pains are worse.  My wrist/thumb area on my left hand KILLS!  I bought a wrist brace and when I wear it and take Tylenol, it starts to feel better but then I’ll forget to do that and it starts killing all over again.  My toe randomly started hurting.  I get random, intense pains near my incision.  I’ve had a lot of other pains that pop up randomly and kill.
  • The postpartum hormones are crazy.  I’m not sure I have postpartum depression but some days are really hard.  I love my son but it can be hard to have to be “on” all the time.  I have gotten used to having to breastfeed every three hours but it’s been quite an adjustment going from taking care of just myself to having to care for this little guy 24 hours a day with no break.  I think the hormones have also played a big part in my blood sugar control.  One day I will have really awful blood sugars then the next, I will have great blood sugars and nothing has changed so I think the hormones are the only thing that could really explain that.
  • On the plus side, breastfeeding is going better than I ever could have imagined.  This was my number one fear towards the end of my pregnancy.  I had heard that some diabetics don’t have a good milk supply and I really wanted to breastfeed.  I’ve also heard that milk supply can decrease if you have high blood sugars.  So far, I haven’t had any concerns with low supply and even when I have high blood sugars, I haven’t noticed that it’s affected my son too much.  The only downside is that I haven’t noticed any lows from breastfeeding and considering the high blood sugars I’ve had recently, I was sort of hoping to have some help lowering them.
  • I’ve gone back to work but I work from home so it’s been a real struggle to get work done.  I have a few big deadlines coming up and it’s so stressful trying to find time to work when my little guy won’t sleep for very long during the day.  Days when he does take longer naps that aren’t on me, I feel like I work harder than I’ve ever worked in my entire life because I know he will be waking up at any moment. Hopefully we will get a daytime routine going where he doesn’t sleep on me and then I’ll be able to work more.  In the meantime, I am enjoying the snuggles and working when I can (and trying not to stress too hard).

The last three months have been difficult with my blood sugars, pain in my body, stress and lack of sleep, but they have also been the most rewarding.  Anytime I am stressed or upset about something, I know I just need to look at my son and see his adorable smile and know that it’s all worth it.

Baby selfies

Baby selfies

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5 thoughts on “3-Months Old

  1. He is gorgeous and I know he is flourishing because you take such good care of him. But take good care of yourself too, my friend. We all need you!!!

  2. Sounds as though baby is doing great and you are doing okay.

    I had two boys–both quite large at birth. Neither of them slept through the night reliably until they were a year old. I was always told and it was my experience that boys are harder as babies but much easier as teenagers. I had no problems nursing and see no reason that you should. Of course I didn’t have BG meters in those days and therefore didn’t stress over BG.

    Keep up the good work, Mom, and keep us updated!

  3. Hello! I found your blog through another diabetes blog I follow.. maybe sixuntilme? I had gestational diabetes with my first son, who is 26 months, and now I have Type 1 and I’m pregnant with my second, so I have really appreciated reading your entries about pregnancy and deliveries with diabetes. Thank you! I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and not to stress too much about when your son is “supposed to be” sleeping, or where, or for how long. I think in the beginning you just have to do what works for you.. if that’s a strict schedule, great. If not, great. My son was in a rock n play for 8 months and he is happily sleeping in a big boy bed now. And we used all kinds of crutches…. sound machines, rocking, nursing him to sleep. And now he puts himself to sleep. So you will get there. The beginning is HARD. It sounds like you’re doing a great job and don’t waste any precious energy stressing or beating yourself up! Have you tried an ergo or Moby? I had good luck with both of those, and once my son was sleeping, I could move around and eat or get things done while he napped. But every baby is different. Hang in there, he’s beautiful, and thank you for your blog! Makes having diabetes and having a c-section (I have placenta previa as well) seem much less scary/crazy! Take care! Mary

  4. First: Breathe Kelley!

    Second: I believe that the reason there are so many contradictory “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” when it comes to a baby’s habits is because there isn’t really any right answer — just lots of opinions over what works best for particular moms and babies in particular situations. The one thing I really looked forward to with our second child was learning how much of the baby’s behavior was due to parenting and how much was just the baby’s own disposition. I learned that you can treat two different babies exactly the same yet get dramatically different results. If you’re finding something that makes everyone happy, stick with it.

    Third: Regarding “second”, this uniqueness of each child is their individual personalities coming out. And it’s wonderful to see these the personalities develop.

    Fourth: Nine months (or more!) of trying to keep blood sugars in the “perfect” range can be grueling; I don’t know how moms-to-be do it. It’s understandable (to me anyway) to let up a bit, now that the tight control isn’t so critical and you’ve got a new sleeping, smiling, drooling, pooping family-member to distract you.

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