2014 was a Good Year

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I started the year completing a half marathon and meeting Paul Rudd (see below) and finished the year snuggling with my newborn son.  I had some bumps in the road throughout but all in all I can’t complain.

Chilling with Paul Rudd

Chilling with Paul Rudd

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t think I would be able to get pregnant.  I went through a mini diabetes and baby burnout where I didn’t want to think too hard about my diabetes because all of my hard work to get my body ready for baby making seemed pointless and I didn’t want to look at any babies on Facebook because I was upset that I might not be able to get pregnant.  All of that stress went out the window when I found out at the beginning of March that I was pregnant.

In 2014, I traveled in the US some.  I went to California where I ran the Carlsbad half marathon.  I went skiing in Utah.  I did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky (OK, well technically I was pregnant at the time but I made a great DD for my husband who enjoyed it).  I celebrated my anniversary at a nice resort (the Greenbrier) in West Virginia and then I finally got to see NYC.  This was my first year in a while that I didn’t travel internationally but the domestic trips I took were all amazing.

I attended my first diabetes events, the JDRF Research Summit and DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women conference.  This led to a blogging contract with DiabetesSisters where I shared my pregnant adventures from June through December. I also met some fellow diabetes bloggers like Stephen from Happy-Medium, Scott from RollingintheD, Kerri from Six Until Me, Karen from Bitter Sweet and Stacey from the Girl with the Portable Pancreas.  They were all so nice and it was nice to finally meet some fellow diabetics.

Lovely ladies!

Lovely ladies!

My athletic prowess took a dive when I found out I was pregnant but not before I completed my second half marathon.  I also received a nice medal, Champion Athlete with Diabetes, from Happy-Medium which recognized all of my hard work from the previous year (triathlon, half marathon, and a 10k among some of the races).  I also received the Lilly 10 year medal award (11 years late). Eli Lilly 10 Year Medal

In 2014, I was also given the honor to host the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs, which was a lot of fun.  I also participated in Diabetes Blog Week where I found a lot of new blogs (although I’ve been slacking on reading blogs-must get better).

On the diabetes side, I got my A1C to its lowest level ever and I was able to keep it there for a while.  I was striving to get my A1C below seven (hence my blog name) but instead I got it below 6 to 5.5! I never would have thought that possible but it happened.  Now that I’m dealing with a newborn, I’m pretty sure my A1C has taken a sharp rise back above 7 but I am not worrying about that now.

Because I was going through blog/diabetes/baby burnout at the beginning of the year, I didn’t technically get around to making New Year’s Resolutions.  I did a sort of attempt in March but because I wasn’t sharing that I was pregnant, they weren’t true goals.

My first resolution was to maintain an A1C below seven.  I actually did achieve this so that was good.  Continuing to run and completing several different length races were also resolutions but unlike the A1C goal, I failed.  I did complete a half marathon and I ran/walked a 5k but that was the extent of it.  I basically stopped running shortly after finding out I was pregnant, mainly because I didn’t want to risk losing the baby. I didn’t give up completely on exercise though.  I swam all summer long about three times per week and in the third trimester I did prenatal yoga. Since giving birth, I have been very lazy so I will need to work on that going forward.

Another goal I had which I did complete was to drink at least three bottles of water per day (about 48 ounces).  I actually surpassed this by drinking around 100 ounces of water or more per day.  Since giving birth, though I have stopped drinking as much so I need to get on it.

My final resolutions weren’t achieved.  I tasked myself with changing my lancet daily-FAIL, using alcohol wipes every time I test-FAIL, revisiting getting my CPA-FAIL, and learning Spanish-FAIL.  I’m going to put these on my 2015 goals and hope I do better next year.

Despite failing most on most of my goals, I was able to achieve one amazing goal and that was to have a happy, healthy baby.  I did deal with some frustrations throughout the year, like starting on a new CGM and trying to find a new location for my CGM/infusion set sites while pregnant, but despite some frustrations I had a great year. I started the year by completing a half marathon, finished the year with an adorable baby boy and maintained good blood sugars throughout the year will make me look back on 2014 as one of the best years so far!  Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!Holding my son

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  1. I have always been told not to use alcohol wipes when I test because it will dry my skin out too much. So take that off your guilt list!

    Sounds like you’re doing great and Happy New Year to you and your family!

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